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Best peel and stick countertop for your kitchen

If you want your kitchen to look great and have some personality to it, a good peel and stick countertop is what you need. But how to choose such a product if you never invested in one before? There is no need to worry about it because this guide will help you find just the peel and stick countertop that you want.

Keep reading and learn all you need to know about these products!

Five Best Peel and Stick Countertop for your kitchen

Here are the best peel and stick countertop products that you can find on the market. They all come at the impeccable quality and very convenient costs! And by choosing one of the following products you save plenty of time researching through the multitude of options.

Marble Wallpaper Granite Paper for Old Furniture Self Adhesive and Removable Cover Surfaces Marble Paper Peel and Stick Easy to Apply

One of the top peel and stick countertop products is this one from PracticalWs. It comes at a very budget-friendly price as well so you will feel even more comfortable investing in it. You can choose between different dimensions according to the surface you need to cover. And you will fall in love with the elegant marble design of this product.

This particular one comes in the dimensions of 17.71″ x78″. This is a generous size for many types of countertops and you will find it a very useful size. You can stick this to any type of surface by yourself. It is as easy to add as it is to remove. It is very easy to clean as well so you can maintain it looking like new for a longer time. You can use this product to cover all types of surfaces. It works for countertops, dressers, nightstands, even walls and drawers too. You will find it easy to cut as well so it will fit just the surface you want to cover.


– You can use this product on all types of surfaces as long as they are flat

– It is easy to add it so you don’t need to hire a professional

– Easy to remove as well, in case you need to replace it with other product

– The design will match most types of backgrounds

– You can clean it easily by simply wipe it with a sponge or a cloth


– It might not resist over several years

– It can get cut easily so accidents might damage it

Very Berry Sticker Granite Look Marble Effect Interior Film Vinyl Self Adhesive Peel-Stick Counter Top

Another product that could be the best peel and stick countertop is this one from Very Berry Sticker. It is not the most budget-friendly product on the market but it definitely is one of the highest quality products. You can choose between two different colors and a lot of sizes. This is the perfect product to give a new look to your countertops.

It is a self-adhesive vinyl that you will find very easy to add it to any surface. It is easy to remove as well, with no professional help. You should be able to apply this product on the majority of surfaces. The only criteria that you need to pay attention to is to choose a flat surface. This roll has the dimensions of 24″ x 118″ and it can cover a generous surface. It is 0.20mm in thickness so you can rely on it as it is sturdy enough to last for a long time. This product is resistant to water, it will not create bubbles, and you will love its shiny surface.


– Water-resistant so it will last you a long time

– Bubble free for easy setup

– You can choose between different sizes and two colors

– Shiny and elegant design

– Works on most surfaces


– It might be difficult to install since it slides a lot more than other products

– The color might fade after time

Black Grey Granite Look Marble Effect Interior Film Vinyl Self Adhesive Peel-Stick Counter Top

Very Berry Sticker also offers this very good quality peel and stick countertop that you can count on for the long term. You can purchase this product in different sizes as well as in a pack of two rolls, according to the surface you have to cover. And you will love the way it changes the look of your kitchen.

It only comes in one beautiful marble shade that is extremely elegant and very easy to match with all types of designs. You can use this to cover countertops in your kitchen but also other pieces of furniture. The thickness is 0.20 mm and it is made of resistant PVC material. You should find it easy to apply this product on any type of flat surface. It will take you very little time to apply it and you don’t have to worry about catching any bubbles underneath it. This product is also water-resistant and very durable. The glossy aspect will make your kitchen look stylish and very fancy.


– Easy to apply so you don’t need assistance

– Avery nice design that goes with all backgrounds

– Resistant to water for increased durability

– It comes in different sizes

– Reliable PVC material


– Only one color to choose from

– It might be difficult to maintain clean without fading the color

EZ FAUX DECOR Instant Kitchen Countertop Backsplash Update Self-Adhesive Riviera Marble Granite Peel and Stick

This peel and stick countertop product from EZ FAUX DECOR is just what you need to give your kitchen a new look. You can use it to refresh the image on any type of furniture as well. All you have to do is apply it to a flat surface and make sure the design of this product matches the rest of your background.

There are different sizes you can choose from in order to accommodate all types of surfaces you might have. It is thicker than other similar products as it has five layers of material. This makes the peel and stick a lot more resistant over time. The design is very stylish but it also look like real marble. This will add class to your kitchen. It is resistant to water, heat, tears and any other hazards.you can choose between different types of color as well so it will match your background a lot better! This is a great product to use for coffee tables, drawers and any other types of furniture as well. Along with this product, you receive all the instructions you need to make the most out of your order. So, installing it will not be a problem.


– Different sizes to choose from

– Different colors to match your design better

– It comes with instructions so you can install it easy

– Water resistant and heat resistant

– Five layers of material for increased durability


– It might be too thick for some preferences

– It can have wrinkles that are difficult to stretch

Oxdigi Marble Contact Paper 24 x 196 inches Self Adhesive Peel & Stick Wallpaper for Kitchen Countertop

Oxdigi offers this amazing peel and stick countertop product that you can rely on for the long time. It comes in four different patterns that will enrich the way your home looks as soon as you apply this product on your furniture. All the patterns have a very realistic look and add a stylish details to your home. You can use this peel and stick on countertops, drawers, any type of furniture, desks, shelves and any surface that is flat.

You will have no problem installing this product. The line that is on the back of the design makes it easy to cut this product as well. You can do it all by yourself with no professional help. This product is resistant to water which makes it very useful if you are going to use it in the kitchen or bathroom. The size of this peel and stick is 24″ x 196″ and it is made of a sturdy material that you can rely on.


– Easy to install even with no experience

– You can cut it in any shape you need

– Water-resistant

– Works great in any part of your house

– You can choose between different colors


– It might lose its color over time

– Easy to cut it with a kitchen knife

How to buy a good peel and stick countertop product

Choosing the best product in this case is all about durability. You need to invest in one that will last you a long time and that you can count on in any circumstances. The easiness of the installation process is also very important. Especially if you are going to install it by yourself.

Other subjective aspects to look for are the color of such a product as well as the size of it. You want to get one that has close dimensions to the surface you want to cover so it will look more natural. And also, make sure to choose a color that will complement the rest of your background. You need a product that will look as realistic as possible and will add value to your home’s background. So, the design is quite important. Choose one that you will like and not get bored with easily.

It is also important to pay attention to the thickness of a peel and stick product. Thicker might mean a better resistance over time but it comes with its disadvantages. You might find it more difficult to install a thicker product and also you might find it is more prone to peel, at least when it comes to its top layers.

These products come in all ranges of prices. You can find budget friendly products but also more fancy ones. Regardless of your budget, you will find just what you need on the market and at impeccable quality! Keep reading to find the best peel and stick products that you should consider investing in!


Can I wash the peel and stick countertop?

You absolutely can. But you don’t need to use a scrubbing sponge because this could scratch your peel and stick countertop. Use a regular sponge or a cloth to make sure that you can clean it properly and with no risks. These products are easy to clean as long as there are no stains on them. If you do get them stained, invest in a special cleaning solution that will help you get rid of it.

Should I use this product to cover other surfaces than countertops?

Yes, you can use a peel and stick product on any type of furniture with a flat surface. From doors to closets and drawers, everything will work. You can even use this type of product to embellish your coffee table and give it a stylish look.

Is it difficult to install such a product?

Not at all. Most of them come with clear instructions that you can follow. They are easy to install even for beginners and they are great for all types of furniture. Just make sure the surface you are about to cover is dry and clean. If it is humid or wet, the peel and stick product might not glue to it perfectly.

How to apply peel and stick countertop?

Check out this guide here for a detailed instruction.


Peel and stick countertops can be a convenient and affordable solution to give your furniture a complete makeover. They are easy to install and remove in case you get bored of the design. They are also known for protecting your furniture on top of making it look very elegant and modern. And by choosing one of the products in this guide, you know that you end up with a high-quality one. You will love using these products anywhere in your house.

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