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How to remove a drawer with no lever

Jack Gordon - March 5, 2022 - 0 comments

 Drawers are a must-have thing for a homeowner especially if they own furniture pieces such as closets, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and even working desks. They play a very important role in providing enough storage space in different compartments in your house. During certain activities, you will be forced to take off your drawers from the host furniture. Such activities include cleaning, moving out, during repairs, or when transporting your stuff. This process can be a piece of cake or complex depending on the type of drawers installed on your furniture. The ejection processes vary from one type of drawer to another due to differences in structure. Let’s delve into how to remove a drawer with no lever. In this text, we’re going to look at the simple methods you can use to perform this simple task. You can easily pull the drawer out if it doesn’t have a stopper. If your drawer is fixed using cables at the back-end, we’re going to take you through the detachment process.  

 Before we jump into the first method, you’ll need two necessary pieces of equipment to make this action successful. Carry your pair of thick work gloves since you’re going to need them all through.  

Removing loose Wood-glide drawers  

 Step one  

 We’ll start with pulling the drawer out from the host furniture to see how far it comes. Stand directly in front of your furniture, hold the drawer’s handle, then start pulling the drawer towards your direction until it cannot move anymore. If your drawer doesn’t have a stopper, it’s going to come out loose as soon as it slides to the backend. If the drawer gets stuck when almost fully out, you’ll have to drive it to increase its mobility thus making the task easier.  Stoppers are attached to drawers to prevent them from coming out freely unnecessarily.  

 Step two  

 After drifting your drawer, you’ll have to slant the drawer downwards towards your direction; then depress both ends of the drawer to lift the backend up. Raising the back end allows the back wheels of your drawer to rise up above the stoppers at the front end of the track. Upon applying this second step, the drawer will be at a better extraction and ready for ejection.  

 Step three  

 Upon pulling out the drawer, drifting it, and then planting it in the right position, you can now slide the drawer out of its casing easily.  


Using Anti-tip cables  

 Step one  

 Hereby, you are going, to begin with, to check the drawer to see the cables attached at its backside. Pull out the drawer and take a look at your drawer’s backend. The cables present are used to keep the drawer attached to the host furniture. These cables ensure the drawer stays in a stationary position thus preventing it from coming out simultaneously.  

 Step two  

 This is where the screwdriver in your toolbox comes to use. Using your appropriate-size screwdriver, open and remove the screws used to fasten the metal cables to your drawers. Take all the detached screws and place them somewhere safe since you’ll be required to use them during re-installation.  

 Step three  

 If your drawer has tabs, you’ll have to detach them to allow your drawer to slide easily. The tabs are located on both sides of the drawers’ tracks. Press and hold both tabs at exactly the same time to loosen them up.  

 Step four  

 This is the last and final step for homeowners learning how to remove a drawer with no lever. After making your drawer free from the cables or tabs, you can now slide it off the tracks easily and detach it from the furniture. You can try lifting your drawer up to get a clear view of the tracks.  


 Removing drawers that have stabilizer screws

Step one

 Pull the drawer out and look for stabilizer screws holding the drawer at the lower section of every track. If your drawer case has metal glides but no screws,  your drawer is possibly a metal glide with levers. You’ll have to seek one pair of levers and use it to eject your drawers.

 Step two

 Using an appropriate-sized screwdriver, unfasten and remove the screws from the metal glides. Remember to put the screws in a small bag or container to avoid misplacing them since you’re probably going to fasten them back.  

 Step three

 Check to see if your drawer has disconnect tabs on either side of the rear side. Upon locating the pair of tabs, press them both at once to unfasten them thus letting your drawer slide out easily. Make sure you press the adjustment tabs concurrently to unfasten them easily.  

Step four

 We are now going to slide it out by pulling it towards your direction until you manage to detach it from the host furniture. You might be forced to lift, slant or angle it upwards a little to see the ends of your drawer’s tracks clearly. Remember to screw the metal tracks to the drawer before putting it back into its space.  



 It doesn’t matter what type of drawers you have attached to your furniture. Removing the drawers should be an easy peasy task regardless of the type or structure of your drawers. You should understand the structure of your drawers to determine how you can take them off their tracks. All you need to do is conduct proper research before undertaking these tasks. Now that you understand how to remove a drawer with no lever, you can remove your drawer from your furniture within a nick of time.  

 Frequently asked questions

 Why can’t my dresser drawers come out?

Your dresser drawers won’t probably come out because they might have stops attached to the rare side of the drawer. If it does, slant the drawer slightly by lifting the front side of your drawer around 6” upward to rotate it slightly then pull it forward and out easily since the stops will be off position then.  

 How to keep my drawers from falling out

If your drawers keep falling out accidentally when you try to open them, this means that they lack a stop block. You can attach the stop at the backside center of your drawer. The stop block should be installed in a way that the tip-top sticks to the drawer edge above your drawer when opening it, or when pulled beyond limits.  

 How to remove desk drawers with metal glides

Pull your drawer out as far as it can and have a look at the sides to locate the metal levers on the sides. Push the lever up on one side and push the opposite one down. This will make your drawer loose and you can then pull it out easily.  

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