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Best drain cleaner for tub – Reviews

Your tub is the place that can get clogged very easily. As a matter of fact, after just several baths, you should consider unclogging the drain. If you have pets and you wash them in your tub often, it becomes even more important to use a good drain cleaner. Pets have hair that can get stuck in the drain so your cleaner should be strong enough to eliminate hair, on top of other types of waste.

Here is everything you need to know in order to find the best drain cleaner for your tub! This guide will help you end up with just the product you need by the time you are done reading.

Best Drain Cleaners For Tub on The Market

Here is my list of the top three drain cleaners for tub that are of impeccable quality. They come at a convenient cost and they will be very useful to have in your household!

1. Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog Remover 80 oz

This drain cleaner from Drano is one of the best cleaners that you can get for your tub. It comes in a pack of two so you can use this product for a long time, especially if you are going to use it only for your bath tub. You can even get a pack of three, four or even five bottles, according to the needs of your household. But this cleaner will also work when you need to unclog other drains in your house.

This cleaner comes in a thick density which allows it to break down even the most difficult type of waste. It will get rid of the worst hair clogs and even solid waste that might be hard to eliminate with other cleaners. It will go directly to the clot in your tub drain and break it apart. You can use it with no concerns on metal and PVC pipes as well as any sceptic system. For better results, try leaving this cleaner in your tub drain over night. This will give it more time to take the action you want it to take.


– Great for eliminating hair clogs

– You can use it in other types of drains besides tub drains

– You can get more bottles in a pack

– Thick density for a better efficiency

– Will not damage your pipes


– It takes longer to give the results you want

– It doesn’t eliminate the unpleasant odor

2. Clean Start Tub Drain Cleaner

Silk Balance offers you this very efficient cleaner for your tub drain that also comes at a budget-friendly price. It has an impeccable structure that will eliminate almost all types of waste in a short time. So, you will not have to wait a long time to get the results you are after!

This Clean Start product is highly used in Spas and it works miracles for hot tubs. It is a great cleaner to use when you want to prevent your tub from getting clogged as well. The great aspect of this cleaner is that it can reduce organic waste in your tub drain in just a matter of minutes. It can also eliminate hair clogs that are so common in the tubs. All you have to do to enjoy all its benefits is to pour this product down your drain and wait for the results to appear. It has a pleasant smell which is definitely a plus, especially since you will be using this in the bathroom.


– Easy to use as you can just pour it down the drain

– Has a pleasant scent

– It can prevent clogs to begin with

– Reduces organic waste and hair clogs

– Takes action faster than other products


– It comes in a smaller container so you might have to reinvest in it rather often

3. Zep Liquid Heat Tub Drain Opener 33.8 Ounce ECZULH342

This Zep cleaner will not disappoint you either. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best cleaners that you can invest in so your tub will not get clogged. You can choose to get different bottles in a pack and you can also choose the size of these bottles. Before we get any deeper in describing this product, you will be pleased to find out that it is perfect for removing both hair and grease.

The strongest clogs have no chance in front of this chemical formula. They will get eliminated and kept away from your tub drain for a longer time. This gel cleaner will get to your drain clog in a matter of seconds and it will start breaking it down. Besides tub drains, you can efficiently use this cleaner in your kitchen sink. It will not damage your pipes or your septic system so this is not a concern you should have. The more you use this cleaner, the better your tub will work. Plus, you can use it to prevent clogs as well, which is even better than eliminating them!


– Easy to use for all types of drains

– It is perfect for drain tubs

– This cleaner eliminates hair and grease

– Takes action within seconds so you don’t have to use a lot of it at once

– You can get this cleaner in different sizes


– It might not eliminate all types of waste

– It will not get rid of the scent of the waste even if it might reduce it

How to choose the best drain cleaner for your tub

In order to end up with the best drain cleaner for your tub, you need to understand the type of waste this cleaner will need to eliminate. The tubs waste tends to be very different from the kitchen sink waste. And you want your cleaner to work with this type of waste, otherwise, it will not be efficient. for instance, hair clogs are common in the bathtub. Also soap residue. You want these to be the main focus of your cleaner powder or gel.

It is equally important to choose a cleaner that is not toxic for you and the rest of the people living in your home. This means that you should go for a cleaner that is bio and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. If you do use a chemical cleaner always wear gloves and store it away from children and pets.


Can you use drain cleaners for tubs for other drains as well?

Yes, in general, all cleaners can be used on all types of drains. But that doesn’t mean you will get the same results. Cleaners that are made specifically for tub drains are customized by the manufacturer to eliminate certain types of waste. In this case, they will eliminate mostly hair clogs and soap residue. So, they might not work just as well for your kitchen sink for instance.

What type of waste should a tub drain cleaner eliminate?

These cleaners should get a hair clog and soap but they can also reduce fat and oil in your drain. They might not work as well for food residue as they are meant to be used in your tub. So, definitely rely on these cleaners to get rid of hair clogs that are blocking your tub drain. And do this regularly because it will ease your job a lot!

Should I mix these cleaners with water?

No, you shouldn’t mix the gel cleaners or the powder cleaners with water or anything else unless the instructions say otherwise. In most cases these cleaners come already ready to use. All you have to do is pour the dose of the product down the drain and enjoy the amazing results. If you are not satisfied with the result from the first, you can reapply the cleaner. But never mix it with anything because you will dilute it and reduce its strength.

Are these products safe for pets?

The bio cleaners tend to be safer when it comes to pets and children. But that doesn’t mean you should let them in the reach of your kids or fury friends. They are not hypoallergenic products and they might still give side effects when they get in contact with the skin. When it comes to the chemical ones you should wear gloves when using them and store them properly too. If you respect the safety measures recommended by the manufacturer, you shouldn’t be at any type of risk!


Your tub is one of the most prone drains when it comes to getting clogged and gathering waste. If you wash your pet in the tub you will have to clean it a lot more often. And as we mentioned before, the main type of waste in your tub drain tends to be hair and soup. The outstanding tub drain cleaner in this guide will help you eliminate the drain clogs with ho hassle and struggle. So, find the one that works for you and enjoy a clean tub drain at all times!

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