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Haptic geta

Haptic geta

His studio is decorated with studies for new walls, the artist does not simply use Japanese culture, but tries to find a new frontier in it. For this project, he…

Jack Gordon May 21, 2018

Dowel blocks

“Dowel blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes” Fun polyester decorative plywood blocks can be joined with doweling to form various shapes – the…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Shoe Shelf

You would not expect your shoe shelf to be this elegant. Jk. While being able to keep the shape of your shoes intact, this wooden project is comfortable one of our…

Jack Gordon May 5, 2018

Box Bag

Box Bag DIYIn this project of Food Culture, I wanted to introduce New Zealand’s Food Culture into the international market. And as part of the food culture…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Algae Lamps

“Inspired by the fantastical world created by Jules Verne in his classic novel ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, the Algue.MGX ornamental table lamp…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Bubble Hourglass

“out on the bubble time” is a take on an hourglass design that is inspired by water bubbles instead of sand + studio note

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Apple Centerpieces

We had so much fun making these apple vases. The best part was nothing was being wasted in the process! This DIY project will surely make your home shining happ…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Acorn Candles

Made from wood and honey, plus burning material, these acorn candles are perfect gifts for your loved ones. I made these as an anniversary gift for my lovely wife,…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Kaoru Mende Matches

Kaoru Mende Matches by Kenya Hara

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018

Solar Birdhouse

Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology? OOOMS designed a birdhouse with a solar panel on it’s roof. During the day sunlight feeds the solar…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018