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BEST ROUTER PLANE – Get the smoothest precise route finishes

Routers and router tables perform well in most routing functions. However, for functions that call for precise control, a router plane works best. With the best router plane, you can do a number of other routing functions such as making dadoes, grooves, and many more functions. However, most woodworkers land on poor quality router planes that bring about more maintenance costs or worse still, the hectic return process. For the interest of woodworkers who learn extensively before going for or using a tool, veteran woodworker Jimmy rolled up his shirt’s sleeves and sank into deep research. The result is a pick of the top router planes in the market and a later on comprehensive buying guide. Let’s get started.

Here is my list for three best router planes on the market

1. Admin Router Plane

This router can have most of your coarse routing results adjusted to smooth masterpiece routing results. The model’s manufacturers were careful to include an upgrade trapezoidal thread, this makes the plane’s depth easily adjustable. When your depth reaches the optimum depth, there is a depth stop included specifically for this function. The 5 x 4 x 3.5 inches plane has a total weight of about 1.46 pounds which is light and hence easy to handle.With an easily adjustable 8mm wide blade, you can iron out grooves and dadoes, finish out mortises to attach hardware, clean out lap joints and tenon cheeks and many more functions. The model comes with two 7 mm pre-drilled holes for easy attachment of the base. Handling this router plane model is made easy by the ergonomic handles that let you grip the plane for full control with precise results.A final word on the Admini Router PlaneThis is a handy router plane for those woodworkers who’re defined by quality. Though a bit costly, this highly durable stainless steel router plane shall serve all your rout-finishing purposes. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks on a quality machine, then this model won’t disappoint you.


Made from durable stainless steel Includes ergonomic handles for easy handling It comes with a depth stop and an upgrade trapezoidal thread for full depth customization. Has 7mm pre-drilled holes for attaching a base.


This model is slightly costly. However, when you compare the features and the versatility of functions it can handle, this model is worth a small sacrifice.

2. Woodstock D3830 Router Plane – A compact and effective best router plane model.

The first thing that caught my eye was the compact design of this model, it looked like a single molded unit! I bought the Woodstock D3830 early this year a decision I don’t regret. This model allows for easy adjustability, I only have to loosen the locks screw, then stroke the blade to my desired depth after which I lock my settings in place.The solid cast iron body shall never age. The most interesting part of this model is the handles, unlike other wooden handles that require screwing, this model includes its cast iron solid modeled handles which flow with the body. Imagine a highly durable tool that comes with a warranty! The Woodstock D3830 nails this.

A final word on the Woodstock D3830

This model looks, and is simple but gives a result of accurate and precise routing. Its compact design includes reduced jointed parts that break up easily calling for time to time repairs. If like me, you dislike complex tools that break up easily, then this simple, effective and compact model is the best router plane for you.

3. Crowman Router Plane Handheld Woodworking Tool – Affordable and best for routing acute corners and hard to reach areas.

This router plane model comes with sharp blades out of the box. After you’ve received your package, all you need to do is, use the included thread to adjust the depth, lock the blade at your desired depth using the screw at the back and start your route finishing functions. However, unlike other stoppers, the screw lock shall need you to tighten it hard using a pair of pliers since they’ve been reported to loosen as you use the plane. Though smaller in size, this router offers handles that give you easy handling of this 4.13″ x 2.75″ router plane model. This model’s stainless steel body promises long term use. Being smaller compared to other models, this light 1.1 pounds model shall cut into corners that would otherwise be impossible.

A final word on the Crowman Router Plane

The small size of this router plane model comes in as an advantage to enable you to route acute corners and other tricky parts to reach. Its blade is highly adjustable and can be locked into place with an included screw. Overall, if those acute corners of cabinets present a challenge for you, this is the tool that comes to your aid.


Includes handle for easy handling. Has a blade locking screw that prevents the blade from extending your set depth. Made of durable stainless steel A small and lightweight model for easy handling. An affordable model.


Buyers complained of the handle is too small. Considering the corners it is supposed to route, the manufacturer’s set handles are justified.

Buying Guide – What defines a top best router plane?


All router planes come with adjusting features. The blades cutting depth can be adjusted to your test for most models. However, some models present poor adjusting features that won’t last till you’re done with a single task. Just go for a model whose depth adjustment and locking are effective. The Admin Router Plane features one of the best adjusting features with its included upgrade trapezoidal thread and depth lock.


A router plane does not have high mechanization make. Most should be able to last long. However, the material(s) a plane is made of shall determine its durability. Stainless steel lasts pretty long, but the solid cast iron Woodstock D3830 shall last forever! This is because unlike other models with wooden handles, it has cast iron handles.3.The priceMost router planes shall have a price of below $100. Your needs and budget shall strongly influence your purchase decision. Better featured router plane models such as the Admin Router Plane shall have prices higher than $50 while effective models with less sophisticated features such as the Crowman Router Plane shall cost less than $50. Just be careful not to prioritize your budget over what you need.


Question: What is a router plane

Answer: A router plane is a small woodworking tool with vertically fixed cranked blades that are used to finish recess bottoms. Due to its small size and fully manageable design, a router plane irons out points such as corners in a workpiece that could otherwise be a challenge to reach. The blades determine the function of a router table. With a universal 3/8″ cutting size, this tool allows for smaller blades that allow for perfect inlay functions and the v-shaped blades which easily iron out acute corners.

Question: Do I need a router plane, if I already own an electric-powered router?

Answer: For the best and precise routing experience, a woodworker is forced to have a router plane on top of an electric-powered router. This is because a router plane comes in to fix the imperfection of dado and groove bases. The ends of stopped dadoes and grooves made by a power router are usually unfinished. the router plane comes in to clean up the ends for a perfect finish.


A router plane is one tool that shall magically widen the scope of your routing functions. All the acute corners and coarse sunken panels shall be smooth and clean for an overall perfectly finished woodwork. The above carefully picked out models have all the necessary features that define the best router plane. Our top pick, the Admini Router Plane shall have your workpieces set an example role of the best woodworking products ever. The other two models shall give you precise and accurate results that your clients shall love. With these models, I’m cocksure you’re gonna have the best routing experience ever.