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Best Brad Point Drill Bits – Reviews

If you’ve been involved in furniture making, cabinetry, doweling, and other woodworks, you without any doubt know that there are instances where an exact/accurate hole is needed. However, getting an exact hole is not a matter of getting any drill bit and using it to drill your stuff. Not every bit can give you the results you want. You, therefore, have to be careful in choosing the bits to use

Brad-point drill bits are the best for applications that require the exact hole size. They provide accurate positioning and their spur cutting edges reduce splintering hence producing smooth, clean holes. In this article, we review some of the best brad point drill bits to help you get your best option without any hassle. Just in case you do not have the time to weigh between options, our best overall brad point bits are Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits.

Our Top Picks Of Brad Point Drill Bits

Here is our list of the 4 best brad point drill bits.

#1: Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits – Best Overall and the Cheapest

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With optimized spurs for maximum performance and easy cutting, Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits are a great option as our top pick. It tops our list as the best overall owing to the great features that make it a reliable and accurate bit. For instance, it has optimized spurs for fast and easy cutting. If you want drill bits for use with hard, soft, exotic, veneered as well as laminated wood then these are the kind of bits you need.

Made of high-speed steel and with a center point together with 2 cutters and 2 spurs, these brad point drill bits are excellent in performance. They also have a beveled edge that keeps them from deviating hence increasing their accuracy. In a nutshell, these are the best bits for drilling tasks that require military precision.


  • Highly versatile and they produce accurate holes into many materials including different types of woods and even acrylic glass
  • Produce clean and smooth holes with a little blowout at the bottom when exiting


  • Might not work well on plastic unless you put a sacrificial piece of wood behind it for safety purposes

#2: DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Brad Point, 6-Piece – Best Brand and Durability

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If you are experienced in drilling, you know how effective chip removal is very vital. That’s exactly what DEWALT bits do perfectly. They have engineered flutes that make chip removal an easy job. Besides, their cutting edges are precise to reduce splintering or walking while drilling.

When it comes to durability, these bits can last long since they have a high-speed steel construction. Although they are greatly used in drilling wood, users say that they are the best bits in doweling. Finally, it comes as a set of 6 pieces of varying sizes that range from 1/8 to ½ inch. They are thus suitable for multiple drilling activities or where various sizes of holes are desired.


  • Great high-speed steel construction for enhanced durability
  • Have engineered flutes for easy and effective chip removal while drilling


  • They sometimes tend to be slow especially on hardwood
  • They do not come with a case for carrying or storage

#3: Dremel 631 Brad Point Bits – Best Value

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If technology and innovation are the things you want, then the Dremel Brad Point bits could be what you have been looking for. Unlike standard bits, the Dremel type starts drilling immediately or once they come in contact with the material. They are highly versatile and can drill a wide variety of materials although many users argue that they are the best for drilling into wood. I have written a small of buying a good Dremel drill bit for wood carving here.

Like a couple of other brad point drill bits, Dremel 631 Brad Point Bits are durable due to their strong high-speed steel construction. Besides, these bits can drill bits up to 1/4 inch diameter. Also, it comes as a set of four pieces with sizes 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ to help meet the different needs of users.


  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools
  • Titanium coated for increased durability and performance


  • They are a bit short for use with a standard drill

#4: Alfa Tools DLB62214 3/4 Inch Double Land Brad Point Drill – Best Design

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With unique double land flute geometry, these bits can produce clean and smooth hole interiors. This feature also helps in fast chip ejection as well as making it easy to drill a wide array of materials. And like most of the brad point drill bits discussed, the Alfa Tools bits are made of high-speed steel material. You can, therefore, be sure to enjoy durability if you acquire for your woodworking job or others.

If you are drilling many holes, the Alfa Tool brad point bits can get through your material to create them easily. Many users often prefer them when drilling do holes since they are relatively fast compared to other types that can be used for the same purpose. It is, however, good to have times of rest in between for the bits to cool off. If you observe that, you will always complete your work on time and also enjoy a long life.


  • Its double land flute geometry ensures that holes drilled are smooth and clean
  • Drills a wide range of materials including wood, fiber, and even composite materials


  • Users complain that the bits can easily bend especially when used for long

How to get a good brad point drill bit

There is nothing worse than trying to drill a hole with the wrong bit, the best brad point bit won’t be able to do a good job if it is not suitable for your work. Even away from that, realizing that you bought the worst can discourage you. Fortunately, you can overcome choice problems and pick the best if you have a buying guide. Here are just a couple of the most important things to do when making a purchase decision:

Check the Angle and Shape

Different brad point drill bits have different shank shapes and angles. Some are spiral, and there are also those with point angle. As a buyer, you need to consider this feature since it determines the strength as well as the nature of the hole created. If you are not sure of what suits the task awaiting you, seek help from an expert.


The most common coatings in drill bits include diamond powder coating, black oxide, and titanium nitride. Each of these coatings has its role. For instance, some are good for preventing overheating and wear. If you want durable bits then be careful to choose those that have these coatings as they last longer compared to those that do not have it.


Here, there are two most important things you ought to check. First is the material construction of the brad point bit you want to purchase. The other aspect is the kind of material you want to drill into with your bit. Different bits are designed for use in drilling different types of materials. There are those meant for wood and others meant for other materials such as concrete and others.

Brand and Reviews

If you’ve been using bits and related accessories, you know that there are different brands in the market. Among them are those that are top-rated and reputable while others are not so good. If you want to enjoy benefits such as warranty and immediate help in case of anything, then go for those from known brands.


How Do I Choose the Best Brad Point Drill Bit for My Project?

Look at the features, durability, design, and reviews about the bits you are considering

Do I Need Water When Using Brand Point Drill Bits?

Although it is not a must, water helps in lubrication as well as preventing overheating when drilling

Are there Bits that are Heat and Walking Resistant?

Yes, there are those designed to drill without walking and are also resistant to heat and wear due to their strong construction.


Finding the best brad point drill bits for whatever task you want to do is quite easy if you know what to look for when searching. As a fan of Dewalt, I have the DEWALT Drill Bit Set and I am happy with it, even if it is only the runner up brad point drill bit in this list.

However, having read this article, you possibly now have an option in mind. What is more important than any other thing is to look for something that will do the job you have perfectly. If you want the cheapest, you’ll find it, the best brand, the best value of the best among all, then you know have an answer. Pick one that meets your needs, and enjoy your drilling adventures from now henceforth.

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