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the missing dining table

Jack Gordon - January 26, 2020 - 0 comments

Where were you the last time you dine?
Were you enjoying a sandwich at a park bench, having a quick bite at your desk, or sharing a meal with friends?
How will we dine in the future?
With technology and a faster pace of life come an increasingly autonomous and solitary lifestyle. Our evolving lifestyle is changing our habits and we find ourselves standing at the intersection of the way of life, social norms and personal eating habits.
We are all familiar with the dining table in our homes. It has served as a generous stage where people can eat together and have a conversation over a meal. At the same time, we struggle to find the dining table a place in the rapidly changing reality of shrinking living spaces and vastly diverse work schedules and social activities.
What if, in place of the dining table we are so familiar with, there are other objects that we will associate with dining?
The Missing Dining Table Collection explores the way we dine today and serves as an inspiration for possible alternative dining conventions for the future. Through a unique blend of design, techniques and materials, the collection seeks to relook, reinvent and inspire new possibilities of dining.
Join us as we playfully predict possible future dining conventions in a series of objects. As we take an adventurous trip down the proverbial rabbit hole and venture into the unknown dining future, we do so without the intention of dictating the future but rather to stretch our imagination as we question the very act of dining and offer alternatives and possibilities. Through the collection we attempt to provoke, think ahead and create conversations.
Would you miss the dining table when it is not around?

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