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The Best Sanding Blocks for Auto Body

If you’ve been sanding for years or even months whether at home or for commercial purposes, you must have learned that achieving a perfect shine is not an easy task. You need to work hard and know exactly what you are doing. Most importantly, you need to have the right tools that can help you get that perfect finish that you want. One great tool that can help you is a sanding block for the auto body.

In this article, we take you through the best sanding block for auto body, so you don’t end up buying something that won’t do the job you have. We also provide a buying to help you make sure that what you finally purchase is worth your money. Our top four picks are the best-rated sanding blocks that you can trust to make your job easy. All the four options reviewed here are good for sanding auto body, my pick for the best overall is Sanding Mouse Hook and Loop Sanding Block.

Our Top Four Sanding Blocks for Auto Body

#1: Sanding Mouse Hook and Loop Sanding Block – Best Overall

We begin our list of top sanding blocks for the auto body with this perfect accessory that’s ideal for home & automotive body, furniture restoration, and woodworking as well. For this great versatility, we are sure that this stands as the best among all others. Getting it for your sanding work whether it is a small job or a couple of projects will make work easier for you. Unlike other sanding blocks, this one accepts orbital sanding discs as well as hood and loop backing. It is available in two sizes 5″ or 6″ but they are sold separately. You’ll thus pick one depending on your sanding needs.

Sanding Mouse is made from a flexible composite material that has a hook and loop base just as the name suggests. Besides, it is an ergonomically designed tool hence it feels comfortable in the hands, unlike some other sanding blocks that are a bit uncomfortable in the hands. If you already have an orbital sanding disc in your shop, this is the sanding block that you need to consider buying. It will make your work easier and above all, you’ll achieve the finest finish that you want. Lastly, it is worth noting that Sanding Mouse is uniquely angled inwards to help you get easily into hidden areas such as corners of cabinets.


  • Works with any hole pattern of sanding disc and you can even use it with no hole discs
  • Sturdy and flexible sanding block that works well in all areas including hidden spaces that are a bit challenging to access
  • Attaches and comes off easily from hook and loop paper


  • Keeping the sandpaper on the block can at times be a challenging task

#2: Sanding Block for Wood or Autobody | Preppin’ Weapon Hand Sander – Best Durable

If you have big hands, or you often experience sore joints when sanding, then this is the best sanding block for you. It is a favorite one for professionals owing to its great ability to deliver amazing results on wet or dry surfaces. Being a relatively new sanding block in the auto body industry, this great product is made of high-quality high impact ABS plastic. Unlike other types, if you accidentally drop it, it won’t break hence it is one of the most durable sanding blocks you can get for your sanding tasks.

With a contoured shape, this sanding block fits in the hand extremely well and it also has great heft. Moreover, it has a superb design of a stainless steel clip mechanism. It is thus an easy to use block and one can load multiple sheets at a time without having to fear that the sheets will rust. Apart from this great feature, this sanding block is also the easiest and fastest to use. For this reason, it is preferred by professionals or anyone with multiple sanding tasks that should be completed faster.


  • Highly durable and fits the hand well hence can be used for multiple jobs without feeling any sore joints or getting tired faster
  • Its design reduces sandpaper waste by up to 36% compared to ordinary blocks
  • Made of high impact ABS plastic for a comfortable grip and enhanced durability especially for extended sanding tasks


  • It might not be the right size especially for 1/3rd sheet sandpaper

#3: WEWGO Sanding Block – Best Budget 

A great sanding block for auto body although it also works great on other surfaces such as wood, metal and drywall and others. Its ability to work on these surfaces is attributable to its strong ABS material that gives it the strength for sanding body plus metal for clamp and other heavy-duty sanding tasks. Aside from that, the hand-held part of this sanding block provides a comfortable grip. It is, therefore, a perfect block for prolonged sanding and one-handed operations that are sometimes difficult to do if the block’s handheld part is not comfortable.

The level clamp design of this block enables it to hold sandpaper firmly. Also, the shaft design makes it operate and especially when opening the clamp. Besides, the sander sponge cushion has unique measurements of 6.5 x 3.4 inch (165 x 88 mm) implying that it fits most 9×3.6 Inch sandpapers which are highly common with automotive workers. With this block, you can rest assured that sanding your vehicle won’t be a hassle at all.


  • Provides a comfortable grip hence it is a perfect block for prolonged sanding tasks
  • Highly versatile and can be used for sanding auto body, wood, metal, and other surfaces
  • Well-built block with a simple design that makes clamping easy


  • Might not be the right one especially when it comes to small projects that ideally require the use of smaller sized sanding blocks.

#4: Dura-Block AF4403 Black Full Size Sanding Block – Best Value

Dura block is a perfect one if you need something that works well for large panels such as hoods and trucks. It is a firm and stiff sanding block but it is not too stiff hence you can rest assured of enjoying the ease of use. With its lightweight, you enjoy the flexibility to perfectly massage those long panels to achieve a flawless bed. If you want to sand a vehicle and maintain flat areas, this is the best sanding block that you should consider acquiring.

Dura block uses 2-3/4″ width pressure-sensitive adhesive paper either in cut lengths or rolls. Besides, the other dimensions of this great sanding block for the auto body are 1-1/2″ height x 2-5/8″ width x 16″ length. Based on these dimensions and its unique design, this block conforms to the work surface more specifically with digging in to fill materials. Indeed, this is a well-made sanding block for the auto body.


  • Well-made, high-quality and flexible but with consistent pressure
  • Perfect for sanding long panels for a fine and sturdy finish


  • It can be a bit difficult to bend hence you may need to be strong enough to push it through bent areas

What Makes A Good Sanding Block for Auto Body

Nowadays, a simple search on online stores about the best sanding block for auto body will give you a couple of options including the ones reviewed here. Picking the best among the options you’ll have is not going to be an easy task. You must have a way of arriving at one of them. Here’s what you can check so you get the best:

Type of Block

Sanding blocks can either be rigid or flexible in their designs. If you want to sand flat surfaces, the rigid ones can be the best for you. On the other hand, if you are going to sand surfaces that have twists or hidden areas, flexible sanding blocks are the best. Therefore, always consider this when making your purchase decision.

Nature of Surface

Are you sanding a metallic auto body, drywall, just a metal, wood or any other services? This will guide you to the right sanding block since most of them are designed for various surfaces. As you have seen in the reviews, most of the sanding blocks that we reviewed can be used on multiple surfaces. Those are in most cases the best blocks to purchase. Sometimes, using the right sandpaper for metal or wood is more efficient though.

The durability of the Block

Even if you plan to do a one time job, it is always good to go for a sanding block that helps you do your job for long without having to think about buying another one. While durables ones always cost a little bit more than others, the extra amount that you spend is always worth it.

If you keep the factors in mind and consider them just before you pick one, you can rest assured that the product that you will purchase will meet your sanding needs. You can only achieve a perfect finish if you use the right products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Always Use a Block When Sanding Auto Body?

Yes, a sanding block helps to distribute pressure and in the utilization of your sandpaper

How Do I Keep My Sanding Block in Good Condition?

Keep it in a cool dry place to prevent rusting and always make sure that dust extraction ports are clean and in good working condition

Can I Get one Block that Accepts All Sizes of Sandpaper?

Well, the answer is no since most of them are made to match certain sizes of sandpaper

Wrapping It Up

Sanding blocks are great tools that reduce your effort as well as the time you would spend sanding without using these great tools. Most importantly, they help in achieving a perfect finish, especially when doing tasks that require study and well-polished finishes. This article provided my reviews of the best sanding block for auto body and what it takes to purchase a good one from the many options. If you keep the information provided when making your purchase, you will without any hassle get the right sanding block for the auto body.

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