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Miter Saws 101: About Best Makita Chop Saws

Jack Gordon - April 29, 2020 - 0 comments

If you are keen on Do It Yourself projects and you like to have all the necessary tools while making anything from a picture frame, to a piece of furniture, and more. Everyone knows that any woodwork whatsoever is completely impossible without a proper saw, or two. What, did you think that you could karate chop through wood? If you are actually able to do this, then congratulations, but it is still not the perfect solution for cutting your building material.

Therefore, if you have anything to do with carpentry, owning a saw is an absolute must. Of course, you can’t just go to a shop and say: “Give me one saw, please”. There are many different types of this tool. I mean, really a lot! Even if you are an expert, I bet that you don’t know about every type. So, before entering that shop, it would be wise to consider what you need in the first place.

Well, here is the first thing you should know. There is one type that you will definitely need, no matter what project you are engaging in. That’s the type found at mitresawzone.com and you should get properly acquainted with it. It’s one of the most used and most necessary tools for cutting wood, but also various other kinds of materials.

Chop Or Miter?

Before I go any further, I want to clear the air and explain the two terms that are about to pop up in this article. If you type the two terms from the headline into a search engine, you will find all kinds of content explaining the difference between a chop and a miter saw. However, these two come from the same family, which is why many experts use the terms interchangeably. And that’s exactly what I will be doing here as well.

I will try to be as consistent as possible, but don’t be confused when you see both terms being used. Over the years, I have really come accustomed to regarding these two as one and the same thing, so I might not even notice which term I am using. In any case, it’s not like I am making a mistake – as I have already said, it’s the same family. Additionally, you will also find it spelled “mitre saw” online, which is also a legitimate term.

So, What Is A Miter Saw?

A miter saw is defined as a tool used to make cross cuts and miter cuts. You place a piece on a flat surface and pull a mounted circular blade onto it and that’s about it. This is called stationary sawing, since it implies bringing the blade down rather than running it along the piece. It is really not that difficult to use and the cutting angle is usually 90 degrees, but that depends on the position of both the piece of material and the tool. Learn more.

Therefore, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this tool can only operate at a 90-degree angle. In fact, one of its advantages is the fact that the blade can be rotated to different angles, allowing the workers to make all kinds of quick cuts they need. Speaking of that, these machines are usually used for cutting large pieces into smaller ones, so that they can later be refined by different types of tools.

What Are Its Major Components?

If you want to understand exactly how this practical tool works, you need to be familiar with its components. Of course, keep in mind that manufacturers might add some additional features to the product. For example, some saws produced by Makita can have some effective dust removal solutions, as well as features designed to provide you with the most accurate cut. However, some parts always remain unchanged, and those are the ones you need to know about.


Unsurprisingly, this is probably the most important part of a miter saw. Of course, blades can vary a lot in size. The size you will choose depends on the size of the material you need to cut. So, the bigger the material, the bigger a blade you will need. In other words, the blade represents the cutting capacity of this amazingly convenient and versatile tool.


Most miter saws have a guard fitted around the blade. It usually covers half of the blade. The bottom half of this guard is connected to a hinge, which allows it to move in rhythm with your own movements. Simply put, it swings open while you are lowering the blade, and closes again when you raise the tool. This is a very important part, since it keeps both the blade and, more importantly, you and your hands safe and protected.

Read about the benefits of this tool: https://www.schmancytoys.com/amazing-benefits-of-miter-saws/

Handle And Power Switch

First of all, I need to make clear that I am not talking about the main power switch of the tool. I am talking about a power switch integrated into the handle, which can be found on many saws. This feature puts you in control by allowing you to power the saw by holding the handle. Everything is done with the help of one hand. Of course, when you let off the power trigger, the blade will automatically stop spinning.

In addition to the most important parts that I have mentioned above, you will find components such as the table, the fence, the vise grip, the scale and many more. Don’t forget the fact that different manufacturers can add some additional features in order to make using this tool easier, as well as to help it function in the best possible way.

Therefore, whenever you buy a new tool like this, you should get the instruction manual and read it, so that you meet the product properly. Only after understanding how everything works should you start using it. Remember, safety is a number one priority and not knowing how to handle a miter saw can lead to injury. So, make sure to use it safely.