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Project Google Birdhouse

Jack Gordon - May 4, 2018 - 0 comments

From Kathy: DIY Wooden Bird House, Google Maps Mark.

DIY Wooden Bird House

The project tries to view the world from different perspectives and scales. We shall change our characters to be surprised by the macro and micron landscapes.
Google Map had created a remarkable landmark icon, showing the sites on its street views. To search for a landmark with online google map, we can scroll to zoom from the satellite, soon we’ll be able to wander on streets, virtually.
Birds, have the most real experience of google map. Birds can fly through the city, through streets. A birdhouse becomes their destination as google map does.
The project is aiming to put numbers of birdhouses all over the city for bird to accommodate. The iconic symbol will become a navigating landmark for the flying birds.


Nimo the bird

Nimo the bird

The Design was made by the use of a band saw and router bit sets. At the final step, Chang used a brad nailer to position the birdhouse.

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