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Jack Gordon - May 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Wood toy

Wood toy

Do you remember what kind of toy you used to play with, when you were a kid?
Certainly, among the most appreciated, we have to highlight all these self-assembly games that gave us absolute freedom to invent and tell original stories.
Shoal enables us to train abstraction and creativity’s capabilities which are typical of the constructions toys, it consists of a number of pieces in the shape of a fish backbone. The wooden pieces made by excellent woodworkers lead to many construction possibilities due to the spaces in the spine of each fish, allowing the mind of the children to develop abilities in problem solving and creativity. It’s a known fact, that the things introduced during their childhood, mold their self-concept and develop the growth of their personality.
Shoal helps to improve social skills, teaches how to work as a team, and builds self-esteem while the child (or the adult) is having fun. This wooden fish are easy enough to join together and separate, thus younger children can begin to experiment building, taking apart and reassembling, exploring new possibilities and imagining projects.
The wooden construction can become a heterogeneous system depending on the user being a child or an adult, each assemblage could be an indicator of other abstract skills in fields such as mathematics and art, revealing important bases that can become very useful for the vocational choices.+fabio molinas

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