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Simple Woodworking Tools to Make Your Backyard Look Beautiful

Jack Gordon - November 1, 2019 - 0 comments

We often see houses with breathtaking backyards and often wish those houses were ours. Even with having space in our backyard, the thought of beautifying it sounds like a hassle.

Does that mean that having your dream backyard will only remain a dream? Hiring people might be out of the question as it can get expensive, but don’t dismiss the thought of doing it on your own.

Essential Tools

With the help of a few woodworking tools, you can easily make a patio deck or outdoor furniture to put on an already existing deck. Feel inspired by these simple woodworking tools and turn your backyard into a dreamscape.

Band Saw

A band saw is a must if you are building your patio because you can use it to saw off large pieces of wood.

This power tool is so versatile that not only can you use it to cut plywood but also timber! Get more control of the project by preparing and reshaping the timber you will be using to fit your needs.

Scroll Saw

We have all seen those patio benches with intricate designs on them. Get creative with a scroll saw as it gives you the liberty to add details to your project.

Put delicate carving into your woodwork with the help of a scroll saw. People even use it to make wooden toys!

Mini Circular Saw

Circular saws have round blades that spin quickly, cutting into the wood. Mini handheld saws are easier to use and maneuver.

Portable circular saws can be used to make changes on projects that are too heavy to move. Since this power tool is small and lightweight, you can hold it up for longer periods of time.


No matter how many power saws you buy, you will always need a handsaw. This old fashioned, simple tool has versatile uses.

The best part about hand saws is how they are always under your control. You control the strokes and cut as much as you want.

Wood Carving Knives

Wood carving knives are used by art students to make artwork. You can use wood carving sets to add designs on your outdoor wooden furniture.

Wood carving is a lot of fun. Even a beginner can try it out. And, you can make your furniture unique.

Tools for Putting Your Project Together

You first need to identify the tools you are going to need to complete the project at hand. Below is a list of tools that can make any woodworking project a lot simpler.

Cordless Drill

Having a drill around the house is crucial. For woodworking, it is a must as you will need to make holes for all your nuts and bolts.

Find a lightweight drill you can hold up for a long time. Having a cordless drill will make it easier for you to take it around your backyard while working.

Screw Drivers

You will need a screwdriver set to put your furniture together. This is another simple tool you will need to keep in your house.

You can opt for a screw gun. It is more expensive than a screw set, but it is the fastest working device for assembling your furniture.

Hence if you want to save time and hassle, buy a screw gun. Or stay old fashioned with a screwdriver set.

Hammers & Nail Guns

A simple, multipurpose and classic tool is the hammer. Mainly used for hammering nails, you can use it around the backyard for any job that requires shaping or crushing.

However, if you find nailing with a hammer as a dangerous activity, you can get yourself a nail gun.

This tool makes nailing your woodworking fast and effortless. Especially when working on a large project that requires a lot of nailing, opting for a nail gun is a safer and easier option.

Other Tools

There are a lot of handy tools that you can add to your collection that will come of use for other woodworking projects around the house in the future. Notable ones are listed below.

Measuring Tape

A household necessity, measuring tapes are mandatory for woodwork. You will need to measure sizes and make your furniture accordingly, and you cannot do that without having a good measuring tape.

Woodworking Squares

We have all used squares for geometry in school. Woodwork will require you to find many accurate measurements. You can find squares sets specially designed for woodwork. You must own a set while working on beautifying your backyard.


Wood generally has a rough surface, especially when you cut it. A sander is used to smoothen the surface — not just to make it look refined, but also to save yourself from scrapes and scratches.

Your best bet is to find a sander that is portable and easy to carry. You can use it over large surfaces and small. A light sander will be easier to use over a long period of time.


A simple, timeless tool for smoothing wood is a hand file. It has been a woodworker’s friend for hundreds of years.

Inexpensive and long-lasting, you can use it on wooden surfaces of any size. If it goes dull, you can always replace it without burdening your wallet.

The only problem here is that you have to work harder on smoothing your surface in comparison to a sander. It will also be more time-consuming. You can either choose to save time or money.

Working Bench

You will definitely need a woodworking bench for working on your project. Whatever work you want to do on your project, it needs a place to stay while you work on it. A sturdy, portable bench will aid with any woodworking project.


Don’t get scared off by the thought of making woodwork for your backyard. When the design and craft is in your hand, you will get the desired result.

You can install something as simple as a regular bench or elegant as a tree bench. Go make that porch swing you always dreamt of owning. Get creative with your woodworking tools, and make your backyard look beautiful.

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