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Best drain cleaner for kitchen sink on the market

When you need a drain cleaner for your kitchen sink you should invest into a high-quality product. The kitchen sink is one of the hardest to clean when it gets clogged. It is also the drain that tends to get clogged the most in the majority of households. But with a good drain cleaner, you will be able to keep these clogging hazards under control. Your house will be more hygienic and it will have a fresh smell at all times.

This guide will show you which are the best drain cleaners for kitchen sink and what to pay attention to before you purchase such a product. So keep reading and find the most useful cleaner for your kitchen drains!

Five Best Drain Cleaners for Kitchen Sink

The following products are the best drain cleaners that you can use to clean your kitchen sink drains. They also come at convenient costs so you will feel comfortable purchasing then. All these cleaners are very efficient and you should see the first results in a matter of minutes after using them!

4PACK Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner

This cleaner comes in a pack of four which makes it even more convenient than other similar products. It is offered by Luckygoo and one of the best drain cleaner products you can use in your kitchen. With this cleaner, you can forget all about the clogged drains in your kitchen as soon as you start using it.

Even if this cleaner will give best results for your kitchen drains, it is going to work just as fine for any other types of drains. You can use it to unclog your kitchen’s water pipes, bathroom sink, toilet or tub, floor drains, shower and any other types of drains you might have in your household. Inside the box you will get four packs for unclogging your sink and drains. They are a surfactant and alkaline solvent with very high efficiency. The reason why this drain cleaner is so good for your kitchen sink is that it will get rid of grease, fats, oils and any other type of waste that is common in the kitchen. This product is safe to use and it will not attack your pipes or any septic system.


– Safe to use for your kitchen pipes

– 4 different packs included in the box

– Eliminates grease and other common waste that clogs kitchen sinks

– You can use it in all your drains, sinks, shower, toilet and any pipe you have

– It is easy to use with no professional help


– It might not eliminate the odor from waste

– You have to reapply it if you need to get rid of solid waste

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener + Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaner + Hair Clog Remover

Another drain cleaner that is perfect for your kitchen sink is this one from Green Gobbler. It is a professional cleaner that you should use regularly if you want to obtain positive results. You can also use this product to prevent your kitchen sink from getting clogged. This can save you a lot of trouble down the road as it is always easier to prevent than to treat.

This kitchen sink drain cleaner comes in a high density liquid which makes it even more powerful in eliminating all kinds of grease. You can get rid of organic waste, grease, material waste and even paper. Your pipes and drains will not be exposed at any risks when you are using this product. You will also like the fact that this is eco friendly and very safe to use as well. It has no unpleasant odor, it is not flammable and it will not irritate your skin in case you get in contact with it. Definitely one of the best drain cleaners for your kitchen sink to invest in!


– Eco-friendly product

– High-density liquid in order to eliminate almost all types of waste

– It has no unpleasant smell

– Safe to use for your pipes

– No hazards involved


– It might need to take longer than other products before you see results

– Doesn’t get rid of the scent of the waste

Professor Amos’ SuperFast 2-Pack, Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaner & Drain Opener Liquid, 8-12 Drain Treatments

This cleaner from Professor Amos is also a professional product that you can count on for unclogging your kitchen sink. This product is well known for breaking down all kinds of waste including hair, grease, food and any other common waste found in a kitchen sink. To make it even better, you receive two bottles in the package so you can really count on this for a long time.

You will be able to use this cleaner for up to 12 drain treatments. This could be enough for an entire year or even more. How long it lasts you will depend on how much you use your kitchen sink as well. You can use it on all your pipes without having concerns about damaging them. It will give you the same results on metal pipes, PVC pipes, and plastic pipes. And you will not have to wait too much because your kitchen sink will be unclogged in a matter of minutes!


– Takes action fast

– It works on all types of pipes

– Eliminates many kinds of waste in a matter of minutes

– You receive two bottles in the package

– Highly appreciated worldwide


– Might not be as efficient for solid waste

– It doesn’t take away the odor of the waste too

Rockwell Labs IBDC032 Invade Bio Drain Gel – 1 qt

The last but one of the best drain cleaners for your kitchen sink is this product offered by Rockwell. It has all the features you might be looking for on such a cleaner and you will not be disappointed at all. This cleaner comes at a budget friendly price too, which can only be an advantage and another reason to consider investing in it.

All you need is 4 oz of this product per dose so one bottle will last you a long time. It comes in the form of a gel and it contains natural microbes and citrus oil that is very efficient in eliminating waste. It is a probiotic cleaner that comes in a bio form and it will be safe to use for your pipes. You can use it on all kinds of drains so not just on kitchen sinks but it will be the most efficient in the kitchen. However, you have to store this bottle away from pets and kids in order to avoid accidents.


– Very efficient gel cleaner

– Bioproduct that is safe to use for your pipes

– It doesn’t take more than 4 oz per drain

– Cleans kitchen sinks in a matter of minutes

– Budget friendly product


– You have to store it away from children

– It might not have a pleasant smell

What to look for in a good drain cleaner for kitchen sink

All cleaners are similar but what makes the difference in the favor of a kitchen sink cleaner is the type of waste it can eliminate. You want a product that will help you get rid of grease, fat, oils and food waste in particular. These types of waste are more common for the kitchen sink and your cleaner should be created mainly for such situations.

It is important to also check the ingredients of your cleaner. You want a biodegradable one that is free of toxic chemicals and poisons. You also need to invest in a risk free cleaner that is not flammable and it will not give you severe skin reactions either.


Can I use the kitchen sink drain cleaner in other types of drains?

Yes, a drain cleaner remains functional for all types of drains. However, those cleaners meant for the kitchen sink will eliminate specific waste that can be found in the kitchen such as grease or food. Due to this aspect, they might not be as functional when it comes to other types of drains with different waste involved.

How long should I wait until I see the results?

As a general rule, a good drain cleaner for kitchen sinks will take 15 minutes to dissolve the clogging stuffs. If you need to wait more you should read the instructions. The manufacturer will specify clearly how long you should wait until you rinse it off.

Are these products safe for the pipes?

Yes, the products in this guide are intended to reduce waste in metal, plastic and PVC pipes with no side effects. You should check for risks every time you purchase a cleaner because not all of them are so hazard-free. Some cause rust and they can significantly damage your pipes.


As you can see, having a clean and unclogged kitchen is not so difficult after all. You just need to invest in the right drain cleaner as often as it is needed. Since your kitchen sink is most likely the most used utility in your house, you might have to unclog it more often. And the cleaners in this guide will help you significantly!

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