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Top 5 Best Router Table Fences Overall

Router table fence is an elemental part of your woodwork workshop. It is within human nature to want to produce the best products out of their day to day toils. It is, however, imperative to seek the best machines and materials to enable you to get the best-anticipated results.

Finding a good router table fence is the first step in achieving the best results out of your woodwork. It may, however, be wearisome to research the market to find the best router table fences. This article is designed for you as you strive to compare the various router table fences to get the best pick.

Our top picks of Router Table Fence

Here is our list of the best Router Table Fences on the market.

Kreg’s Precision Router Table Fence

The most easily adjustable and portable router table fence in the market.

About Kreg’s Precision Router Table Fence

Kreg’s Precision Router Table Fence is a product of the Kreg enterprises Inc. the company specializes in the manufacture of woodwork and metalwork machines.

Specifications and features

  • Fence material: The router table fence is made of anodized aluminum that is highly sturdy and heavy-duty.
  • Fence Faces: The fence has faces that are well laminated with bits that are dual locking. The faces also slide independently.
  • Adjustability: The fence is easily adjustable due to the innovative technology put into use during its manufacture. The technique involves the use of T-square bits that are self-squaring.
  • Mounting capability: The fence consists of tables that measure between 19mm and 38mm.
  • Jointing Depths: The joint adjustments measure between 1.5mm and 0.8mm


  • Dust collection: The fence has a port meant to collect dust. When working on your wood, therefore, you do not experience any problems dealing with too much dust
  • Adaptable: The fence is easy to adjust, making it more convenient to use.


  • Costly: The product is available at relatively high prices.

JessEm Mast-R-Fence II 4010 Router Table Fence

The most easily stable router table fence in the market.

About JessEm Mast-R-Fence II -4010 

JessEm Tool Company manufactures the fence. The company is known for producing high quality machines that go for affordable prices.

Specifications and features

  • Fence Material: The fence is made of aluminum
  • Dust Collection: the fence has a port that collects dirt in the course of your woodwork
  • Adjustability: The fence has a font face that can be easily adjusted. The face also has diameters that are varying in width.
  • Mounting capability: The fence has a tabletop that measures between 24 and 32 inches.
  • Weight: The fence is highly light-weight, therefore easy to carry around.


  • Durability: The fence is made of highly sturdy aluminum, making the fence long-lasting.
  • Adaptability: The wall is easily adjustable, increasing its convenience in use.
  • Smooth Fence: The fence has a very smooth surface that makes it comfortable to use. The smooth surface reduces the risk of the user getting hurt while using the fence.
  • Self-sufficient: With the JessEm Mast-R-Fence II -4010, you do not require any extra tools to use or adjust the fence.


  • It is Pricey: The fence is quite costly, making it less accessible to many users.
  • It has a Poor User Guide: The instruction manual that comes with the fence is not comprehensively detailed, which makes it harder for users to understand how to use the product.

FAQ about JessEm Mast-R-Fence II -4010

  1.    Can you remove the feet off the JessEm Mast-R-Fence II -4010?

Answer: The fence has an adjustable height adjustable with threaded feet. It is, therefore, possible to remove them. However, the product has some female threads that are unremovable. The female threads are welded in at the bottom.

  1. Is the fence compatible with the Kreg’s precision face?

Answer: Yes, there is entirely no reason why the two would not work together.

Taytools 300016 Router Table Fence

The most cost-effective router table fence in the market.

About Taytools 300016

The router table fence is manufactured by Taylor Tool works. The company produces a variety of tools for woodwork. They also accommodate machinists as well as artisans by manufacturing the tools they need to work.

Features and Specifications

  • Fence Material: The Taytools 300016 is made of anodized aluminum. The aluminum has a thickness of 3/8 inches.
  • Fence Face: The faces measure between 1/32 to 1/16 inches. The faces consist of two bars made of aluminum.
  • Smooth Surface: The fence has a smooth surface with a melamine coating.
  • Dust Port: The fence has a port that collects the dust produced during woodwork
  • Adjustability: The fence consists of an adjustable stop
  • Accessories: The fence comes loaded with several accessories such as a bit guard and feather board.


  • Withstands humidity changes: The fence is made of anodized aluminum that ensures the tool does not change in case of varying humidity.
  • Adaptability: The fence is easy to adjust to the desired height and inclination.
  • Dust collection: The dust port that is part of the fence collects dust making it more comfortable to use.
  • Cost effective: The fence is very affordable and is therefore accessible to woodworkers across all economic levels.
  • Durable: The fence is long-lasting as it is made of anodized aluminum that is sturdy.


  • Lack of user guide: The product does not come with any instruction’s manual, which makes it hard for users to learn how to go about using it. It is particularly tricky for new woodworkers and those that have not used this particular product before.


  1. Are bolts measuring between 5/16-18″ compatible with this fence?

Answer: Yes. The bolts work very well with the fence.

  1. How much is this fences’ track spacing?

Answer: The fence fits in track widths measuring between18 to 22-3/4″.

Incra LS25WFNCSYS Super System Router Table Fence

The most modernized router table fence in the market.

About Incra LS25WFNCSYS Super System

The Incra precision tools manufacture the fence. The company produces various tools used in woodwork.

Features and specifications

  • Adjustable: It is easy to comfortably use the fence as one can conveniently adjust it to its required height.
  • Advanced: The manufacturer has utilized modern technology, including demo DVD making the fence advanced and more effective.


  • Ease of use: The fence is easy to use even when the user has no prior experience using the tool
  • American Label: The fence has an American label that guarantees the client of quality.
  • Adaptable: The fence is easy to adjust hence convenient to use.
  • Easy to set up: The fence is easy to assemble, saving the user time needed to set up the tool to make it ready to use.


  • Weighty: The fence is slightly heavy, making it difficult to move it around.

Incra WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence

The router table fence that is easiest to set up

About Incra WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence

The Incra precision tools manufacture the fence. The company produces various tools used in woodwork. The company has some of the best woodwork tools.

Features and Specifications

  • Fence material: The fence has been made using aluminum.
  • Dust Port: The fence has a dust port where all the dust from the woodwork is collected.
  • Adjustability: With this router table fence, it is not easy to perform fine adjustments.


  • Preassembled: The fence is preassembled and does not, therefore, require the user to set it up. Moreover, it saves the user time that they would have otherwise used assembling the tool making it ready to use.
  • Durable: The fence is long-lasting as it is made of sturdy aluminum.
  • Dust Collection: The fence has a dust port where dust from the woodwork is collected, making it more comfortable and safer to use.


  • Compatibility: The fence works with just a few router tables. It is, therefore, limiting in terms of choices of the router table one should buy.
  • Not adaptable: It is difficult to make fine adjustments on the router table fence. The fence is, therefore, less convenient to use compared to the above fences.

FAQ About Various Router Table Fences with Different Features

  1. Which the best cost-effective router table fence

Answer: Taking effectiveness into account, Taytools 300016 is the most affordable router table fence.

  1. Which is the router table fence that is easiest to use yet effective

Answer: WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence comes when it has already been assembled, making it the easiest to use. It is also effective and gives desirable results.


It is imperative to make the best out of your toils and hard work. It is, however, elemental to make the best choices of the tools to use during your job to ensure that you find one that will give you the best results. The above compilation makes it easy for you to choose the best router table fence.

It is worth noting; however, different people will prefer various tools depending on their choices and preferences. This article has carefully analyzed table router fences in terms of the price, usability, durability, stability, and the most modernized. Therefore, depending on the feature that you are most interested in, the reviews herein will come in handy. Get the best router table here and the best router table top here.