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Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence – Buying Guide and Reviews

Every time I mention a bandsaw fence, some people will wonder whether they actually need one. If you are yet to agree that this accessory is essential, you are probably creating curves often. Resawing and ripping do need a quality fence. In my opinion, you cannot enjoy the full capability of your bandsaw without a good fence.

The tricky bit is that bandsaws rarely come with fences, so you have to go back to the market if you need one. Even if you own something like the Porter Cable 14 inch bandsaw that does not have rails, you can always add rails because the benefits of the best aftermarket bandsaw fence are irresistible.

After spending some time researching and testing fences of various characteristics from leading manufacturers, I have given recommendations below.

Reviews for Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence

Here is our list of the top 5 Aftermarket Bandsaw Fences

#1. Grizzly Industrial H7587 – Resaw Fence Complete for 14″ Bandsaws

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I start this list with a reliable fence system from Grizzly that can act as a retrofit kit for existing Grizzly bandsaws or a complete fence system for virtually any other band saw brand, as long as it has the right table dimensions. The 23.2 x 11.5 x 6 inches dimensions mean that this fence system can easily fit 14-inch bandsaws.

Tested over time, this fence is a favorite for a wide range of resawing projects, as reviews have revealed. The Grizzly Industrial H7587 can optimize your resawing experience because it allows for swift change between shorter and taller fences within seconds. It comes with a noticeable locking system for this purpose.

To install this fence, replace the original fence with the new fence support tube on the fence base, attach a resaw fence, and then put on the new fence scale. You will have yourself a new accurate fence system.

The fence is solidly built and weighs in at about 16.05 pounds. It is a versatile piece that allows you to do both normal and straight cutting. Simply remove the fence and lower the blade guides to the lower fence for normal cuts.


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easily adjustable- versatile


  • Some users wish it had a fence base
  • Relatively pricey

#2. Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

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It is a known fact in woodworking that majority of bandsaw fences offer below par performance. So widespread is the problem that the aftermarket option is booming. Kreg are proud to be on the frontline offering a lasting solution in the form of the durable, reliable and accurate Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence that fits the majority of 14-inch band saws.

If accuracy is what you are looking for, this aftermarket fence will impress. This item adjusts any drift angle in the saw to enhance accuracy. It is also equipped with a thin red line on the Precision Lens Cursor to let the user precisely set up the fence for cutting various types of materials.

In my opinion, the Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence is also one of the finest because of its superb construction. Since it is made from aluminum, the fence will last many years of using it with resaw guides and stops. Note that there are T-slots on the top and sides of the fence for those additions. Once you are done with the cutting, you can always unscrew the knob and lift the fence off. No tool needed!


  • Durable
  • Excellent precision
  • Easy to use


  • Modification may be needed for use with some saw models

#3. POWERTEC BS900RF Rip Fence for POWERTEC BS900 Wood Band Saw | For Work Table Size 11-1/8” to 11-13/16”

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Powertec is a renowned brand with a rich history of excellent workmanship and quality products. Any search for a superior aftermarket bandsaw fence is incomplete without a glance at what this manufacturer has to offer. Many hobbyists need a tool that is simple and reliable, so the compact and functional POWERTEC BS900RF Rip Fence is what I recommend for such group of users.

Your straight cuts will never be the same again if you upgrade to this dependable fence, which is made from sturdy extruded aluminum. While this item is perfect for POWERTEC BS900 Wood Band Saw, it also suits compatible bandsaw models with table dimensions 11-1/8” to 11-13/16”.

It fits firmly on such saws thanks to the simple, effective cam lever action, and delivers accurate straight cuts. Since the fence comes fully assembled, right out of the package, it will just be a matter of time before start seeing it in action.

It is of a convenient rugged design that can last many years-Industry grade aluminum is durable and offers consistent performance. Also noticeable about the product are the user-safety qualities, especially the firm clamp and compact design.


  • Durable
  • Solid compact construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • Good accuracy


  • Not ideal for larger jobs

#4. CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Bandsaw Fence

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Are you looking for an aftermarket bandsaw fence that is stellar in all aspects? I can confidently recommend the CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence from Carter because it is precise, versatile, sturdy and relatively affordable. Without further ado, let me delve a little into the features.

Uniquely designed, this item has two knobs on top each sitting on a powerful magnet at the bottom. A quick note here; your bandsaw needs to have a ferrous table for this fence to work. You can learn more about ferrous and non-ferrous metals here.

Once you have set the unit in place and turned the knobs, the fence attaches to your metallic fence securely. I do not think any human hand can move that fence once those knobs are turned. You can achieve any quick adjustments you need using the powerful switchable magnets. This tool does not require mounts or brackets to attach. That kind of simplicity is exciting users.

You can use the bandsaw fence with multiple apparatus. Do you notice the multiple T-slots on the side of this 16″ long, 3-1/2″ tall L-shaped aluminum extrusion?  This is where the MAGFENCE™ accessories go. The fence is compatible with all MAGFENCE II accessories.


  • Multiple T-slots for various accessories
  • Works with all ferrous metal tables
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable performance- firm


  • Cannot work with non-ferrous metal tables- aluminum, tin, zinc and so forth

#5. Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence

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Most woodworkers want their aftermarket bandsaw fence to be simple, versatile and durable.  The Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence offers those characteristics and more. That explains why the majority of those who have already used the product are giving it five-star ratings. In case you have not touched the fence already, I bet you should.

It is a 24.5 x 4.8 x 4 inches fence with eight T-slots, so it holds firmly in place. Thanks to this sturdiness, deflection is unheard of for the Woodhaven 7280. You can mount your accessories and jigs on these slots.

I like the reliable and versatile performance of this tool. Two separate fence position locks at both ends and two separate blade lead locks make one of the most rigid bandsaw fences you will ever get. The fact that the aluminum rails can slide freely when not locked means that you can achieve numerous fence positions.  If you ever wish to cut circles, get the optional HD Band Saw Circle Jigs – 7286-7290 and attach them to the fence rails.


  • Compatible with many 14-inch bandsaws
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Adjustment necessary for every bandsaw model

Buying Guide for Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence

What is a bandsaw fence, in short? 

A fence in the bandsaw context is a component that is fixed on the table, parallel to the blade direction, to help users achieve straight cuts. Wood, metal or any other material being cut, slides along the fence. The width of cut is determined by the distance between the saw blade edge and the fence surface. A good fence will come with a suitable clamping or locking mechanism. In short, the correct choice of an aftermarket bandsaw fence can make the difference between a remarkable cut and an undesirable one.

To get the best from your fence, consider the following factors when buying:

Brand Name

It might seem interesting to start with this aspect, but remember that some brands have been in the business for long and have already created good reputation. Looking at the brand name alongside verified reviews will never go wrong.


For a bandsaw fence, size matters. To determine the ideal size, consider the tasks that the saw does regularly. Ideally, larger saws go with larger fences and vice versa. Matching the sizes of both fence and saw is also crucial for installation purposes.

Clamping Mechanism

A good clamping mechanism ensures that the bandsaw fence remains in the set position despite knocks or vibrations that may occur. This promotes accuracy.


The material that makes the best aftermarket bandsaw fence is crucial, as some work-pieces can be tough. Only the best materials will withstand knocks for many years and maintain their flatness and rigidity. The strongest material in the market is probably steel, but aluminum alloy seems to have received good reception too.


Once you get your dream band saw, I am certain it will take you many years to consider investing in another one. However, some of the best aftermarket bandsaw fences can be so expensive that you want assurance that they can even outlive the saw. Salvaging at least the fence and fixing on the next saw can be comforting.


You cannot afford to ignore this factor when looking for the best aftermarket bandsaw fence. Go for a unit that is affordable, but do not forget about functionality. As a rule of thumb, keep off extremely cheap models to avoid having to return to the market soon for a replacement. Select an acceptable price range and compare models within it, then settle on the most suitable option.

Ease of Installation

Installing any new component can be treacherous, but this depends on the installation process. An aftermarket bandsaw fence may look enticing, but you may not manage to install it properly. This might lead to either personal injury or damage to the bandsaw/fence. Always make sure you understand the installation process. In line with the above considerations, make sure that the fence is compatible with your bandsaw. I have seen excellent fences that offer compatibility with almost any band saw you can think of, no matter the age or design.

As a last resort, consider modifying your preferred fence so that it can work with your band saw. Unfortunately, this voids the warranty and probably reduces the integrity of the fence. That’s why I always insist on intensive research so that you can get a product that fits both the saw requirements and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most common material for aftermarket bandsaw fences? 

It is not a secret that aftermarket bandsaw fences are made from different materials, some poor and some reliable. Some of the most common materials in the market are steel, aluminum and plastic. As I hinted somewhere else, steel is the benchmark because of its unmatched strength. However, some users prefer aluminum alloy because it is robust and light. I would not recommend plastic fences at all.

Why should I consider doing my ripping and resawing tasks with a fence?

Using a bandsaw with a fence to resaw is the best way to get quality results. Since I have tried both ways, I can say that with a fence, the depth of cut is greater. You also waste less wood. However, the biggest benefit of a fence is the prevention of sliding or rocking when you are making straight cuts.

Does the aftermarket bandsaw fence come with anything else?

Depending on the type of bandsaw you have, you might need to create a pair of mounting holes. A drill should help you in this. Sometimes, holes on the edge of the table are enough. Suffice it to say, bolts, washers, and nuts will often accompany this product.

Do I need to reset the fence every time I change the type of stock, the blade or the height of the material?

I am sure you have heard about a phenomenon called “drift” in regards to bandsaws. For me, this is not supposed to be part of life for a bandsaw user. The tendency of the bandsaw to drift only occurs when the settings were wrong in the first place. If you have followed the right steps for wheel adjustment and blade tension, I do not see the reason for drift to occur. So, just follow the correct tune-up process and you will not have to reset the fence all the time.


Getting the best aftermarket bandsaw fence will provide relief from constant frustration by ensuring that your straight cuts are accurate and up to standard. From the reviews of the products provided, you can already tell that these fences have more features than most people do imagine.

Many exciting products exist in the market, but I narrowed down to the best five so that I can help you choose faster. If I had to choose one from the fences above, I would go for the Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence because it offers unrivaled accuracy through a precision lens cursor.

What is your favorite bandsaw fence? Did the guide and the reviews help you? Please share your views and stay here for more updates about top-rated products. Looking for a good cheap bandsaw? We got you covered here.