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How to clean patio furniture mesh

Jack Gordon - February 11, 2022 - 0 comments

Patio furniture is a great part of your outdoor and it literally gives it more life. However, you need clean furniture to achieve a great look. You need to know how to clean the patio furniture. The largest and most important of patio furniture is the patio furniture mesh, they take the biggest part of the furniture. We should clean them even better. So, most importantly, we should learn how to clean patio furniture mesh. You can earn your patio furniture mesh by scrubbing it with oxygen bleach, scrubbing it with very dilute mild vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or rubbing baking soda. Stains are the biggest nuisance when it comes to patio furniture mesh and they should be addressed carefully.

About patio furniture mesh cleaning

Patio furniture is likely to get very dirty over time, especially when it is in the backyard and mainly under a lot of trees. Water and dry leaves are always collecting on the mesh and when they are there for long,  they are bound to make the furniture dirty with time. There are other factors too but stains are always our first priority in making any piece of patio furniture clean. So, we have to focus on how to get rid of even the slightest stain on the furniture. The meshwork is always different from the framework and so their cleaning methods are very different. We have already mentioned various ways of cleaning patio furniture mesh and now, it’s time to get to see how they work and how good they are in doing their job. Some methods would need repeating while others would be so effective at the first procedure. Baking soda for instance might not get rid of the stains effectively when you rub once.

Alcohol, vinegar, and oxygen bleach are usually very effective and could get rid of the stain just by having them rubbed once. These methods are chemical methods and you need to be in protective gear when doing the cleaning especially with bleach and vinegar. So by rubbing the mesh with a cloth moistened with any of the chemicals, you would have gotten rid of many stains if not all the stains. We are specifically talking of these chemicals since they are easy to find unlike buying expensive stain cleaners or hiring professional cleaners.

 Cleaning patio furniture mesh with baking soda


 To clean patio furniture mesh with baking soda, you will need to follow the steps below;

  • With water in a spray bottle, moisten the patio furniture mesh entirely. Make sure every part of these is moist enough to hold the baking soda in place since it might fall off the meshwork if it is dry.  
  • Apply the baking soda evenly on the meshwork and make sure it is completely covering the surface. The meshwork will obviously let some of it spill to the ground but since it has been moistened, a lot of it will stick to the surface.  
  • Leave it to settle for one to two hours without any interruption. The purpose of this is to let the chemicals in the baking soda soften the stain particles on the surface. The reaction weakens them, making it easy to get them off the surface.  
  • After some time, rub the moist baking soda onto the surface of the patio furniture mesh. Rub it until it every part of the furniture is well covered. Do the rubbing repeatedly until you are satisfied that it is evenly spread.

 Carefully washes it off the surface with warm water. After washing off the soda, it should be clean and clear if any spots. However, if there are spots that Rae still stained, you might need to do the rubbing again before washing them for the second time.

You can then use a normal detergent to clean off any form of dirt from the frames or as well apply the same method of rubbing baking soda. The frames however do not have many issues and can get clean even by water cleaning only.

Cleaning with alcohol, vinegar, or oxygen bleach


When cleaning with vinegar, three are some factors we should put into consideration. First, you should use mild vinegar since concentrated vinegar can leave pale spots on the patio furniture. Even with the mild vinegar, you should further dilute it to make sure it is in its mildest form of concentration. Now, soak a piece of cloth in the mild vinegar and rub the patio furniture mesh deeply until the stains are not visible anymore. While rubbing, make sure every single part of the mesh is covered. If done well, the first time you rub the mesh it should get clean.

Alcohol rubbing

If you are gonna use alcohol to clean the patio furniture mesh, you will need to do it carefully so that you do not use too much alcohol which is bound to leave pale spots on the furniture mesh. Like vinegar and bleach, it is very effective and just one round of rubbing it over the while surface can leave the piece of furniture shining. Now, the process is a simple as just soaking a piece of cloth in the alcohol and rubbing it thoroughly over the surface.

Oxygen bleach

The same caution taken with alcohol rubbing should be applied here. They have almost similar effects. For bleach, it is specifically important that you use oxygen bleach as we have mentioned. Chlorine bleach unconditionally leaves pale spots on the furniture mesh with makes it look ugly. Brush off any dust or dirt in the mesh, soak a clean piece of cloth in the bleach then rub it thoroughly on the mesh until the whole surface is fully covered. Leave it to settle for an hour or two.

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Should we use bleach to clean patio furniture mesh?

Bleach is a very good stain remover, especially with garments. Patio furniture mesh is not very far from that. However, we have already mentioned that there are specific types of bleach that can be used on the cleaning of the mesh. Clean safe and oxygen bleach are the most highly recommended types of bleach that can be used on the mesh. They have a high effectiveness rate and they don’t need much in terms of their application.

Is vinegar effective in cleaning patio furniture mesh?

Vinegar is effective in cleaning patio furniture mesh but it needs absolute care just like alcohol and bleach. There are Do’s and Don’ts with the process which will make the experience better and the process more effective. They include the following

What you should do

What you should avoid

Clean the furniture with warm water after using vinegar

Avoid using concentrated vinegar

Use a soft brush to clean the mesh

Avoid washing the wash with cold water and detergent before using vinegar.

Use a soaked piece of cloth to apply vinegar  

Avoid spraying vinegar on the surface


Cleaning patio furniture mesh is usually a very difficult job when you are not sure what to use and how to use it. Some like vinegar and alcohol need a lot of care in using them on the mesh. When used wrongly, they could end up messing with the furniture. Baking soda, on the other hand, should have has different prices but when any of the methods are used well the result is usually clean patio furniture. Every method has a different procedure and would be effective when used well. You might not know How to clean patio furniture mesh but just following the simple processes involved would help you deal with all the dirty patio furniture around your home.

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