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Best Sandpaper for Cast Iron – My Top Picks

Sanding cast iron is different from sanding wood or any other material. It requires one to use the right sandpapers meant for such material. Fortunately, there are great sandpapers out there meant for the job. However, you need to have a way of determining which one best serves your intended sanding job. Not every sandpaper labeled as the best for cast iron is truly the best and worth buying. To help you ease the burden of choice, we’ve reviewed some of the best sandpapers for cast iron and given you the information you need to make the best choice. But just in case you cannot read the whole article, here’s the summary. Our best overall product is Paxcoo, the best value is SUBANG and the best durable is LANHU.

Our Top Three Best Sandpapers for Cast Iron

Here are my picks for the three top sandpaper for cast iron.

#1: Paxcoo 24 Pcs 9 x 11” High Grit Wet and Dry Sandpaper Assortment – Best Overall

When sanding, the main objective that everyone wants to achieve is fine particles and uniform surface. However, achieving that is not always an easy task. You can only do so with the help of good sandpaper such as Paxcoo. With its variety of grit, good fit to hand feature, resistance to slippage, and versatility, you can be sure that adding this to your list of tools will make your work easier and effortless. Most importantly, it becomes easy to achieve a well-polished finish on the surface.

Unlike other sandpapers, the Paxcoo can be used for automotive, metal, plastic, glass, stone, leather and wood. In all these surfaces, this sandpaper not only deals with the coarseness or presence of unwanted particles. It also leaves a nice and smooth finish. In a nutshell, the features of this sandpaper are all those that you can imagine about good sandpaper. So if sanding cast iron has been a challenge to you, then this might just be the tool you need to make your daily sanding work easy whether it’s commercial or small DIY jobs at home.


  • Its soft backing ensures that it perfectly fits into your hand when sanding
  • Has high resistance to slippage during intense sanding
  • Can be used for fine grinding and polishing tasks


  • May leave uneven sanding marks if not properly used

#2: SUBANG 36 Pieces Dry/Wet Waterproof Abrasive Sandpaper, 400 to 3000 Grit – Best Value

With excellent polishing effect, the SUBANG sandpaper is another great option for cast iron. It is highly efficient and can help you get the job you have done much faster than using other sandpapers. Also, it has excellent water resistance implying that you can use it both in dry as well as wet environment. You just need to make sure that you know how to handle it well if you love hand sanding. If you are used to tools, this sandpaper can fit a wide variety of such tools without any hassle.

One thing that many sanding pros often ask is whether a lubricant can be used together with the sandpaper in consideration. Well, for SUBANG, getting the right lubricant can help increase the lifespan of your sandpaper. Moreover, it increases its effectiveness meaning that you achieve whatever kind of finish that you would like to attain. Note that compared to its amazing features and the price attached to it, getting this sandpaper is, indeed, getting value for your money.


  • Great abrasion ability and marked grits
  • Relatively thicker than most sandpapers and has excellent water resistance
  • Tough and with amazing polishing effect


  • Can leave stains especially when it used for wet sanding

#3: LANHU 400 to 3000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper – Best Durable

Made of silicon carbide and electro-coated, the LANHU Assorted Grit Sandpaper is a perfect one that you can acquire for your project. It is a multifunctional one that can be used for art and craft on a wide variety of materials ranging from metals to woodwork. Due to its great construction, this sandpaper is the best for buffing and polishing. Since it comes as a packet of a couple of pieces, you can get it for small as well as big cast iron sanding projects.

For ease of identification, the grits of the sheets in the package are well labeled. The product size is 9 x 3.6 inches, but you can easily reduce the size you prefer. Besides, due to their premium quality and great construction, these sheets can be used for wet as well as dry sanding. If you want a little bit rough sanding or even high precision polishing, the LANHU package comes complete with the right sheets to get your job done completely and nicely. Finally, note that these sheets have a little bit of extended lifetime compared to others.


  • Has significantly extended life compared to other sandpapers
  • Delivers consistent surface quality through its use
  • Made of waterproof silicon carbide hence usable in wet as well as dry surfaces


  • Can easily curl up and refuse to stay flat if it is not handled well when sanding

How do I choose the right sandpaper for cast iron?

With the reviews given here including the pros and cons of each sandpaper, picking the best among the many alternatives in the market should not be a hard task again. However, just before you hit that purchase button, you need to exercise care. Take the following into consideration, so you get a perfect one:

  • Abrasive Type

Sandpapers are usually made of either natural or artificial abrasive. Natural abrasives include emery, flint, and garnet. Any sandpaper that is made of these abrasives is best for rust removal, wood sanding and removal of blemishes. On the other hand, artificial abrasives include aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and zirconia alumina among others. Sandpapers made of these abrasives can be used for hand-sanding, wood, metal, and other surfaces but they are usually not as good as the natural ones. Consider checking my other articles to select the right sandpaper for wood, metal, and drywall.

  • Resistance to Water

As you must have noted in the reviews, all the three picks we reviewed have a water resistance feature. This feature is great to consider as it determines a lot including whether you are going to use your sandpaper on dry or wet surfaces. Those that are resistant to water are great and you should consider them if you want to make your work easier and achieve a perfect finish regardless of the nature of the surface you are sanding.

  • Size

Sometimes you might have to reduce the sandpaper you acquire to a smaller size depending on the job that you are doing. However, note that not all sandpapers can be reduced. There are those that you have to use them the way they lest you spoil them as you try to adjust them to the right size. You should for this reason always check the size and if it is larger ask if you can reduce it without affecting its usefulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Appropriate Coarseness?

Consider the number of grits. Coarseness reduces with an increase in the number of grits

How Can I Increase the Efficiency of My Sandpaper?

Use it as directed and keenly observe the user instructions that come with it

Do I Need a Dust Mask and Safety Goggles?

Yes, you need them for your safety since sanding especially on a metallic surface can be dangerous for your eyes


At this juncture, you now understand what it takes to get the best sandpaper for cast iron. It is never easy as it might seem since there are many products out there in the market and all are labeled as the best for cast iron. However, you can only get the best if you know the features as well as what to check when buying. Keep this in mind and you will without any hassle get the best.


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