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Bottle Lamp

    An extraordinary piece of woodworking. Elegant and minimalistic at its best.

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

Concrete light

With roots in architecture, product design, fashion design and industrial design, the company aims to express a variety of ideas through objects. Creating decorative…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

Life and death in energy autonomous devices

‘Life and Death in Energy Autonomous Devices’ is a conceptual design project with a range of artefacts and media designed to encourage questions and debate around…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018

Wave function

Wave is a special light installation by austrian artist Valentine Ruhry that is made from fluorescent lights. The lights are arranged on a steel structure that arranges…

Jack Gordon May 5, 2018

Algae Lamps

“Inspired by the fantastical world created by Jules Verne in his classic novel ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, the Algue.MGX ornamental table lamp…

Jack Gordon May 4, 2018