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How to fix sagging plastic drawers

Jack Gordon - March 5, 2022 - 0 comments

Sagging drawers tend to arise over time when the drawers have been in use for a long time and are supposed to be fixed before they cause problems. For the people currently experiencing this problem, here is how to fix sagging plastic drawers back at your home. You can fix sagging plastic drawers by use of a heat gun to warm the drawer. After properly warming the drawer, use something for example a rod, and push back the drawer. You can also turn the drawer upside down, and try closing and opening it, some gravitational force may help. In case you do not have a heat gun, you could also use a hairdryer, but I doubt it has the required power but it’s still a shout

Methods on how to fix sagging plastic drawers

 Plastic drawers are often regarded as the next alternative for the metal or wooden drawers of which are used in industries and also businesses. Plastic drawers are therefore very economical plus there are readily available in the market, having the size and design that fits the needs. It can be found wholly, having some furniture where you can place and also organize them, making them more efficient in the long run. There are some methods of fixing plastic drawers, of which we have discussed down below:

Use of braces

In order to fix plastic drawers that sag when you attempt to open or close them, you should first measure the drawer’s width followed by cutting thin timber pieces that will be able to fit underneath the drawer. It is very important that you ensure that the thin timber is lower than the drawer’s lower part. In case the thin timber is higher as compared to the drawer’s lower part, this will prevent the drawer from fitting back in the place it was.

You then have to flip the plastic drawer in an upside-down position, and then put the thin timber under the plastic drawer and also ensure that you do not forget to put the thin timber under the inside brackets of the plastic drawer. You cannot do this on your own; therefore you should request some assistance from someone. You will need to drill through the brace from the drawer’s inside region towards the thin timber underneath. Make sure that you are using the best tools such as the screws to complete the task. It is important that you measure the plastic drawer’s front width; this is done so as to prevent the screws from going through the thin timber and might damage or ruin the drawer’s front side.

Most of the plastic drawers are about 15mm in thickness from the drawer’s front as opposed to some of the other plastic drawers that are slightly less in thickness and will need small screws to complete the task. This is the last step on how to fix sagging plastic drawers. You can then finally place back your clothes in the drawer and sagging plastic drawers will never be an issue of concern for a long time. All you need to do is regular maintenance.  

Use of plywood

In order to fix plastic drawers that sag when you attempt to open or close them, you should start by using or rather squeezing glue that functions with the drawers inside the drawer and also the plastic drawer’s affected areas. Pushes the plastic drawer’s in, especially in the regions affected, and finally wipes excess glue of which would come off easily. Cut small plywood or solid wood block with the following measurements for example 3 inches width, 4/8 inches in thickness, and 5 inches in length, and ensure that you glue it under the plastic drawer’s bottom. Leave for the glue to properly work overnight.

You should then turn the plastic drawer’s right-side-up, while you are fastening the brace metal in the center region of the drawer. You then have to drive two screws in the back of the plastic drawer and also drive two other screws right through the bottom part of the drawer and also the woodblock for support. The brace in the drawer will effectively and securely lock back the drawer and keep it from sagging.

 How to prevent plastic drawers from rubbing?

As of now, you know how to fix sagging plastic drawers and it will be time to know how you can prevent rubbing of the plastic drawers. You should first remove everything that is inside the drawer, and pull out the whole unit. Ensure that you clean the unit with water and liquid soap. You should then spray WD-40, on the slides of the plastic drawer or use any other petroleum-based lubricant. Ensure that you spray a very thin coating line on every slide as opposed to saturating each of the slides with the required lubricant until a point where it starts to drip off. You are then supposed to lubricate each of the slides with soap. In case you do not possess the WD-40 spray, you can use the bar of soap. Finally, rub a single end of the soap bar over each of the slides several times for the best results.

 Related questions

How do you reinforce drawers?

 You should be able to rub the paraffin on the corners of the plastic drawer in order to keep the drawers working smoothly and effectively. You can find paraffin in your local store in canned supplies. You can venture into the use of candles, dry lubricant spray, or bar soap. This will help the drawers to slide easily without sagging

Can someone stack a series of sterile drawers?

The answer is yes. You can stack a series of sterile drawers, filled with your documents, either side to the other side or bottom of the plastic drawer unit to the bottom of the drawer unit. This can help you store a lot of things. In case you require some extra space, then you can stack a couple of sterile drawers.

What are the ball-bearing plastic drawer runners?

These tend to be effective solutions in regard to the furniture industry. The drawer runners tend to facilitate smooth and efficient opening or closing of the plastic drawer. The ball bearings are installed on the underside of the drawer chest around the edges, where they can smoothen the opening or closing of the drawer.


As of now, you are aware of how to fix sagging plastic drawers, which is not a complicated task. The methods that we have discussed above are suitable for drawers that tend to sag and are suitable and beneficial for all DIY projects. In case you are not in the mood to do this kind of project, you can result buying a quick possible fix for your faulty drawer. You can hire a professional to help you complete the project as another alternative.   

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