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mission statement

toildrops is an online magazine  publishing designs influenced by natural sensibilities, inspired by nature itself as well as a product of an urgency for creating a beautiful and sustainable future for our planet –

– we are looking towards a future day when there will be no pollution, and most importantly no garbage in our oceans and landfills from improperly designed products & frivolous packaging

– we are illustrating the richness and abundance present in natural systems, and aiming to mirror it back into product, art and concept design — this is to make these sustainable choices more interesting and more appealing to consumers, and designers who design them

– all content published at toildrop.com is published under these strict guidelines:

—> a strong sustainability factor

—> inspiration derived directly from nature –

—>woodworking at its finest-

all items are categorized under names that occur in nature: water, grass, trees, earth, food, humans, light, leafs, sand, sky, haptic, mind, space, sun, shelter, etc. – more categories will be added as the collection grows in time

in addition to our website follow us on twitter & on our facebook page for more nature inspired & derived design