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Best masonry drill bits for concrete – find the best concrete drill bit

Drilling thru concrete needs a good masonry drill bit to do the job perfectly. As a matter of fact, drilling through any concrete or mortar without a good drill bit is a tough task and almost impossible. You must invest in a good concrete drill bit if you want to make your work easier. To get such a bit, you need to do your homework right and acquire as much information as possible about concrete/masonry bits. That’s also another challenge since most sites do not give a detailed report of the various types of drill bits out there that you can consider when making a decision. We know what it means to search for information. For that reason, we’ve made your work easier by helping you to get the best drill bit for concrete, masonry, and bricks.

Masonry bits are available in a variety of sizes for drilling holes thru concrete, concrete block, cinder block, brick, stone, ceramics, and glass. The bits are tipped on the cutting edges with carbide so the edges remain sharper longer.

This article takes you through a list of the best masonry drill bits currently available in the world’s leading online platforms, Amazon. We’ve put together the best concrete drill bits, so it becomes easy for you to narrow down and get an excellent one in no time. Our article also explores other vital topics about masonry drill bits that everyone looking for such tools should know. If you take the time to go through it carefully, finding the right concrete drill bit will be a very easy task for you.

The best overall drill bit for concrete from our list is Bosch 6 Piece SDS-Plus Masonry Trade Bit Set. On the other hand, the best for the budget is the COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set and 5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set.

Here Are Our Top Picks for Best Masonry Drill Bits:

#1: DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set

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The DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set is a great set perfect for all your concrete/masonry drilling needs. You can use it to drill neat holes into masonry, rock, artificial stone and concrete. Ideally, this drill bit is the best if you want to make holes for mechanical anchors. The other good thing about this bit set is the fact that it is powerful enough to get through concrete and related surfaces easily. It is also highly durable, and you can use it for multiple functions provided you maintain it well.

When it comes to design and material, this drill bit set has rock carbide bits for longer life and best performance. The bits also have an enlarged bit design that helps in channeling dust and debris out of the hole as you drill. Furthermore, it is very fast and efficient when it comes to drilling concrete. This item weighs 7.2 ounces, and you don’t need a battery to use. Its dimensions are 7.8 x 6.6 x 0.5 inches. Lastly, it is one of the bestselling and top-rated concrete masonry drill bits that you can get on Amazon and a few select online giants.


  • Highly efficient and lasts longer compared to other bits due to its high-quality carbide material
  • It is very strong and highly recommended for any rugged drilling work you have
  • Its special enlarged flute helps prevent debris accumulation in the hole while drilling


  • It can overheat if used for lengthy drillings without being cooled from time to time

#2: COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set – The best budget masonry drill bits

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If you want to try out the newest concrete/masonry drill bits, then this is the best option you should consider. It is made of high-quality industrial grade material for excellent resistance. For instance, the high-quality carbon steel that the drill bit is made of is subjected to heat treatment to enhance its performance as well as rust resistance. You can thus be sure that when you buy this drill bit set, you get yourself a strong and durable tool that will help you make work easy. It, indeed, performs nicely, and there are no negative reviews from those who have used it so far. In fact, everyone hails it as a strong drill bit set.

Regarding the design, the COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set has a two-flute upgraded design that helps remove drilling debris and dust from the hole. Also, its spiral shank increases the speed and also greatly helps in preventing slipping while drilling. Furthermore, it comes in multiple sizes to meet the different drilling needs of different buyers. You can use it to drill block, brick, concrete, wood, artificial stone, plastic, ceramic tile, and rock, among others. In short, this is a tool you can buy for concrete drilling and keep for use another time when you want to do a couple of other drilling activities.

Reasons to Buy this Drill Bit Set

  • It’s made of highly durable material hence will offer you many years of excellent drilling
  • Highly versatile and can be used for a wide array of drilling activities
  • It is sandblast treated for enhanced resistance to rust


  • None reported yet

#3: Bosch 6 Piece SDS-Plus Masonry Trade Bit Set – Top choice for the best masonry drill bits

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This drill bit set is the best if you are looking for an innovative masonry drill bit with amazing features and great functionality. It features a high-quality hard diamond carbide tip for great performance. As a result, this drill bit set is more resistant, tougher, and highly durable as well. For this reason, the Bosch 6 Piece SDS-Plus Masonry Trade Bit Set has managed to keep getting positive reviews from buyers.

Due to its unique design, this drill bit is very precise on surfaces, including hard stone. As long as you know how to use it, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes. You can also use it for multiple drilling functions and get excellent results. The most important thing is to understand how the process of concrete drilling should go about from the start to the end. Generally, this is a high performing drill bit set with the best features. In fact, it is our top pick for the best masonry drill bits. You may, however, have to pay more for its top quality since it is a bit more expensive than other brands. But the budget should not worry you since it is worth it and will no doubt do a good job for you.


  • It’s a highly innovative bit that works efficiently and effectively compared to other brands of masonry drill bits
  • It’s made of high-quality material for long life and great performance
  • It is highly versatile and can be used for a wide array of drilling activities apart from drilling into concrete
  • Comes with a storage case for easy portability and storage after use


  • No serious problem reported about it so far

#4: 5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set

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The 5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set is a multipurpose drill bit usable with both the cordless and electric hammer drills. It is made of high-quality and durable carbide. It also has a thickened tip, and its hardness is higher than that of other types of drill. Besides, the drill bit openings are smooth hence they can’t cause tremors while drilling like is the case with some other drill bits. For longer life, the bit is also treated for rust and is super strong. But even with this, you should apply oil, especially after using it to prevent rust and any other form of corrosion that threatens to reduce its lifespan. Lastly, you can use it to drill concrete, wood, ceramic tile, brick, stone, and soft metal.


  • It is highly versatile
  • It is made of high-quality and strong material for great durability
  • It is fast, efficient and highly effective in drilling concrete and other materials


  • You may have to use water for cooling as it might easily overheat when used for long

#5: FYX AMZNMS43 Household Drill & Drive Set

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This is that bit you should have at home for concrete drilling tasks you might have. Fix-it jobs are always there at home, and those that involve creating holes in the wall or any concrete surface will need a good drill bit. The FYX AMZNMS43 Household Drill & Drive Set can help you get the job done easily and even without having to worry of hiring a pro to do the job for you. You only need to understand the drilling process, and you can do the job comfortably yourself.

Overall, the FYX AMZNMS43 Household Drill & Drive Set is easy to use drill bit set with great features. With it, you have a wide selection of driver bits. It is also an inexpensive option, and you can use it for long if you exercise caution. You can get it on Amazon and have a chance to see what other buyers have got to say about it. It is generally a good one and no doubt one of the best concrete/masonry drill bits.


  • Easy to use and is great in completing even the toughest drilling jobs
  • Best for home use


  • It can easily break if not handled well, so you need to be extra careful

Tips and Factors to Consider When Making a Choice of Getting the Best Concrete Drill Bit

Most people always imagine that getting the best masonry drill bits is an easy job. That is not always the case, especially for first-time buyers. You can only go straight to the shelves or online stores and buy if you already know the type you want. But that’s only the case for experts or do-it-yourself guys who have a mastery of the process it takes to choose the excellent masonry drill bits for our needs. What happens to first time buyers? They have to go through a lot of processes, and some might even end up getting the wrong one.

In this section, we explore a couple of vital factors and can help you get the best concrete drill bit set. A good one should meet your project’s needs and do the intended job perfectly. The tips discussed here will save you from the simple yet serious mistakes that many buyers often make due to inadequate information. In reality, it is much easier to get a good masonry drill bit contrary to what people at times believe. So what does it take to get one? It is pretty simple: Here are very vital factors that you should consider:

a)    Understand the Various Types of Drills

Drills come in various types, and they function differently. Your first tip should, therefore, be to understand the various types out there. Even if you already have a drill, you should also know that different types of drill bits work with different types of drills. Failing to make this important consideration can easily result in you picking something that is not compatible with your drill. If that happens, you’ll not only fail to do the job, but your drill might also be damaged. Discordant drill bits can, in fact, cause serious damages. For this reason, it is very vital to understand the type of drill you have, so you go for a drill bit that matches it.

But how do you differentiate between types of drills? It is simple. In fact, you might not even need to seek the help of a pro. Just ensure that the bit you get is a perfect match for the drill you have. That does not, however, mean that you need to cram model or brand numbers. You should simply check the drill bit shank and see if the drill’s chuck grasps it well. But if that’s a challenge, then there is another option for you. These days, there are universal drill bits that work well with almost all drills. You can thus use them and get the job done without damaging your drill or finding it difficult to do the job.

b)    Consider the Material that the Drill Bit is made of

Drill bits can be made from different types of materials. Some materials are of poor quality, and that will have an impact on durability. On the other hand, if you get one that’s made of high-quality material, you’ll use it for many years. Most importantly, high-quality ones often work smoothly and produce amazing results. So if you want something that you can use on hard concrete surfaces without overheating, be keen on the material you pick.

In most cases, drill bits that are made of high-speed steel are the best. You can use them on hard surfaces and be assured of getting the job done perfectly. They are also heat resistant compared to other types. Good drill bits set made of such material are often a bit expensive, but the extra amount you pay is worth it. If you want cheap ones, then you’ll find those that are made of low carbon steel. While you can use them on soft surfaces, you might not be lucky to get good results if you use them on hard surfaces. The best option is to go for high-quality material for the best concrete drill bits. You’ll use them without any problem, and they are durable as well.

c)    Check the Length or Size of the Drill Bit

In most instances, concrete/masonry drill bits have a standard length. But this does not mean that all drill bits are of this length. There are longer ones that you can use if the work you intend to do requires a longer drill bit. Furthermore, some drills might require longer drill bits. The bit you get should accordingly be determined by these two important factors. Failure to keep this in mind might lead you to buy something that may not do the work you have.

In a nutshell, drill bits lengths range from as short as 3mm to as long as 400mm. If you want smaller ones, ideally those between 3mm and 16mm will be the best for you. For the longer ones, you can go for those whose lengths are between 300mm to 400mm. But as already said, the length of drill bit you choose should be determined by the drill you have as well as where you want to drill. If you are drilling concrete surfaces on corners or places that are a bit hidden, then longer ones would be ideal for you.

d)  Check the Price: Avoid Cheap Ones

Price is also another very vital thing you must consider when choosing the drill bit type you should buy. But unlike the other factors already highlighted and explained, price is a bit unique. Prices, in most cases, reflect the quality of the bit. If you go for the cheapest, the chances are that you’ll end up buying a drill bit of low quality. On the other hand, those that are priced higher are usually high-quality ones. Such drill bits not only perform well but also tend to last longer. So go for high-quality and avoid cheap ones since you might end up getting a low-quality drill bit that might not do a good job for you, the best masonry drill bits are not cheap but it is worth the money.

e)    Type of Drill Bit You Use

Did you know that not all the drill bits sold out there are masonry drill bits? Well, some are made for other purposes. If you just buy anything labeled as a drill bit without finding out what type it is, then you might land on the wrong drill bit. Some drill bits are made for use in drilling wood. Others are for glass, metals and other materials. While they all do the same work of drilling, they work differently depending on the nature of surfaces being drilled. You should go for masonry drill bits and ensure that they are made for that purpose.

Masonry drill bits are usually two types namely diamond hole-saw and tungsten carbide drill bits. Their construction, design, and material specifically made for penetrating stones or concrete if you like. Also, they do not overheat when used for these works. Furthermore, they are highly durable, and you can use them for many years if you keep them well maintained. You should, therefore, make sure that when you hit the road looking for concrete/masonry drill bits, you choose the right ones.

If you keep these very vital factors in mind when searching for the best concrete/masonry bit, you’ll without any doubt find it. Avoid rushing to pick anything even if you have an urgent concrete drilling task to be done. Instead, take the time to find the right tool that will do a good job. You can pick one from our list of top five since they are all high-quality drill bits that have stood the test of time to do a good job and find acceptance with buyers.

Things You Need to Drill Through Concrete Easily

If you haven’t done before, then drilling through concrete is not the same as doing through the wood. You need not only different drill bits but also a different approach if you truly want to get through the concrete easily. However, the best masonry drill bit alone might not be sufficient to ensure that the work is done perfectly. You need another great tool to help you get the work done in no time and nicely. In a nutshell, you need two things, namely:

#1: A good concrete/masonry or hammer drill bits set

With a good masonry drill bit, drilling through concrete is an easy job. You can pick one from the list of the top ones already explained in this article. All the five drill bits reviewed are good, and they can help you get the job done perfectly. As you might have noticed, the best masonry drill bits reviewed in this article are picked based on many factors.

Having a masonry drill bit with such features makes work easier for you. Also, investing in such a drill bit means that for a couple of years, you’ll never again think of buying another one when you want to drill. It is thus very vital to take the time weighing options, so you need to get the best concrete/masonry hammer drill bit that will do a good job for you. Provided that you follow our guide, getting such a drill but should not be a hard task at all for you.

#2: A good hammer drill

A hammer drill can be used for drilling or just the normal hammering function. Having it together with a masonry drill bit or hammer drill bit make work easier for you. Good hammer drills usually have an option for switching between hammering and normal drilling. These are the activities you should use the hammer drill for only. If you use it for other activities such as drilling wood, for instance, the hammer won’t last long. It will also not be working well when you want to use it for concrete drilling. So use it for its right job only.

Someone might ask why it is wrong to use a hammering drill to drive in screws, drill steel and other materials. Well, the first and most important thing that you should note is that using it for other functions can result in accidents through slippage. Also, since hammer drills are strong and powerful, the chances are that you’ll end up splitting wood or other material as you try to drill or drive in screws. These are things you, of course, do not want to do. It is this very important and, in fact, recommended that you restrict the work of hammer drill to concrete/masonry works only if you want to enjoy peace of mind

Therefore, a good hammer drill should have, among others, the following vital features:

  • It must be strong and powerful enough to drill through concrete
  • Its speed should be variable
  • A depth setting to help you determine the depth of the hole you are drilling
  • It should have a good drip and possibly a side handle as well
  • It should also have a hammer function to ease work
  • Should be durable and resistant to corrosion

While these two tools, good masonry drill bits, and hammer drill can help you drill through concrete, keep in mind that you need a good technique in order to drill perfectly even if you have the best masonry drill bits.

How to Drill Into Concrete Easily and Smoothly

Even before we look at the procedure of drilling in concrete, we should ask ourselves why we need such a hole in the first place. Well, you’ll need to drill holes into concrete or even reinforced concrete, so you put up shelves, install lights, or hang paintings among other things. It follows then that everyone will, at some point have to drill into concrete to do any of the above-specified activities. While doing it seems to be a simple task, the fact is that one can end up messing up the wall by drilling too much or cause it to crack. You, of course, do not want to end up in such a situation. To avoid it, you have to master how to drill concrete. Here are vital steps that can help you:

Mark the Point You Want to Drill on the Wall

You can only avoid drilling wrong parts if you mark the area to be drilled clearly. Doing so will help you concentrate on the area and also reduce unnecessary damages to other areas. Moreover, you get a chance to confirm if the marked areas are the ones you intend to have them drilled. You should thus mark all the areas first before you start making use of your drill bit. If you fail to do so, then be prepared to make the worst mistakes that might cause you to regret later.

Marking the wall isn’t a tough task. In essence, you don’t need to have any special marker to make the right marks. It simply involves two things which if you get them right, then your first step is over. You should identify the areas you want to drill depending on what you want to put on the holes drilled. After identification, use a pencil or any other marker that can do the job. If you do the marking precisely and accurately, then drilling will also be accurate. Most importantly, you won’t end up drilling places you did not intend.

Test your drill bit elsewhere first before drilling the marked areas

Many people often forget to do this, yet it is a very vital stage that should never be skipped no matter what. The importance of doing a test with your drill first is to check if it’s working well or you might need to do some adjustments before drilling the areas you had marked. If there’s something to fix, you won’t worry since it is a trial. But imagine making a mistake immediately you start drilling on your wall! It’s, indeed, worrying.

Still, on the pilot drill, the purpose of doing it is not to warm up the drill. Its purpose is to help you check a few things about the drill bit you are about to use. The things you should check include speed, accuracy, signs of overheating, need for lubrication and drill’s stability. You cannot check this while doing your job, especially if you are doing it for the first time. A pilot drill is, thus, necessary and you should take the time to assess your drill well when doing the test dill. It is very vital, and it gives you a clue of what to expect once you start the real job.

Start Drilling the Marked Parts Slowly then with More Power

After testing and confirming that the drill you have is up to the task, you can now start drilling holes into the concrete parts you had marked. If you want to be very accurate, it is recommended that you use slower speeds at the beginning. You can then gradually increase the speed as the drill gets deeper. Also, do not be forceful at the beginning; it is pretty easy to make mistakes at the start. You drill can, for instance, slip away from the marked point. If that happens, it is easy to stop it if you are operating at low speeds.

As you continue drilling, make sure that the drill is stable, especially as you increase the speed of drilling. You should note that unlike other surfaces, concrete is often not homogenous. You might find that at some stages the drill gets through easily. Occasionally, it might also feel hard and force you to apply more power and speed. These are the things you need to watch while doing the job. Fortunately, these are simple stuff that shouldn’t worry you. However, you can only be confident if you know what you are doing.

Keep Pulling the Drill Out and Pressing It Back from Time to Time

Drilling leads to a build-up of dust as you continue drilling. The accumulation of such dust not only impedes your progress but also affects the effectiveness of your drill. You should, for this reason, keep pulling the drill out and pressing it back. Doing so will help you pull the dust out from the hole being drilled. You can then proceed easily without having to worry of dust build-up as you drill.

Do not force the bits into the material by pushing down hard on the drill. Use a little pressure and then let the drill do the work. Let the bit cool from time to time. For large holes, start with a small bit and then change to a larger bit. The work will go faster.

Also, pulling out the drill occasionally helps in cooling and preventing the drill from overheating. If you have never drilled in the past, doing so especially continuously results in overheating. It is, therefore, very vital to take rests to let your drill cool down. That means you need to be patient and ready to work on getting a perfect hole and not just completing the job. So keep this in mind and put in practice.

If the Drill is Obstructed Use Masonry Nail

You should expect that while drilling, you might come across a very hard piece of concrete that’s difficult to penetrate. When you experience that, and the drill does not go as you expected, do not force it or increase the speed. It will overheat and possibly become blunt. Instead of doing so, just insert a masonry nail and hammer it. The nail will easily break the concrete, and you can continue drilling. You should, however, be careful not to hammer the nail too deep into the concrete. Just do it to get through the hard part only.

It is also common to hit rebar while drilling concrete. When you hit it, you’ll see metal or sparks, indicating clearly that you are trying to drill through a different material that is not concrete. Once you notice that, you should immediately stop and change to your rebar cutting drill bit. Use it until you get through the obstruction then you can switch back to your concrete/masonry drill bit. By so doing, you’ll save your drill bit from damage and accidents that might occur as a result of the existence of obstructions in the concrete that you are drilling.

In essence, these are the five simple steps you need to understand when drilling through concrete using a masonry drill bit. One thing that’s mentioned here and you should possibly do when drilling concrete is to water down the concrete as you penetrate. Adding water will help you remove the dust that collects as you drill. It also helps in keeping the drill from overheating, especially if you are drilling multiple holes.

Take-Home Point

In conclusion, drilling a hole into concrete, cement, and brickwork isn’t like doing into wood or any other surface. It is a different task altogether that needs the use of the right materials and approaches. You need the right drill bit to be able to drill through masonry, concrete or bricks. Getting the best masonry drill bits means mastering the art of getting the best from many options and knowing how to use it. That’s exactly what this article explores. Put the advice given in practice, and you will without any problems be able to drill through masonry or concrete easily with the best hammer drill bit.

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