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Salvaged Railroads

Jack Gordon - May 4, 2018 - 0 comments

DIY Wooden Bookshelf

DIY Wooden Bookshelf

Rail Yard Studio uses salvaged railroad materials with a documentable history and combines it with other authentic railroad components to create one-of-a-kind functional furnishings.

With a demand for authenticity, Rail Yard Studios insists that only true railroad components be integrated into a design. Furthermore, the products the company makes are completely “Made in the USA” and are crafted in large part by the same hands that work the railroad on a daily basis – honest, hard-working blue-collar laborers.

Sustainability has always been synonymous with the railroad, and the functional furnishings from Rail Yard Studios are pure railroad. Our steel rails are salvage material, and we rescue the crossties from the tie plant furnace.
Handmade in America of 100% American materials, every work is one of a kind – individually numbered and cataloged. Each design is copyrighted and becomes a unique work that preserves a vanishing piece of history.


The Wine Rack Shelves feature sixteen pieces of rail from the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company circa 1908. Two switch plate cuffs provide the feet on the split hickory crosstie. It is finished with golden oak stain and a polyurethane sealer. This piece is individually numbered with a salvaged railroad tie date nail from 1925.

Material: Wood, Steel, Glass.

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