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Wood Project


Fin vase

Fin vase

Fin Vase is a flat-packable vase which consists of plywood pieces and a glass test tube. The volume of this vase is created by ten flat pieces held solely with two…

Jack Gordon May 9, 2018


“Each of them must enclose a unique singing of the ones I hear at dawn, when the birds begin to chirp and butterflies pose on my baskets and shoiframeretty colors…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Magnetic low table

Materials: Natural oak waxed, permanents magnets Dimensions: H: 38cm L: Variable Production : Raphaël Charles studio #woodworking #art + raphael charles

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018


“A refreshingly contemporary take on the classic trug. While the fluid form references the traditional process and materials, Crisp adds an unexpected touch by…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

The basics

“Basics #1 #2 is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer and architect Javier Peña Ibáñez. The design is centered around using basic materials to…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Mocho the portuguese stool

Coming from an approach to “mocho” (a traditional portuguese stool) this project has come to live, where the material that defines the stool is questioned. Two…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018


Do you remember what kind of toy you used to play with, when you were a kid? Certainly, among the most appreciated, we have to highlight all these self-assembly…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Leda cradle

The Cradle “Leda” is inspired by the Greek myth “Leda and the Swan”, the legend says that Zeus falls in love with the beautiful Nymph and turns into a beautiful…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

Seaweed collector

A Connection between Two Worlds Between land and sea is a visible boundary that connects these two worlds, the beach. Within this area of high and low tides live…

Jack Gordon May 7, 2018

eleven boxes

11 boxes is a typology of storage units based on the idea of an archetypal box, each one distinguished by its shape and structural elements. Like characters in an…

Jack Gordon May 6, 2018