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Tips For Your Home Office from Painters In Highlands Ranch CO

Jack Gordon - December 2, 2020 - 0 comments

This year has been an unusual one, to say the least, and one of the things that have taken over is the advent of home offices. People have needed to close down their offices and move things into their own homes and build a space to work as efficiently as they would at work. However, for this to happen, not only does your mind-set need to be considered to make that change from working in an office to getting up and walking a few meters to the home office you’ve just created but also the environment you work in needs to be optimal for such a task to take place successfully.

Working in the middle of your lounge with your kids running around, the phone constantly ringing, and the neighbors popping over is no way to make sure you get the most out of your home. A lot of people may agree with you when you say there is no place like home, however when you are constantly inside one, and not out of choice but out of necessity, it can lead to what psychologists call the “home office syndrome”, click here for more on this.

But it is not all doom and gloom. There are things you can do to make space s lively as possible and enjoyable to work in and we look at a few of these below, including the wall colors that will help bring you tranquility and bring you inspiration, and creativity.

Tips for An Ideal Home Office Space

Tip #1. Permanency.

Creating a permanent space will give you a reason to go there every morning and stay inside for the rest of the day. As mentioned above working amid all the chaos inside a house is no way to work, which is why if you prepare yourself a permanent space, locked away from the rest of the house, like a backroom or even the shed, or garage, it can give you a personal space for you, and you alone.

Get a comfortable sitting chair, a good-sized desk ideal for the space you’re in, and a couple of shelves or bookcases to keep your things on. A comfortable chair and desk is key to productivity.

Tip #2. Don’t go to the extreme side either.

By this we mean, when working from home, some people tend to overcompensate their time and overwork themselves. The rule of thumb is to take a break once every 4 hours. Get up, stretch, grab a glass of water, make a cup of coffee, do some breathing exercises to help get some oxygen to your brain. Some simple breathing exercises can be found here: https://trcstaffing.com/blog-simple-breathing-exercise-you-can-do-at-your-desk-to-relieve-stress/, it is very important to breathe properly for both the mind and the body and to keep stress away.

Tip #3. Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up.

This should be every working person’s motto. Set your morning alarm for the earliest possible, and make sure you get up just like you would on a normal working day. Having a routine in place, that does not change just because you are working from home, will maintain equilibrium, sleep patterns, and productivity levels.

Take breaks in between work, walk around the garden or go for a run, but make sure you try and keep productivity hours as they would be if you were at your office. Prepare a schedule the night before so you can get everything out of your head and onto paper, and have a good next day. Dressing up as if you were going to work is also motivation – and if not, at least don’t work in your PJs.

Tip #4. Preparation Is Key.

Make sure you have everything you need the night before or the morning of so that you spend less time away from your desk and more time on it. When working from home, it is very easy to get distracted.

Make sure you have your morning cup of coffee near you, your water bottle, your fruits, and whatever else you need in the office to keep you from having to get up and leaving the space. Items like headphones, your diary, etc. should not be left on the bedside cabinet but rather on your work desk.

Tip #5. Color Your Space Happy.

The psychology of color is something many have discussed over the years, and the conclusion is that color affects the mind and mood. Many house painters also know about this and some of the experts have been to ‘school’ about it too.  As any one of them which colors they would recommend inside a home office and they will tell you, pastel colors for focus.

Not only do pastel colors help focus but they also bring a sense of tranquility to a room. Choose earthy tones or pale blues and greens for your space. Add a couple of plants in the room, including one next to you on your desk, and voila! You have yourselves a happy space that you enjoy spending your day in. You can also only paint one accentuated wall a deep color for added dimension.

Tip# 6. Keep in Touch.

Some companies have morning meetings almost every day, while others have them once or twice a year. Some startups never have them. Depending on which one you are, don’t forget to keep in touch with your colleagues and friends, from time to time. Even if there is no meeting, touching base with them is key to keeping things going, especially so that you don’t get cabin fever and can speak to other people when things bother you!

A home office does not have to be boring or mundane, it is your space and you should make it as you want it to be, unleash your creativity and see how well you do in all areas of your work. We don’t know how long this trend is going to last but according to research, it looks like many people are preferring this to go into an office, if you’re one of those people, start thinking in the long-term and invest in a good working space for yourself.


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