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Wall Art - Elephant Head Mandala - TnW

Wall Art - Elephant Head Mandala - TnW

Elephant Mandala Wall Art – The Natural Workshop Original Design! A bespoke piece of wall art which is precision cut and engraved from Poplar Plywood and…

Jack Gordon June 29, 2018

Light UP

Light UP is a light made of felt, hollow inside, and moduled together to create a rounded shape. Gradient coloring produced completes the appearance of the product,…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Life and death in energy autonomous devices

‘Life and Death in Energy Autonomous Devices’ is a conceptual design project with a range of artefacts and media designed to encourage questions and debate around…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018


A modern landscaping idea in Japan. Looking at it closer, you will recognize that everything was reserved in glass to preserve the beauty of green.

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018


Gilad Davidi’s C8-H10-N4-O2 coffee cups. The title refers to the chemical formula of caffeine. Some of the cups have an inner shape based on molecules; one is…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

Growing light

‘fine shoots of light sprout from the dark of night. still small, hardly perceptible – the significance of light in everyday life. but small shoots can develop…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

New economics & spore borne air

Moss art by Anna Garforth: Some more mossy numbers New economics and Sporeborne. The first two images were created for an article about saving the pennies by going…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

exposition miniflux

BoraBora: Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull, tendency to depression! You are obviously in lack of sunshine. Our range of supplements Kelvin Lumen restores the…

Jack Gordon May 5, 2018