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How to remove wax from chalk painted furniture

Jack Gordon - February 11, 2022 - 0 comments

Removing wax from chalk paint furniture is an easy job. It can be done in a matter of minutes. The only problem is always the appropriate equipment and chemicals to use. However, it has been made clear over time that mineral spirits do a good job with chalk paint wax removal. All you need to do is have a rag, spray or moisten the rag with the spirit, carefully rub it over the surface with the wax until it comes off. One good thing with this process, especially with chalk-painted furniture is that you need minimum energy to get it off. Alternatively, you can do some sanding with 120 grit sandpaper or scrub it off which is a little cumbersome.  

Appropriate chemicals for chalk painted furniture wax removal

There are a lot of chemicals that have been used to remove wax from chalk-painted furniture. However, very few of them have proven to be efficient and appropriate for the job. After several attempts on different chalk-painted furniture pieces, there is one type of chemical that has proven to be the easiest to use and the most efficient in chalk-painted furniture wax removal. Why chalk-painted furniture though? Chalk paint is the most commonly used wax. They usually make a good combination and chalk-painted furniture looks good when there is a wax finish. However, the reason why you should know how to remove wax from chalk-painted furniture is basically when you need to repaint the piece of furniture. You can never repaint a chalk-painted furniture piece with the wax on. It will create an incredible mess. Therefore we ought to know this simple process.

Mineral spirits are the most viable chemical substance you can use to remove wax from a chalk-painted furniture surface. It is an easy-to-handle chemical and it is far much the best remover of wax from chalk-painted furniture. It is easy to acquire one and it is possible to do the work yourself.  This simple process can help you get the wax off the chalk-painted furniture in case you do something wrong with the painting or maybe the wax itself if you apply excess of it.

Removing wax from chalk painted furniture


There are two main methods of removing wax from chalk-painted furniture. You can choose to go the mechanical or the chemical way. The chemical method is quite effortless while the other one is very involving and might not be as efficient. There fire we choosing the chemical removal method might be the best option. However, at some point, you might need to combine both methods to make sure that the job is efficiently done. Let us see what each of them involves;

Sanding or scrubbing

Sandpaper is used in sanding off the wax. Preferably, it is recommended that you use 120 grit sandpaper to do the sanding. You might need to apply a lot of pressure to get off the wax completely. One round of sanding might also not be enough to remove all the wax. This is why you will take a lot of time to make sure a good job is done. Scrubbing can also be done by use of a rough scrubbing pad or steel wool. It does not require any complicated process and handling but the result is most similar to that of the sanding process. They both take a lot of time and might not have all the wax well removed at the first round of sanding or scrubbing.

Use of mineral spirits 

Mineral spirits use is the most efficient chemical remover wax on chalk-painted surfaces. It is specifically the best since it is very easy to use it. What you need to do is to have a clean rug or piece of cloth to be used in rubbing the chemical across the surface. You can use a scrubber with this too. Now, spray the chemical across the surface or moisten the piece of cloth with the mineral spirits. Then gently rub the chemical across the surface of the chalk-painted furniture. The wax will come off very easily. You might want to rinse the piece of cloth regularly to get the wax-chemical mixture or use more than one piece of cloth. The most important thing is to make sure the mineral spirits are well spread across the surface and the rubbing is evenly done to remove the wax as uniformly as possible.

What to avoid when removing wax from chalk painted furniture

When doing this, you ought to be very careful. Especially when handling the chemical method. The mineral spirits might not be as friendly to the human skin or eyes. You should therefore have some gloves on and maybe some protective glasses in case you have some of the splashes, it might miss your eyes. When rubbing it on the surface, make sure you avoid splashing it off. Since it might touch your skin, which is a little scorching. While using the sandpaper or scrubber, be avoid rubbing so much into the wood. It might end up damaging the paint underneath the wax in case you were not repainting. It might also be uneven, which might you require you to do extra repainting.

When you have appropriate material and equipment, you are bound to make fewer mistakes. If you have done this before, it might be so easy for you but if you have ever done it before, it might be a somehow challenging task but it is usually very easy to learn and do it appropriately. What you need to be careful with is how you do it to make sure the job is not messy and at the same time, you are not harming yourself.

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Should sanding be companied with any chemicals?

Sanding could do a handsome job even on its own. However, when there are stubborn spots on the piece of the furniture, you might want to go the extra mile. However, the two cannot take place at the same time. They would rather complement each other. However, sanding, when done sufficiently and evenly it could easily get rid of all the wax from the furniture surface. Scrubbing is more similar to sanding but it can also be done with mineral spirits for it to be efficient and easy.

What is the most effective method of chalk painted furniture wax removal

Since sanding and scrubbing are the most difficult ways of removing the wax from the furniture, you might want to go chemical a little. The mineral spirits are the most effective chemicals that can be used to do the removal efficiently and with less involvement. However, sometimes the best thing to do can be doing an end of the two methods to make sure that every part is well covered. However, generally talking of the ease of carrying out the activity and the effectiveness, chemical removal can be the best way.


In learning how to remove wax from chalk-painted furniture, understanding how every single method of doing it works. Chemical removal using mineral spirits for example would do a perfect job when done well. Sanding and scrubbing the surface might take some more time and might be difficult to do but they can as well help you finish the job. What we need is the effective removal of the wax and doing any of the above things will help us achieve that. Though you might want to do a blend of the two sometimes. The end result is a clean surface without the wax may be to do some repainting or reapplication of the wax and that’s what we have exactly learned to do.

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