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Best Sandpaper for Wood on the market

If you love woodwork, you’ll agree with us that a piece of craftwork cannot be complete if the finish is done poorly. A good finish does not only apply to wood but even to other materials including drywall and metal. So whether you do woodworking for commercial purposes or just small DIY projects at home, you need to have a way of making sure that all your products have the best finishes.

Proper sanding is one way to create a perfect finish when working on wood or other materials as already said. This means that you need to have the best sandpaper for wood as one of your tools when working. However, getting the best among the many options is not always an easy task. As a buyer, you are likely to be confused by the many brands you’ll find out there.

In this article, we make the process of choosing the best sandpaper for wood an easy task, especially for first-time buyers. We’ve reviewed top-rated sandpapers and given you all the details you need to make a decision. Our list comprises of top four picks but just in case you want the best overall, you can pick the Fandeli 36025 Sandpaper Sheets since it is the best overall product among our top four picks.

Our Top Four Picks for the Best Sandpaper for Wood

#1: Fandeli 36025 100 Grit Multipurpose Sandpaper Sheets for Wood, 9″ x 11″, 25-Sheet – Best Overall 

The Fandeli 36025 tops our list and stands as the best overall sandpaper for wood. We picked it for its amazing features and ability to get the sanding job done with little hassle. Unlike other sandpapers, the Fandeli Sandpaper sheets create less waste and rarely clog. You can thus do your job comfortably without having to worry about cleaning the workplace thereafter. It is, therefore, the best for small home sanding tasks as well as large commercial sanding works.

When it comes to its making, this sandpaper is made of high-quality aluminum oxide mineral. It is thus a super heavy paper that can be used for sanding almost all surfaces. Apart from being used for wood, it can also be used in metallic as well as for non-metallic surfaces. Provided you know how to use it correctly, this sandpaper is long-lasting. It comes as a package of 25 sheets that are designed to help you polish any surface and create the kind of finish that you need.


  • High-quality sheets that are durable and release less waste
  • Quality coated abrasives with less clogging
  • Super heavy sheets that are versatile and can be used in all surfaces


  • Although it’s durable, it can easily wear out if it is consistently used on coarse hard surfaces

#2: AUSTOR 50 Pieces Mouse Detail Sandpaper for Wood Hook and Loop Assorted  – Best Value

As a buyer, you, of course, want to always get value for your money every time you make a purchase. For sandpapers for wood, if you want value for your money, then AUSTOR should be your choice. Made of durable aluminum, this sandpaper is good for both sanding as well as polishing. Their design also makes them unique especially when it comes to waste. Each sheet has five holes pre-punched to help in dust extraction.

Regarding application, these sanding sheets can be used in wooden surfaces and others including general polishing of metallic, plastic, and other surfaces. In all these surfaces, these sheets create fine, sturdy and attractive well-polished surfaces. When it comes to size, the sheets range from 90mm to 140 mm. This helps to meet the varying needs of users. It is also worth noting that these sandpapers create a consistent scratch pattern. If these are the features you are looking for, then you now have a choice. AUSTOR Sandpaper works well.


  • Delivers smooth and long-lasting cut on wood and other surfaces
  • Resistant to clogging and pilling while one use
  • Made of durable aluminum oxide


  • They are not suitable especially for adhesive sticker sanding pad

#3: 3M Sanding Sponge for Wood, Medium Grit, 6-Pack – CP002-6P-CC – Best Durable

Durability is a great feature when it comes to the choice of any tool. For sandpaper for wood, if you want something that you can use for long, then 3M Sanding Sponge Medium Grit should top your list. Unlike other types, this is an all-purpose sanding sponge that comes as a package of six durable sponges. Whether you want to use them on wet or dry surfaces, 3M sanding sponge will always give you the best results.

Regarding use, this sandpaper works well on wood especially when you want to create the smoothest finish. Besides, it can also be used to paint, plastic, metal and even drywalls. You can, therefore, purchase and use it for wood then preserve for other uses, so you don’t have to keep buying sandpaper each time you have a task. The good thing with 3M is that you can always wash and re-use it as many times as possible.


  • Works best on surfaces that have edges and curves
  • It is available in fine and extra-fine grits
  • Produces the best sanding results whether you want coarse or very fine results


  • Can easily load up or clog easily but cleaning removes everything and you can continue to use it without any hassle

#4: Coceca Mouse Detail Sandpaper for Wood Assorted – Best Cheap 

If you need a brand that comes as a set of many sheets especially if you have a large sanding project, then this is the best option. The Coceca sandpaper comes as a set of 50 sheets. Furthermore, the sheets can be grouped into five grades of ten pieces each. The size of each sheet ranges from 90mm to 140mm making them the most versatile sheets for a wide variety of sanding tasks. Besides, you can use them for multiple tasks or keep them for future use in case you are not doing a job that needs or uses all the 50 sheets.

When it comes to the actual job of sanding, the Coceca Mouse Detail Sandpaper can be used for polishing as well as grinding wood. That does not, however, mean that wood is the only material that you can polish using these sheets. Owing to their great nature, they can also be used for other materials including metal, stone, leather, glass, and rubber. You, therefore, won’t have to buy another package in case you finish sanding wood and need to work on other non-wood surfaces. It will serve you well.


  • Comes with fine, medium and coarse grades to help in grinding as well as polishing of wooden surfaces
  • Made of high-quality and durable alumina abrasive material that is ideal for not only sanding but for polishing as well
  • The various sizes and grades of sheets included in the set make this option the best when one needs to do varied jobs


  • Some users argue that these sheets lose their grits quickly

Your Best Sandpaper for Wood Buying Guide

Just before you pick any sandpaper for wood, you need to do one more thing. You need to consider a few more factors apart from the pros and cons that are given after each product that is reviewed in this article. Essentially, what we are saying here is that you need to have a guide that will help you make the best decision. In this section of this article, we give you the most important factors to check just before you add that sandpaper to the cart. Without further ado, here we go:

Pick the Right Size of Grit

Grits are the fine particles on sandpaper. They are usually either synthetic or from natural sources. Their size is what determines the kind of job that you can do with them as well as the nature of the final finish that you’ll achieve. Although all sandpapers have these grits, they are not the same across all the brands reviewed in this article as well as the others in the market that are not reviewed here.

When purchasing sandpaper, you’ll see on the package numbers such as 80-grit, 100-grit, 140-grit and so forth. This is an important size that you ought to check. A high number such as 200-grit means that the grains are small while a small number such as 80-grit indicates that the grans are larger. Small ones are the best for a perfect and fine finish such as laser engraving while large ones are good if you are just smoothing a rough surface.

Check the Grit Material

Some types of grit materials are best suited for sanding wood while others are good for sanding metal and other materials. In most cases, good manufacturers will always label the kind of material that they have used for their sandpaper and how to use it. You should, therefore, check this as a buyer so you get the right tool for the job that you intend to do.

For sanding wood, the best grit materials include but not limited to silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, emery, and garnet. If you pick sandpaper with any of these materials, you can rest assured that you’ll do a perfect job and achieve the kind of finish that you intend. You can easily read this from the product description or the packaging.

Do You Have Sanding Tool or You’ll Use Hand?

For small do-it-yourself (DIY) jobs at home, you don’t need to get a sanding tool. You just need sandpaper that you can fold to fit your arm and you’ll do your work without any hassle. But remember that not all sandpapers sold out in the market can work in that style well. Some require the use of sanding tools.

If you need to sand large areas, you’ll need instruments or what is usually called sanding tools to help you make your work easy. Common tools include manual hand sander, vibrating hand sander, sanding sponge, drum sander, belt sander, and floor sanders among others. All these have their uniqueness and there are specific sandpapers that you can use with each only. You should thus bear this in mind when deciding which sandpaper to get for your project.

Check the Coarseness of Different Sandpapers

Different projects call for different levels of coarseness. This shouldn’t, however, give you a headache since most sandpapers are usually labeled on their level of coarseness that they can achieve. Depending on the project that you are doing, you ought to choose sandpaper that will help you achieve it easily.

In a nutshell, sandpapers are not uniform and the work they do is determined by a couple of factors the most important ones being the ones discussed here. Make sure that before you hit that purchase button, you take the time to check all these details carefully since they are very vital. They determine the kind of work that you will do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sandpaper for Wood 

What Determines the Durability of Sandpaper?

The material used is the major determinant of the lifespan of your sandpaper. However, the way you use it also determines how long you will stay with it.

Can I Re-use My Sandpaper?

Yes, some just need to be washed and you can comfortably re-use as much as you want.

How Can I Choose the Right Sandpaper from the Rest?

Check the manufacturer’s reputation, features of the sandpaper as well as customer reviews regarding the brand you want to purchase.


As we end this article, we’d like to remind you once again that getting the right sandpaper for wood is not always an easy task. You can weigh between the many options that you will come across in the market if you want to achieve the best. From our reviews, you can easily make a decision that will lead you to get excellent sandpaper for wood from our list. We’ve highlighted all the important features as well as the pros and cons of each. Most importantly, our buying guide gives you the vital information that you need just before you finally purchase one. Get the best sandpaper for wood and nicely complete your project.


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