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Simply Sand

Jack Gordon - May 21, 2018 - 0 comments

“The project “Terra-Cotta” was born from the wish to investigate material on cultural and traditional aspects,by integrating basic materials and authentic methods of work. Sand, flour and water cooked in a basket made from cotton threads and knots, provide an unique appearance to the set of utensils, each one with its own different character, touch and story”

Inspired by the crafts and basic materials used by African tribes, Israeli designer Talia Mukmel created a series of containers. Made using knotting techniques like macramé and materials like earth, flour, sand and water, the decorative quirky objects are biodegradable and ephemeral. Mukmel’s innovative “terra-cotta” containers mix old traditions, easily available materials and experimental new techniques.
To make these fantastic objects, the young designer first crafted macramé containers using a heat-proof tough string. Then she mixed and rolled the sand, water and earth with flour, which helps bind everything together, and wrapped the string basket with the dough. Lastly, she baked her creations in the oven for a few minutes.

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