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Time of moss

Jack Gordon - May 5, 2018 - 0 comments

DIY time of moss

Moss Grow

“Moss grows by absorbing moisture from the air with its whole body, not just through its roots. Even if it dries out and looks dead, its cells can recuperate when given water. Moss is a green carpet that keeps on living, quietly keeping its place in the world. One of the characteristics of living things is that they spontaneously evolve continuing to be a part of nature. Unitika’s TERRAMAC® is also the result of continuing evolution, with repeated improvements in fibers over time giving it its place in nature, just as if it were alive. Everything in this world is involved with other things around it, and viewing that involvement can trigger human emotions: We feel that something beautiful, ugly, wonderful, painful, fun, ephemeral, sad, and impressive or maybe we feel nothing at all. Each time our emotions are triggered surely represents a link to all the ongoing potential around us. My work for this exhibition shows the encounter and coexistence of two life forms with different origins. Living things connect strongly and straightforwardly, and conceal unlimited possibilities. Through this work, I hope that viewers will sense that they too are living beings. Time can be long or it can be short, but it is the only gift that is given equally to all living things. The time we spend together on the trail is always a one-off, and I hope that the coexistence embodied here will provide a reminder of that ongoing progress.”
designed by Azuma Makoto

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