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The Best 4 Ridge Vents in 2021 (Best Overall, Best for the Money, Most Value, the Budget Pick)

 There are many benefits of installing a ridge vent in your roof.  For starters, you will be able to enjoy fresh air, especially if your home is located in humid or hot areas. Many homeowners have depended on ridge vents to help circulate fresh air inside their homes. Remarkably, ridge vents are considered as long term solutions if you don’t want to blow a hole in your budget due to air conditioners. Good ridge vents are designed with a built-in integrated system featuring external baffles, internal water systems, and under-eave venting. This system assures you the best venting results.

What you need to know about Ridge Vents

When considering ridge vents, many people wonder why it is essential to have a better ventilating ridge. Ridge vents with better ventilating release moisture, which decreases mold problems. Better ventilating ridges ensure lower heat in your attic, meaning that ice can’t freeze, melt and accumulate ice dams. During the summer season, lower heat in your attic makes your home easier to cool, and this translates to lower energy bills. In case you are looking to improve your home with the best ridge vents, I will recommend the best ridge vent overall, best for the money, the most value and the budget pick ridge vents.

Ridge Vents Comparison Table     

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Top 4 Ridge Vents with Reviews 

Here is my list of the best ridge vent products on the market

#1: The Air Vent Ridge Shingle Vent II: The Best Ridge Vents Overall

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 This is the Best Overall Ridge Vent because it is a combination of outstanding performance and beauty. The product is the most attractive, efficient, and effective system that you can install.

I recommend this product because it is integrated with a balanced system of intake and exhaust through the attic to provide better airflow than all other non-powered vent systems.

Features and Specifications:

  • Low profile, shingle-over design
  • Excellent airflow with 18 square inches of net free area per linear foot
  • Advanced weather protection and an internal weather filter
  • Pre-printed slot guides for truss or ridge pole construction
  • Pre-drilled nailing holes to ensure proper nailing
  • 5-year Replacement Plus™ Protection and Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • External baffle and internal weather filter for most favorable airflow and weather


  • Easy to install
  • It allows capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof
  • Offers excellent attic ventilation and is virtually invisible
  • Ideal for 3/12 to 16/12 roof pitch
  • Protects the attic from wind-driven dust, insects, rain, and snow


  • The main drawback of the Air Vent Ridge Shingle Vent II is a high price, but it is all worth it


 Question: Do you have to shingle over it?

Answer: Yes, when installing, you must shingle over the top of this vent.

Question: How long is each piece?

Answer: Carton of ten 4ft. pieces.

Question: Can it be used with metal roofing instead of shingles?

Answer: It is not designed for metal roofing applications

#2: GAF Cobra3 Ridge Vent: Best for the Money

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The GAF Cobra3 Ridge Vent is rated as the best for money. If you have been struggling to live in your home due to excessive heat, the GAF Cobra3 is the ideal solution mainly if you do not want to use air conditioners.

I recommend this rigid-style ridge vent that is integrated with 3 inches ring shank nails, which are so effective in offloading moisture and excessive heat from your attic. What makes the GAF Cobra3 so useful is its compatibility with 10 or inches ridge cap shingles.

Features and Specifications:

  • It provides 18 square inches of free ventilating area per linear foot.
  • Unique EasyTear sizing feature to enable homeowners to hand tear the ridge vent in 7.6 cm increments.
  • It features 3-inch ring shank nails and needs to be installed using hand nails
  • It is integrated with polypropylene construction, which makes it flexible
  • It allows easy escape of heat and moisture
  • It is extremely durable


  • It comes with external baffles, which deflect rain and wind
  • You get a lifetime limited warranty if you install it on shingle roofs
  • Easy Installation, which doesn’t need any technical skills
  • The flexible hinge design enables you to install it on 3:12 to 16:12 sloped roofs
  • You can tear without using a knife
  • It is energy efficient and crush resistant


  • Honestly, I am yet to experience any issues with the GAF Cobra3


Question: Can this product be used on a metal roof with a metal ridge cap over it?

Answer: It is not designed for use on a metal roof.

Question: Exactly how much comes in a box?

Answer:  Every stick of Cobra Ridge Vent is 48 inches long, and they are sold in a box of 10, which means 48 feet of coverage.

Question: Does it have an NOA?

Answer: Yes, it has Miami-Dade NOA 16-0217.02.

#3: GAF Materials 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent: Most Value

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 The GAF Materials 2005 Cobra offers the most valuable because it is a high-quality environmental-friendly ridge vent that will serve you for many years. The product is very popular among homeowners and is considered one of the best options. According to its GAF, this Exhaust vent is manufactured using fiber that is 100% recyclable.

I recommend this ridge vent because it is advantageous in allowing moisture and heat to escape in your attic. The good  quality material make it a perfect choice if you are looking for a product that will stop debris from being blown into your home.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions of 20 feet by 10.5 inches by 1 inch
  • It is black and manufactured using recycled fiber
  • It allows the flow of fresh air even during hot days.
  • Smart nails for hand nailing as well as 1.75 inches coil nails for nail guns
  • It is extremely flexible
  • You can use it with traditional size ridge cap shingles


  • It restricts the growth of mold
  • It is suitable for geographies where snow accumulates fast
  • It is easy to install and doesn’t crack during installation
  • It does not rust or become brittle
  • It stops bats, insects or rats from accessing your home through the roof


  • I do not know any drawbacks associated with using the GAF Materials 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent


Question: How does airflow through the vent?

Answer: The material of the vent has no openings. It is a fiber-like material comparable to a large scrub pad that allows air to flow through the fibers.

Question: Can it be laid down under a tin ridge cap to allow the roof to vent and keep out debris?

Answer: Yes, that is the primary function of this ridge vent. The mesh is fine enough to deny entry of debris and most blowing rain snow and rain as well as open sufficient to allow entry of venting air by convection.

Question: Is this product made of plastic?

Answer: Yes, it is comparable to a 3m scrubbing pad with more openings

#4: QUARRIX BUILDING PRODUCTS 58784 Shingle Ridge Vent: The Budget Pick

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The Quarrix shingle ridge is considered the budget pick ridge vent. The product is a perfect choice for buyers who are looking for a high-quality alternative brand for the GAF Cobra.  As you probably know, it is crucial to be very cautious when buying roofing accessories. Don’t settle for just any brand because you want to be distinctive.

I recommend the Quarrix ridge vent because it offers reliable performance compared with other brands.  Since it comes with a 20-foot roll ridge rent, I am convinced this is large enough considering the affordable price.

Features and Specifications:

  • It is a low profile ridge vent
  • It provides remarkable ventilation and keeps out rain and snow
  • It draws fresh air from the integrated soffit vents and exhausts surplus hot air through the ridgeline.
  • It is manufactured from high-density polyethylene, which is an extremely durable material
  • It comes with a patented storm stop technology for helping block any rain, dust, or snow that is being blown by the wind.
  • It featured a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • It keeps harsh weather elements, rats and insects away from the roof ridge
  • It has great ventilation
  • It does not expand or crack
  • It is easy to install
  • It is a low profile product, which means that it is not easy to see.


  • I am not aware of any disadvantages.


Question: Is the 9″ size right for 10″ ridge caps?

Answer: the ridge vent is precisely 9, so your 10″ ridge cap will hang over 1/2″ on both sides. It might still work well.

Question: How do I know the measurement to buy?

Answer: It depends entirely on the size of the ridge shingles you need to use.

Question: Why do I need to ventilate the attic?

Answer: To extend the life of your roof because, without ventilation, moisture can amass and weaken the roofing materials over time.


 I am sure there are very many ridge vents available in the market. Purchasing the best ridge vent for your roof will be an easy task for you now that you have four good options to select from.  The products I have reviewed have worked successfully for many homeowners who still rely on them for improved air conditioning. As for me, I am still happy with the GAF 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent as it’s still going strong after all the years of protecting my home.

What about you? You should choose the product that suits your exact needs and replace the old system.

What’s your take on ridge vents? Do you think they’re a necessity for your home? Don’t be reluctant to use the comment section below to give your opinion or send an email to [email protected]

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