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Rooftile birdhouse

Jack Gordon - May 6, 2018 - 0 comments

birds house

birds house

birds house 2 birds house 3 birds house 4

Designer Klaas Kuiken has constructed a birds house fitted into tiled roofs, to offer more space for birds in urban areas, which are often depleted in natural shelters for the birds, so that they can live, feed and breed within the city. This birds nest design is an archetypal housing for birds attached on top of a house with a basket below, composed of a wooden slate framed with a screen which creates a comb like barrier so birds cannot pass through, placed under the rooftile, this component ensures that they are unable to reach the entire covering of a building, while also making it easy to clean after the breeding period is over. This woodworking project will be the love of life for you home.

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