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Best Magnetic Bit Holder in America- Reviews 2020

Hey, it is Jack again with another contribution from my favorite reader, Anthony, about how to choose a good magnetic bit holder when you are just getting started in woodworking. Let’s face it, working with power drills or simply drilling or even screwing into anything requires accuracy. In fact, many people term it as a precision job that requires the use of the right tools. However, one common problem that you have to deal with when doing such a job is slipping especially when you are driving the screws. Fortunately, there are tools made specifically for this purpose. With good magnetic bit holders, you won’t again face this problem. They are made to help you achieve accuracy when doing any drilling work that needs a high level of precision.

But while magnetic bit holders are the solution to wobbling or slipping when drilling or screwing into any material, there is also another challenge. These days, you’ll find a wide array of magnetic bit holders in the market. The problem here is that they are all labeled as the best and a perfect choice. In a real sense, however, magnetic bit holders vary in many ways. You should thus have a way of determining the best magnetic bit holders. Here, we make it simple for you to make the right choice.

In this article, we give you every detail you need to make the right decision. Our list of top five is all you need. From our analyses, the best overall is the Neiko 00244A Impact Socket Adapter and Magnetic Bit Holder. If you are on a budget, then the best for the budget is SE 7519SD 33-Piece Security Bit Set and the best value magnetic bit is Irwin Tools 4935070 1/7” Square Drive Magnetic Bit Holder.

 Here are the 5 Best Magnetic Bit Holders You Should Consider

Our list of best magnetic bit holder starts with the ¼ Hex Drive, a relatively new but excellent product.

#1: ¼ Hex Drive Magnetic Bit Holder

The ¼ Hex Drive Magnetic Bit Holder opens our list of top five magnetic bit holders for all the amazing reasons worth knowing. First, it is a relatively new entrant in the market and is already winning the hearts of many drilling pros. Aside from that, this bit holder has high industrial quality compared to many others that have been there for long and are slowly getting outdated. As a matter of fact, the ¼ Hex Drive Magnetic Bit Holder got the best magnet by far, so you won’t worry anymore of screws falling off.

When it comes to description, this item is about 3” long, weighs 1.44 ounces, and does not require any battery for it to work. Other features include a ¼ drive size and 7/16 body diameter inch. It is made in the US and ships to different parts of the world. There are also different prices for the various variants of this magnetic bit holder. Details on price, shipping information and others are available on Amazon. Indeed, this is a bit holder that you must consider if you want to enjoy durability as well as reliability when doing your drilling work.


  • It is a heavy-duty magnetic bit holder
  • It works great as it has a strong magnet
  • Good industrial quality


  • It sells for a little bit higher price compared to other bit holders but it is worth it

#2: Irwin Tools 4935070 1/7” Square Drive Magnetic Bit Holder – Best Value

If you want a magnetic bit holder that is designed for insert bits only, then this is a great option you must consider. The Irwin Tools magnetic bit holder is a top-rated model that enjoys a high-quality and unique design. For instance, it uses an earth magnet whose power is four times greater than that of the common magnets used in other bit holders. Also, this bit holder can be used with a socket adaptor or socket wrench. It’s thus a great holder that works great and with great reliability.

Also, with its great finish, the Irwin Tools 4935070 1/7” Square Drive Magnetic Bit Holder is less rusty. Besides, its tool-grade construction makes it suitable when it comes to general-purpose fastener driving needs. For this reason, it has always remained a product of choice among many. You can order it on Amazon and get it almost immediately. Like our first in the list, this magnetic bit holder is made in the US and hence you can rest assured that it is of high-quality. Different sellers price it slightly different from other sellers for competition but the quality is the same.


  • Its magnet is strong enough to hold bits without letting them slip while using
  • It solves the problem of adapting
  • It is solid and well made


  • You might have to rub a little petroleum jelly to keep it from rusting

#3: Neiko 00244A Impact Socket Adapter and Magnetic Bit Holder – Top Pick

The Neiko 00244A Impact Socket Adapter and Magnetic Bit Holder is another great bit holder with amazing features, it is the best magnetic bit holder that I have used. First, it comes with ¼ inch hex shank magnetic bit holder to help in jobs that need extension into spaces that are a bit hard to reach. Also, its socket adapters are compatible with a wide array of respective-sized extension bars, ratchet handles, cordless/corded drivers and sockets. It is thus a highly versatile magnetic bit holder that can meet all your needs if used well and as recommended.

For greater strength, all its steel pieces are heat-treated. Moreover, its black phosphate coating protects against rust and any other form of corrosion. To make it even more useful and up to its task, the detent ball on adapters gives it a secure fit in the socket and the support it needs especially when it is used with high torque drivers. It’s these and other great features that make this magnetic bit holder a must-consider option. Although it has been there for a couple of years, it remains a highly reliable option you cannot ignore. Like the other two already reviewed, it is available on Amazon and ships to many countries.


  • It is a highly versatile magnetic bit holder made for all your driving or drilling needs
  • Decent quality with well-chamfered edges
  • It has a phosphate coating for protection against corrosion


  • No serious problem reported so far

#4: ARES 70009-33 Piece Security Bit Set with Magnetic Extension Bit Holder

This bit set is also another great option you can opt for if looking for a great magnetic bit holder that will do a good job for you. It comes as a set that includes a magnetic extension bit holder with Tri-Wing bits and Hex Shank, four spanner bits, three torque bits and nine Torx bits all with great designs. For great durability, these bits are constructed from heat-treated steel. You can thus give it a try if you want something that will serve you for long. In fact, they are highly reliable when it comes to removing and replacing security fasteners.

Users trust ARES for many reasons one of them being the fact that this set is highly reliable efficient and effective. This set of bits is also made to work without sheering off. It is thus a good option especially for tasks that need a little extra distance. Because of these and other features, this set of the bit is gaining popularity in many areas. It is versatile and you can use it in any area where there is a need for security fastener. In a nutshell, this is a high-quality set and will never let you get stuck provided you use it well.


  • It comes as a complete set with a couple of different security bits
  • It is made to last with durable heat-treated material
  • The magnetic extension in the set works best even with fasteners that are a bit difficult to access


  • Some customers have complained that the set includes duplicates of some bits

#5: SE 7519SD 33-Piece Security Bit Set with Magnetic Extension Bit Holder – Best Budget Pick

To wrap up our list of top five magnetic bit holders, we have the SE 7519SD 33-Piece Security Bit Set. It is a well-organized set that is easy to transport as well as a store after use. When it comes to using, this bit set can be used with power drivers and screw guns. It is also worth noting that this set uniquely combines quality, usefulness, and function to meet your needs fully. Aside from that, this bit set enjoys a great chrome vanadium construction for enhanced durability.

Unlike many other models currently sold in the market, the SE 7519SD 33-Piece Security Bit Set is reasonably priced. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of metric bit sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm. You can thus be assured that you’ll find your perfect match. It is rated among the top magnetic bit holders in the market on Amazon. Have a look at it and see if it is what you need. It is no doubt a great option.


  • It is a high-quality bit set with great durability
  • It has its carrying case for ease of movement and storage as well
  • Comes with great versatility


  • Some buyers have complained that its level of precision is low

Best Brands for Magnetic Bit Holder

There are lots of brands out there that manufacture magnetic bits. However, not all of them are recommendable if you want to get the best products. As a buyer or user of magnetic bits, we would advise you to look for those who have a reputation. Such brands are those that consistently look to offer customers the best. From our list of top five magnetic bits, the best brands that we believe are doing a good job are Irwin and Neiko, the manufacturers of Irwin Tools 4935070 1/7” Square Drive Magnetic Bit Holder and Neiko 00244A Impact Socket Adapter & Magnetic Bit Holder respectively. We trust them because of a couple of reasons that include but not limited to:

  • Commitment to provide the best customer service
  • Bestselling and highly innovative products
  • Most trusted brands in the industry

Besides that, the one other thing worth noting when it comes to decision making other than looking at the manufacturer is where the product is made. Generally, most of these products are usually made in the US and China among other countries. If you want to enjoy top-quality, then always go for those made in the US. Many people usually prefer them and that’s why we have also chosen them in our list of top five. Now, you know! Get yourself the best but there are things to consider when buying.

Things to Carefully Check When Buying Your Bit Holder

Buying is all about getting value for money. However, that is not always obvious as it depends on how you make your buying decision. If you want to get something that will work well and, indeed, give you value, then you need to have a look at a couple of features.

First, ask yourself if the option you are considering can help you make work easier. To assess this, have a keen look at the aspects and features we’ve highlighted in the list of top five. You can easily determine whether or not a given bit holder is what you want. Go for that which will do the work you intend to do with it.

Also, have a look at the prices of the different types of magnetic bit holders. In most cases, they reflect something very vital worth knowing; the quality of the product. If you want something versatile and capable of doing a great job, pay more. But don’t use that as the only gauge. You should also ask yourself if the extra you pay is worth it.

Lastly, have a look at the procedures of use, cleaning, and maintenance aspect of the magnetic bit holder that you are about to buy. You, of course, want something that you can use for long. Therefore, choose a magnetic bit holder that you can use without any issue, clean it up easily after use and maintain it to be in the best condition possible.

Conclusion – Final Pick for Magnetic Bit Holder

Now you have all you need to get the best magnetic bit holder of your dream. For me, I owned the Irwin Tools 4935070, I decided to get it seeing how well made it is. Right now, it is my personal top pick.

However, you should get yourself a great product that will help you. If you want the best of all, you know which one to choose from our list. For the budget, we’ve also made it easier and given you an option. But generally, remember that all the products listed here are the best and, in fact, the leading ones in the market currently. Get an excellent one and good luck as you make your purchase decision!

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