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Best spray paints for wood – Reviews

Painting wood can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and products. One of the best ways to paint wood is by using spray paint intended for such a task. It is going to be a lot easier to use a spray rather than a brush and the entire process will be less messy.

In order to change the color of your wood furniture, fence or any other objects you might want, you need the best spray paint for wood. This complex guide will introduce the top five sprays that you can use to paint wood. You will also find out important information that will help you with this task. So, keep reading and become a master at painting your wood goods!

Here is my list of top 5 best spray paint for wood

The market of overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best spray paint to use for your wood products. But with the following five spray paints, you know you can’t fail. They are all of very high quality and you will not be disappointed!

1. Metallic Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Spray Paint Set of 8-Best value for the price

One of the first spray paint for wood that you can invest in is this product from Your House Home. This is a metallic set of sprays so you get the freedom to use more colors on your project. You get eight different sprays and they are all very vibrant shades.

You will love the fact that the paint in these sprays is waterbased and it is not toxic to use. You can use these sprays indoors or outdoors as you need and you will get the same amazing results.

This paint also works great on different surfaces such as wood, canvas, paper, metal, plastic, and many others. You can get as creative as you want with this set. The final result after you use these sprays will be a flawless, shining, metallic color that you will fall in love with.

Among the colors that you will find in this painting set, you will find a pearl white shade, gold, bronze, yellow a beautiful silver black, radiant red and a charming electric blue.


-A set with a great selection of colors

-You can use this set on multiples surfaces

-Easy to apply

-Not toxic paint

-It comes at a budget-friendly price


-You might need to apply several layers of paint to get the solid color that you want

-For a more defined color, you might need to reapply the paint

2. Rust-Oleum 331181 Painters Touch 2X Spray Paint, Matte White-Best for a better coverage

Rust-Oleum sprays will not disappoint you as they are some of the most appreciated on the market. This particular one comes in a beautiful matte white color but you can find different colors as well.

You can count on using this spray paint both on indoor projects such as your furniture and outdoor ones such as your fence. This paint is also very safe to use as it is a non-toxic one. You can use it on your children’s furniture with no concerns and without taking any risks either.

This spray paint is perfect for wood, plastic as well as metal surfaces. What you will love about this spray paint is that you don’t need to apply many layers of it. You get the color you want with a maximum of two layers of paint!

The spray itself is very comfortable to hold and use during painting. You can spray it from any angle and even upside down and you will still cover your surface in a neat way. It dries up faster than other paints as well which makes this spray even more efficient.


-Double coverage compared to other products

-Easy to spray it from any position

-It dries up fast

-High versatility. It is not only a good spray paint for wood but also works well on different surfaces

-Perfect for outdoors and indoors


-The nozzle might get easily clogged

-It might peel off after several months

3. Rust-Oleum 245217 Universal All Surface Spray Paint-Best for outdoors usage

Another great spray paint for wood from Rust-Oleum is the 245217. This one works on all surfaces. It will cover your surface in no time and you can give your project the perfect final touch.

This spray comes in the hammered black shade which is an elegant color for many pieces of furniture. You can use it to paint or repaint different wood objects but also metal, plastic and ceramic ones.

The container comes in a 12 oz size and you don’t have to apply many layers to get the defined color that you want. It is going to dry fast as well and allow you to finish your work sooner. This is both a paint and a primer in one product.

You will love the fact that you can spray this paint from any angle and position thanks to the ergonomic design of the tube.


-Great for all surfaces

-Easy to spray from angles

-12 oz tube

-It can be used as a primer

-Good coverage


-It might peel off after a few weeks

4. Hi-Temperature 1200 deg. Stove and Fireplace Paint – Best resistant spray paint

The next product on my list, the Forrest Paint is just what you need to make sure that your wood surface has the perfect color. It has the plus of being resistant to high temperatures. This is why you can use this paint on your stove or fireplace equally.

This paint will not peel off even if it is exposed to high temperatures. It is perfect for outdoor usage as well and it will resist to different weather conditions. You can choose between 17 different colors in order to complement your furniture just the way you want to.

You can consult a chart of colors in order to decide which one works better for you. This paint is ideal not only for wood surfaces but also for metal ones. You can use it on pipes, stoves, furniture as well as many other items according to your needs. Once you purchase this spray paint, you might discover that it is the go-to paint for all your projects.

It will not peel off easily, which makes it the best option for outdoor projects. Each tube has a capacity of 12 oz and it will last you a long time. This is one of those fantastic spray paints for wood that will pleasantly surprise you every time you use it. And you can add a new color to your home in a very simple and efficient way!


-Resistant to high temperatures

-Perfect for all types of painting projects

-17 Different colors to choose from

-12 oz tube

-Good spray paint for wood and also metal.


-It might be difficult to spray it from certain angles

-It will not dry up as fast as other paints

5. FolkArt Multi-Surface Spray Paint Set-Best budget-friendly product

FolkArt offers you a great selection of spray paints to choose from for your projects. This is a set of 12 sprays, all in very attractive and vibrant colors. And you can decide between two different sets according to the color combinations that you are going for.

This is a premium spray paint that will cover all types of surfaces you need to paint or repaint. You can use it on wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, fabric and even paper and you will not be disappointed. It can also adapt nicely to both indoors and outdoors conditions.

If you want to give your furniture a new look or if you are aiming to complete an artistic project, this paint will do the trick! It is not toxic and it is safe to use on children’s furniture as well. Plus, this complete set comes at a very budget-friendly price!

Among the colors in this set you will find white, pink, red, orange, black, but also blue, green, purple and others. This allows you to get as creative as you want without having to purchase more spray paints to match your needs!


-Set of 12 spray paints

-Different color combinations to choose from

-Perfect for outdoor and indoor use




-It might not dry up as fast as you expect

-Not as resistant as other paints

How to choose the best spray paint for your project

If you never invested in spray paint for wood, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best one. But as long as you know just what to look for in such a product, you shouldn’t have to worry. The truth is that you will only see how efficient your spray paint is once you applied it. And if you are not satisfied with the results, it can be really frustrating to redo the entire process all over again! Here are the main aspects to keep an eye on before buying spray paint for wood!

The surface you want to paint

The surface you are going to use your spray paint on is very important. Not all sprays will work the same on all surfaces. You can find spray paint for wood, for metal, ceramics, and even fabric as well as other materials. You will also find spray paints that go on multi-surfaces. These sprays are known as universal spray paints. While using a universal spray might seem convenient, it is always recommended to go for a product that is intended for the type of surface that you need to pain.

Do you need indoors or outdoors spray paint?

As a general rule, you want to use a spray paint that works for both indoor and outdoor projects. Such sprays tend to be more resistant and you can use them in more than one project. For instance, if you are planning to paint a wood table and you want to use it both inside your house and in your garden, such a spray paint can work perfectly.

Check the description of the product before purchasing and see what type of environment it is intended for. As a matter of fact, you will notice that the best brands on the market offer sprays that work great for both inside and outside projects.

What colors do you need?

The colors you might be interested in can be a very subjective aspect. It depends not only on the background in your home but also on the personal preferences that you have. You can find independent spray paints for each color you need or you can go for a complete set of sprays. We introduced some valuable spray paint sets that come in a wide range of colors to enjoy.

If you are a creative person, you might find more satisfaction in using such a set. Having more spray paint colors gives you more freedom and flexibility for your project. Plus, you can combine more colors when you are painting or repainting the same object.

Drying and coverage features

A spray paint needs to have certain features and qualities to qualify as one of the best. For instance, it needs to dry up fast so you don’t waste more time than you need to. It should also cover your surface in a neat way in order to avoid applying several layers. The description of the product will have valuable information about these two aspects.

If you are going for a translucent type of color, you don’t need a high coverage power. But if you want a solid color, you need to make sure you can get that without wasting a lot of the product. As an extra feature to keep an eye on, you should pay attention to the toxicity of the paint. Go for non-toxic paint so you can use it in your children’s room without exposing them to certain health risks.


The last but definitely not the least aspect to consider is the price of spray paint for wood. Now, just like the color aspect, this one is very subjective. It will depend on the budget you have but also on the size of the surface that you need to paint or repaint. Nowadays, you can find these sprays at all price ranges without having to compromise when it comes to their overall quality.

The products we presented to you in this guide are both affordable and high-quality. So, you can rely on them in any condition. Set up the budget you have for your project and you will most likely find a great spray paint to match it!

Best spray paint brands on the market

Here are the most appreciated and reliable brands that you can invest in when you are looking for painting supplies! With these companies, you know that you end up with a great product that will satisfy all your expectations!

Your House A Home

The Your House A Home brand will overwhelm you with the best decoration ideas for your home. They offer not only painting supplies and tutorials but also space planning resources. You can get ideas to set up your garden and interior space with little investment and great comfort. Let this brand inspire you in all your house projects and help you with all your DYI tasks!


One of the best brands on the market when it comes to painting supplies is Rust-Oleum. Here you will find great spray paints as well as design ideas and other products to use in your house. There’s also a good selection of how-to videos on their website to help you with your DIY projects. You simply can’t go wrong with this brand and you can rely on it in all circumstances!

Forrest Paint 

Forrest Paint is a brand that will not disappoint you either. As a matter of fact, on their website, you will discover a great range of useful products to invest in. They have affordable prices and impeccable quality. If you have a project that involves wood material, Forrest Paint can assist you from the beginning till the end. Their services are flexible enough to meet all your needs and preferences so you can work with them on most of your projects.


If you are looking for an affordable brand that will offer you great products and assistance, FolkArt is perfect for you. On their website, you will find a wide variety of spray paints and other painting supplies that are great for wood. You also find different decorations to embellish the beauty of your home! FolkArt covers more creative needs and they offer plenty of products to stimulate your imagination. They also have great prices so you will not spend a fortune on your projects!


Can I use spray paint to repaint a surface without removing the old paint?

This is a method that it is not recommended by experts in the matter. You risk having clumps of paint and loops underneath your paint layers. Plus, your paint will peel off a lot faster if you choose to reapply it over old paint.

To make sure that you end up with perfect results, peel off the old paint first. Make sure the surface you need to paint is clean of any residue and also very dry. Once you did that apply a complete layer of paint and decide if you need to reapply a second one to intensify the color.

Is spray paint toxic?

There are different types of spray paints on the market. Each one has a different set of ingredients. While some spray paints for wood can be toxic and rich in harmful chemicals, that is not the norm. The products presented in this guide, for instance, are non-toxic paints. Choosing non-toxic paint is important especially if you are planning to use it around children and pets. Always, read the list of ingredients before using spray paint. This will help you stay on the safe side in all situations.

Will spray paint work as a primer as well?

Some spray paints for wood are both a primer and a paint in one product. However, this is not a general rule. In most cases, you might have to invest in a separate primer to complete your painting project. Make sure to read the description of the product before purchasing it. The manufacturer will properly list if the specific spray paint has the properties of a primer as well.

Can I use spray paint on picture frames?

Definitely yes. As long as your spray paint is intended for wood surfaces, you can use it on all types of objects made out of wood. Any type of wood! Spray paint allows you to change the way your picture frames look like in a matter of minutes and with no extra hassle. You can choose to use also different spray paint colors in order to add some personality to your frames. This will also sparkle your creativity and put your memories in a better value. Make sure to clean the surface of the frame properly before you use the spray so you will have the results you want!


Now that you have all the information you need, you can be sure that you will end up with the best spray paint for wood. By applying this guide, your projects will look impeccable in no time! If you use high-quality spray paint, you don’t have to worry about having it peel off or damage over time.

Keep in mind that not all spray paints will work the same for all projects and surfaces. This is why it is important to use the buying guide before making your final decision. Good spray paint for wood should be easy to apply from any position and have high resistance. All five products above are perfect for different painting needs. Identify your expectations and preferences correctly and you will not regret your investment! Plus, if you have such a spray paint for wood you can make your furniture look like new with minimal effort! For protecting and waterproofing outdoor wood, refer to our outdoor wood sealer guide.

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