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5 Best Outdoor Wood Sealers – Prolong the Lifespan for Your Wooden Products With These Outdoor Waterproof Sealants

Do you have any wooden items in your outdoor space? Are you enthusiastic about getting the best value for your money? As the rainy season passed by here in Illinois, I looked at my outdoor wood products and just feel miserable. How could I let this happen to my beloved children? So I am on the hunt looking for a good outdoor wood sealer but despite being a woodworker, my experience in protecting my precious wood products from outdoor threats is just non-existent. Now, I know that wooden items are durable. However, how long they last depend on how well they are taken care of. Water is the leading cause of damage to wood products. To ensure that your wooden items are resistant from water, corrosives, and unsuitable weather conditions, it is wise to consider applying a waterproof sealant. There are various waterproof sealants available in the market. However, not all have the necessary properties to provide the best protection to your wooden items. This article from Will, my good collaborator, gives an elaborate review of the best products to waterproof your wood.

The needs for outdoor wood sealers

You may be wondering why you need to go out of your way to get water sealers for your wooden items in your exterior. Your wooden products may be exposed to moisture from time to time. When wood comes into contact with water, it starts to rot. When it decays, it weakens and starts to fall apart. Consequently, mold starts to grow on your wooden item. The deterioration then marks the end of your wooden piece. Wood water sealers come in handy when you need to make your wooden items resistant form water. Wood water sealers are products that are applied to wooden items to make them waterproof. If you need to improve the lifespan of your wooden items, read on to find out the best outdoor wood sealers that are most effective and most cost-effective.

Outdoor Wood Sealants Comparison Table

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Best Outdoor Wood Sealers Available in The Market

Here is our list of Top 5 outdoor wood sealers in America.

Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane– The most cost-effective outdoor wood sealant

Besides protecting your wooden products against moisture, Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane protects against damaging Ultra-Violet rays. Remember, while water causes your wooden items to rot, UV rays cause them to weaken and fade. Fading reduces the beauty and exquisiteness of your wood.

I recommend Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane as the best budget outdoor wood sealer because it is effective yet affordable.

Features and Specs 

  1. It blocks your wood from UV light. This property enables the product to protect your wood from fading.
  2. It provides your wood with protection against moisture from the atmosphere and rainwater.
  3. The product is versatile and, therefore, suitable for use on any wooden item, be it in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or in the outdoors.
  4. It provides a clear finish. Being non-colored, the product can be used on light-colored wooden items.
  5. It takes a short time to dry up. Drying quickly makes it possible for the wooden item on which it has been applied to be put into its intended use sooner.
  6. It is easy to clean. Applying the product on a wooden item makes it easy to keep the item clean using warm water.

Pros of using Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane

  1. Safety: The product is made using light Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, Mineral Spirits, p-Chlorobenzotrifloride, Cobalt Naphthenate, and Amorphous Precipitated Silica. According to studies, these ingredients are of low toxicity and hence safe for human use.
  2. Easily disposable: Owing to its low toxicity, the product is environmentally friendly. It does not, therefore, require any special precautions during disposal.
  3. Low odor: The ingredients used in the manufacture of the product do not have any acute smell. Being that it emits low odor, the product is recommendable even to users that are allergic to certain fragrances.
  4. Fit for any wood and wooden items: The product can be used on any wood that is located anywhere in your compound. The product has the capability of withstanding various climatic conditions and can thus be used inside and outside your building.
  5. Easy to clean: The product does not require any special cleaning. All you need is warm water, and the dirt is gone.

Cons of using Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane

  1. Less durable: The product is water-based. It is thus not as long-lasting as other wood water sealer such as Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer which is oil-based
  2. Unsuitable for scorching temperatures: The product cannot withstand incredibly high heat conditions. It is thus inefficient in areas that experience too much heat.
  3. Unsuitable for dark-colored wood products: Since the product is clear, it is more suitable for light-colored wooden items and less ideal for items with a darker tone.


  1. Question: Is Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane water or oil-based?

Answer: The product is water-based. However, if you need an oil-based wood water sealer, you may consider going for oil-based Minwax Polyurethane, which is a product from the same manufacturer and equally efficient.

  1. Question: How do you apply Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane

Answer: The first step is to stir the urethane. Then use the product in an open well-ventilated space. Wait for about 4 hours before applying a recoat. It would be best if you then gave it some time to dry and wait for 24 hours before using the wooden item.

  1. Question: Can the product be used on wooden items that are already painted?

Answer: Yes. The product is compatible with acrylic and water-based paints and gives excellent results. You should, however, ensure that the paint is dry.

Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain- The easiest outdoor wood water sealer to use

Deck premium semi-transparent wood stain is a water-based wood water sealer manufactured by the SaverSystems. The product makes your wood products attractive and long-lasting. The product is most effective for wood products made of cedar and redwood. It is also suitable for wood decking that has been previously treated. The product is available in four varieties:

  1. Natural variety
  2. Cedar variety
  3. Light Walnut variety
  4. Dark Walnut variety

I recommend Deck premium semi-transparent wood stain because it is easy to use, effective, and is available in various color variations.

Features and Specs 

  1. The product has been made using a technology that ensures that it penetrates inside the wood products on which it is applied. Once the product sips into the wood, it keeps it safe from moisture and damaging Ultra Violet rays. The product thus prolongs the lifespan of the wooden item it is applied to.
  2. The product has a low odor. It is thus recommendable for users that suffer allergies from strong scents.
  3. The product is suitable for use on softwoods.
  4. The product is used as not only a deck stain but also a deck sealer for outdoor wood products.

Pros of using Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

  1. Protective properties: The product protects wood products from outdoor threats such as moisture, rainwater, and Ultra Violet Rays. You, therefore, do not have to worry about your wooden items getting damaged by the sun or by coming into contact with water or excess moisture.
  2. Versatility: once you buy a Deck premium semi-transparent wood stain, you can use it on your wood products as a stain or deck sealer.
  3. Flexibility: the product is highly flexible as it can be used on all types of softwoods.
  4. Variety: The product comes in four different colors that give the user the liberty of choice. Different users may opt for different color variations depending on their taste or the tone of the wood product they intend to use the wood stain on.
  5. Attractiveness: Once the product dries, the wood product obtains a beautiful natural-looking finish.
  6. Easy to clean: Once you use Deck premium semi-transparent wood stain on your wood products, you do not have to go through the hassle of using sophisticated means to clean your item. The product is water-based. It is thus easy to keep tidy by using soap and warm water.
  7. Low odor: The product can be used by any person regardless of their respiratory or medical conditions. It emits a low odor that ensures that it does not interfere with the breathing of the user.
  8. Easy to apply: the product does not require any particular skill to use. All one needs is a wooden piece, a brush, and the wood stain and basic knowledge on how to apply a solvent on an item.

Cons of using Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

  1. Less durability: Unlike oil-based wood stains, water-based wood water sealers have a less life span. Deck premium semi-transparent wood stain is water-based and is thus less durable compared to oil-based wood stains such as Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer. Due to lack of durability, this is not the best outdoor wood sealer, it is not a bad product by any mean as it has loads of advantages over other outdoor wood sealers. Kamille likes to use it for some of her headboards projects.


  1. Question: What is the best method to apply Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain?

Answer: there are various methods through which you can apply the product to your wood products. You may opt to use an ordinary paintbrush. You may also apply using a paint roller. It is also possible to supply the product using a low-pressure sprayer. However, a car wash brush is the best equipment to use since it is the fastest and easiest.

  1. Question: How long does the effectiveness of the Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain on my wood product last?

Answer: The product remains effective for as long as three years when it is applied on a horizontal surface. However, to ensure that your wooden item is fully protected, it is wise to reapply the stain after two years.

  1. Question: what is the recommended number of coats that should be applied on a wooden item at a time?

Answer: It is recommended that you apply two coats on a wood product.

Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer: The Most Durable Product to Waterproof Outdoor Wood

Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer manufactured by the SuperBrite manufacturers. The product is specially designed to protect fine woods. It improves the appearance of a wood product. Like all the products from SuperBrite, Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer is made using the latest technology that ensures that the product is environmentally friendly. Such technologies include the use of nano-polymers. The product has also undergone a series of tests before it was released to the general market. It is therefore safe and effective.

I advocate for the use of Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer because it is friendly to the environment. It is also durable and easy to apply on wood products, one of the best outdoor wood sealer that I love personally.

Features and properties 

  1. The product is biodegradable. It decays after disposal. It is thus environmentally friendly.
  2. The products protect wood products from ultra violet rays. It thus gives an item the ability to resist various weather conditions.
  3. It is suitable for use on all fine woods such as teak.
  4. The product dries fast. It thus enables a wooden item to be put into its intended use shortly after the treatment.
  5. The product protects wood products against corrosive elements such as acids and strong alkali.
  6. The product is easy to apply to any wood product.
  7. The product makes a wood product attractive. The ingredients used to make the product are capable of bringing out the best look from a wooden item.
  8. The product is durable. It thus protects a wooden item for a long time making it durable too.

Pros of using Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer

  1. Durability: The product is oil-based. Its effectiveness is thus long-lasting. The product is thus the ideal choice when you need your wood products to serve you longer.
  2. Ease of use: the product is easy to use. It can thus be used by anyone that is interested in prolonging the lifespan of their wooden products.
  3. Fast: The product dries quickly. It thus enables you to use your wooden items shortly after the oil sealer has been applied.
  4. Effective: The product protects your wood products from damage. It is made using ingredients that keeps wood from harm by the sun, rain and corrosive elements. Once you apply the product on your wood therefore, your worries about them getting damaged by all these elements go away.
  5. Environmentally friendly: The product is made using ingredients that are safe to the environment. It is also biodegradable ensuring that it decays upon disposal.
  6. Flexibility: The product can be used on all types of fine woods. Therefore, you can apply it on any wooden item as long as it is made of fine wood.

Cons of using Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer

  1. Retains moisture: once it is exposed to moisture, the product holds a percentage of the water. Once moisture is retained, it forms spots on your wooden product. Moisture retention is potentially dangerous to a piece of wood since it is capable of weakening its grain. The wood may also rot and grow molds.
  2. Costly: The product inclines on the expensive side. It may be unaffordable to users with a low budget even though they may be interested in buying it.


  1. Question: How many coats should you apply Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer on a wood product

Answer: You should keep applying Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer on your wood until the wood stops soaking it in.

  1. Questions: How soon should you reapply Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer on your piece of wood?

Answer: it is recommended that the Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer be reapplied after 2 to 3 months.

  1. Question: Is star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer oil or water-based?

Answer: Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer is oil-based.

Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector-The Strongest Outdoor Wood Water Sealer

Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector is a product that is used as an outdoor wood water sealer. It is ideal for use on outdoor wood products. The product is water-based which makes it easy to clean. Additionally, it can be applied on both wet and dry wood.

Features and properties 

  1. The product is durable as it is resistant to mildew. It thus protects your wooden items for longer enabling them to serve you for a longer time. When your furniture and wood products last longer, they give you the best value for your money since it saves you the money you would have used in the replacement of these products.
  2. The product is water-based. It is therefore easy to clean using warm water and soap. Ease of cleaning ensures that you are in a position to keep your wood product s tidy all the time without having to do a lot of work.
  3. The product can be used on a wooden item whether it is wet or dry.
  4. The product is strong and one coat is usually enough to protect your wood product for a long time.
  5. The product protects wood products against damage from water and ultra violet rays.
  6. The product is ideal for use on wood products found on the outdoors.

Pros of using Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector

  1. Durability: The product is long-lasting since it is resistant from mildew. The growth of mildew results when wood is exposed to excess moisture. Mildew leads to the weakening of grains within a piece of wood which consequently leads to deterioration of the wood product.
  2. Strength: The product is stronger than most other wood water sealers. Unlike other products such as Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector that require two coats for maximum protection, this product needs only a single coat. A single coat saves you time that you would have otherwise used applying a second coat. A single coat also ensures that you use just a little amount of wood sealer on every wood product that you perform the treatment on.
  3. Easy to clean: The product is easy to clean and keep tidy using warm water and soap. The product saves you time and hassles of adopting sophisticated means of cleaning your wood products.
  4. Effective: The product provides your outdoor wood products with protection against water and ultra-violet rays which are the leading elements that cause damage to wood. The product also works on all wooden items whether they are damp or dry.

Cons of using Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector

  1. Costly: Though effective, the product is a bit costly. The high charges on the product may discourage some interested buyers from purchasing the product.


  1. Question: Is it advisable to apply paint over Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector?

Answer: No Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector contains hydrophobic properties. These properties inhibit the effectiveness of paint.

  1. Question: How long does the effectiveness of Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector last when applied on your wood?

Answer: the effectiveness of Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector can go for as long as 10 years if its application is done as it should.

  1. Question: Can the Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector be applied on damp wood?

Answer: Yes. Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector can be applied on wet wood. However, wait for two hours after cleaning the wood with water to start to apply the water seal on our wooden surface.

  1. Question: How much time should Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector be left to dry before being exposed to water?

Answer: You should leave the wood product for two hours after applying Thompson’s Water Seal Natural Wood Protector before exposing it to water.

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for wood – The best exterior wood sealer for any range of temperature

Ready seal stain and sealer is a product used to give wooden items a waterproof property. The product is self-sufficient and requires no primer. It is also effective in any temperature range.

Features and properties 

  1. The product withstands any temperature range. It can, therefore, be used in an area that receives extreme temperatures and still works on wood products effectively.
  2. The product works effectively even without a primer.
  3. The product does not require the user to perform a back brushing to make it work effectively. Wet-line application is also not necessary when you use Ready Seal Stain and Sealer.
  4. The product is easy to apply using any kind of brush, roller or sprayer.

Pros of using Ready Seal Stain and sealer

  1. Tolerant: The Ready Seal Stain and sealer can be exposed to any temperature range without getting damaged. It is thus the ideal wood water sealer in areas where temperatures are too high or too low.
  2. Sufficient: the product can be used alone without the necessity for a primer. It is thus cost-saving since all you need to buy is the product.
  3. Time-saving: once you apply the Ready Seal Stain and sealer you do not need to back brush or perform a wet-line application. Once you are done applying the sealer, your wooden product is fully protected.

Cons of Using Ready Seal Stain and sealer

  1. Toxic: The product contains a significant level of toxins that makes it harmful to sea animals. The product should therefore never be disposed of in a water body.


  1. Question: How should I make a surface ready for the application of Ready Seal Stain and sealer?

Answer: You must ensure that you clean your surface to free it from dirt and mildew. You must also scrap off all other paints and sealers previously applied on the surface. Also, ensure that you neutralize all caustic strippers. Use clean water to rinse the surface and leave it for 48 hours to dry. Remember to protect your surface against overspray and protect all items around the surface that are not part of your treatment. After achieving all these, your surface is ready for the application of the sealer. However, do not forget to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the sealer from penetrating through your porous surfaces.

  1. Question: Does ready seal stain and sealer inhibit beading water?

Answer: Yes, Ready seal stops beading water at first. However, the product has properties that are meant to scatter water over large surfaces to facilitate faster drying. The water does not, however, sip into the wood.

  1. Question: Is it necessary to scrap off previous coats of Ready Seal before applying a new coat?

Answer: No, you do not have to remove older coats of Ready Seal on your surface before applying another coat, you should, however, clean the dust away before waterproofing wood products.


Wooden items need to be protected against water and other elements that may damage them. The easiest and sure way to fully protect them is by applying wood water sealers to their surfaces. Personally, I chose and used the Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane for my wooden deck and just love it for its cheap price, versatility and how easy it is to apply this waterproof wood sealer.

Alright, folks, this is Jack and Will. We have provided a review of various recommendable outdoor wood sealants that one can choose from when they need to increase the lifespan of their wood products. These wood sealants can also be used to conserve the natural look of a piece of wood or wood product. Depending on your preference and budget therefore, you should feel free to choose any of the above outdoor wood sealants to achieve incredible results as well as the best value for your money.