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Best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring – Reviews

When you choose the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring, the most important thing you need to consider is the type of surface you have. You might think that you might not need an underlayment if your surface is perfectly flat. But the truth is that such a product brings so many more benefits than just adding support to your flooring. Keep reading to find the best underlayment for vinyl plank floorings and learn what advantages you can get from such a product. 

Why do you need good underlayment for vinyl plank flooring

If you are new in this industry and you are not sure if you need underlayment for your vinyl p[lank floor, here are some aspects to help you. Each person has their reasons for making such an investment but there are also generic advantages like the following ones!

– An underlayment will protect your flooring. There are different types of vinyl plank floors and some are more resistant than others. By adding a layer of underlayment underneath the flooring, you increase its lifespan and durability. This can help you save money in the long run as you will not have to invest in different flooring repairs.

– Less sound transmission. No one wants to be disturbed by noises coming from a different room in their building. A good underlayment will reduce such sounds to a minimum. This will increase your comfort but also your privacy. 

– Your room will be more healthy. Underlayments reduce mold and moisture which keeps your air cleaner and fresher. You can even choose an underlayment that is eco-friendly and made of natural materials.  

Here is our list of the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring

The following outstanding underlayment products are of impeccable quality and they will increase your comfort in your home. They also come at decent prices and they are very much appreciated by experts in the industry. 

1. Bestlaminate Pro-Line Premium LVT Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the best underlayments for vinyl plank floors is this product from Bestlaminate. One roll can cover 100 square feet. This allows you to purchase just the amount you need for your floor without wasting money on a bigger quantity of product. The thickness is 1.5 mm and it is made of high-quality foam material. 

A great aspect of this underlayment is that you can use it under many types of floors. It will work great for vinyl plank floors but also for hardwood ones, engineered floors, and even cement floors. So, this product is going to turn out being very efficient in most circumstances. The color of this underlayment is black and it will go great with all types of vinyl floors. This is a professional underlayment that will reduce sound thanks to its high-quality structure. It will also reduce moisture and vapor so your floor will not get damaged easily. You can use it in residential buildings as well as in commercial spaces. 


– Your floor will stay safe as this underlayment reduces moisture

– No disturbing sounds from one room to another

– You can use it for more types of floors

– Perfect thickness for your comfort 

– Easy to install as it comes with clear instructions


– It might not protect against excessive moisture 

– It might not resist so well over time

2. ROBERTS 70-198 Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring, 200 sq. ft, White

ROBERTS is a great brand when it comes to underlayment products for all types of floors. Their products are appreciated by the most exigent experts in the industry and this one will not disappoint you either. You can choose to buy one roll or a pack of two, three and even five rolls according to the surface you need to cover. And it comes at a very good price as well.

This product can be used with both wood floors and vinyl plank floors however, the installation might differ according to the floor material. The easiest way to use this product is with vinyl plank floors as the set up tends to be easier. The vapor flow is diminished with this underlayment. You will not have to worry about moisture or any type of humidity damaging your flooring. This is also a product certified by the National Wood Flooring Association which makes it even more reliable. One roll is 200 square feet and very stable when it gets in contact with your surface. This is a highly tested product that you will not regret purchasing. 


– Reduces moisture so your floor can last longer

– It can be used with different types of flooring

– Resistant over time so you can rely on it 

– Certified by NWFA

– Highly efficient when it comes to protecting your floors against various factors 


– It might be more difficult to install than other products

– It doesn’t block sound entirely

3. Vinyl Plank Flooring Underlayment Foam with self-Sealing Lip and Tape – Laminate, Vinyl, WPC, Bamboo, Engineered Floor

Another high-quality underlayment that you can rely on for vinyl plank floors is this one from PROTECH USA. The quality of this product is impeccable and appreciated by a lot of clients and experts in the industry. You will love the fact that this product can cover a generous surface of 400 square feet very easily. Installing it will not be a problem either. 

As soon as you receive the package you can start installing it on your surface. It has a self-sealing lip and it comes with the tape you need to ease your job as well. So you can save money and not invest in more accessories than the ones that this underlayment comes with. If you are interested in some samples before purchasing, you can contact the manufacturer and see what they have available. The 3 mm thickness offers you more comfort and a lot of stability for your flooring. This product will offer you moisture and mold protection and it will also keep your floor warmer. The aluminum coating is perfect for sealing this underlayment and offering you extra resistance. You can use this product on a variety of floors including vinyl plank floors, wood floors, laminated floors and so on and so forth.


– Moisture protection so your floor will not get damaged

– Increased resistance over time

– Covers 400 square feet

– A layer of aluminum foil for extra protection

– Anti mold protection which gives you a healthier environment


– It doesn’t offer high sound absorption 

– Might not work the same on all types of floors

4. Roberts 70-115 Moisture Barricade Vinyl Plank Flooring Underlayment, For Laminate Floors, 6 Mil. Thick Polyethylene Film

Another very good quality underlayment from Roberts is this 120 square feet product. It is perfect for any type of space, being it residential or commercial. You can get one roll of this product or a pack of two, three, four and even five rolls. And the prices are very friendly so you will not have to break your budget for this product. In spite of its budget-friendly price, you will love how efficient and resistant this product is.

This underlayment will keep moisture, vapor and even mold away from your flooring. It is the perfect solution to protect your floor for many years and increase your comfort at the same time. The polyethylene film is thick enough to make this product last a long time. You can use this product by itself or with a different underlayment attached to it. Either way, it will be the best purchase for not only vinyl plank floors but other types of floors as well. Keep in mind that it will not be as efficient when it comes to sound absorption though, so if this is one of your concerns you might need to combine it with another underlayment too. Installing this product will not be complicated but some experience in the matter will definitely help you!


– Retains moisture so your vinyl floor will not be damaged

– You can purchase different sizes

– Fairly easy to install

– Budget-friendly price

– Anti-mold layer


– It doesn’t reduce sound significantly

– You might need to combine it with a different underlayment   

5. Roberts 70-010-XL QEP Roll of Serenity XL Polyethylene Foam Laminate Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring

This underlayment will also work wonderfully with your vinyl plank floor but also wood or laminated floors. When you purchase this product you can choose between a pack with one roll or two, three, four and even five rolls. With such offers, you will be able to cover all your surfaces with no problem. It is not the cheapest underlayment that you can find on the market but it is definitely one of the most efficient products to rely on. 

This particular size will be enough to cover up to 400 square feet of the surface. Once you install this underlayment you will enjoy a good cushion for your flooring. This will increase your comfort and reduce the sound that might bother you or others as you walk on the floor. You shouldn’t have any problems installing this underlayment, it comes with all you need and a set of complete instructions to help you. Also, if your surface has certain imperfections, this product will help you fix them with no hassle. Therefore, it has a practical function as well. The color it comes with is a shade of white that will go great with any vinyl plank flooring. 


– Easy to install

– Helps you fix surface imperfections    

– reduces sound even if it doesn’t block it completely

– It should last you for a long time

– You can use it with different types of flooring


– It might not control moisture as good as other underlayments 

– There is only one color to choose from

6. Cal-Flor FU81422 SilverStep Premium Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam Vinyl Plank Flooring  Underlayment and Moisture Barrier

Cal-Flor offers you this underlayment that comes at a middle-range price and great quality. This product has a great moisture and vapour barrier that will help you keep your floor looking like new for a long time. Thanks to this, you will not have to invest in maintaining it over the years. You can use it with vinyl plank floors of all types but also with laminated floors or engineered ones. 

The thickness of this product is 3.2 mm, which makes it be a lot more efficient. This gives you increased protection for your floor but also a lot more comfort. The IIC is 72 and the STC is 66 which ensures you a great sound absorption. This underlayment will help you reduce the noise that otherwise gets transferred from one room to another. You should use the positioning tape that comes with this product in order to install it a lot easier and faster. One roll can cover 100 square feet.


– The STC is 66 and the UIIC is 72 which reduces the noise significantly

– The impressive cushioning of this product gives you more comfort and protection 

– It is very easy to install

– It will last you a long time

– Protects the flooring against moisture 


– Not the budget-friendly type of underlayment

– Comes in small dimensions 

7. Vinyl Plank Flooring Underlayment for Laminate Flooring 3in1 Vapor Barrie

Greenstore offers a great underlayment product that you can rely on for vinyl plank floors of all kinds. You can choose the level of thickness when you purchase this product. This can be 2mm thick or 3mm thick. If you are looking for a great moisture barrier, vapor barrier, and mold protection, this underlayment has it all. And it comes at a convenient price as well. 

This product has a thickness of 2mm and it will resist for a long time thanks to the anti-crush technology that it comes with. This makes it a lot more efficient and helps it offer your floor more protection. Each roll will be enough to cover a surface of 200 square feet. You can successfully use this product on the vinyl floor but also on the laminated or engineered floor. The results will be the same and you will be very satisfied with the high level of protection. It is relatively easy to install if you have a minimum experience in the matter. Even if you don’t have the experience, all you need to do is follow the instructions that this product comes with. 


– Protects your floor against moisture

– Easy to install

– It can be used on different types of floors

– A roll covers 200 square feet

– You can choose between different thickness levels 


– It might not reduce sound as much as other similar products

– You might need to reinforce it over time 

8. AMERIQUE AMSLV3MM1R Silver Thick Super Quiet Vinyl Plank Floor Underlayment

AMERIQUE is a great brand to invest in and this product will not disappoint you. If you need a high-quality underlayment for vinyl plank flooring, this is one of the best that you can invest in. It respects all the standards in the industry and you will love the effect it has on your flooring once you install it.

When you purchase this underlayment you can choose between one roll, three rolls, four rolls or five rolls. Each roll is 200 square feet. This is a non-allergenic product that will protect your flooring against mold and moisture equally. Thanks to these features you will enjoy a floor that looks impeccable for a longer time. It also has an anti-crush system that will help this underlayment last even for a longer period of time. You can use it on vinyl plank floors but also on hardwood, laminated and engineered ones. Installing this underlayment will not be a problem either. It has an easy system and all the accessories you need are included in the package. It is 3mm thick which offers a great cushion system and it comes in a beautiful silver color. 


– Perfect for all types of floorings which makes it very versatile

– Easy to install even for beginners

– It comes with all you need to set it up right away

– Protects against moisture

– Anti crush system


– Not the best sound restriction 

– It might be too thick for some floorings

9. 3in1 Silent Vapor Barrier Vinyl Plank Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and Tape

Looking for an underlayment that will have all the features you expect it to have? This one from Feather Step might be the perfect product for you. Each roll of this underlayment covers a surface of 100 square feet and you can purchase ten rolls at a time at a very convenient price. This is great for those who have to cover a wider surface and they are on a budget.

It has a thickness of 2mm which is perfect for most types of vinyl plank floorings. However, you can use it with other types of floors as well. It gives good results with laminated and engineered wood too. Installation is an easy process. You receive the tape and all you need along with your order so you will not have to wonder about investing in other accessories. This product will reduce sound and will protect your floor against moisture and vapor. Your floor will last so much more once you install this product underneath it. And you will definitely fall in lo9ve with the final results!


– Easy to install

– You get all the accessories you need

– Perfect for vinyl plank floors but you can use it on other floors too

– Reduces noise

– Protects against moisture 


– Might be too thin for certain floorings

– It doesn’t offer as much heat as other similar products 

10. STEICO Wood Fiber Flooring Underlayment for Laminate Vinyl LVT LVP Hardwood Floor Natural Sound Insulation Barrier

The last product that you can consider investing in if you need a great underlayment for vinyl plank floor is this one from STEICO. Not the most budget friendly underlayment that you can find but most likely one of the best to invest in. The best flooring to use along with this underlayment is the vinyl plank floor. But you can use it just as well with laminated floors or hardwood ones. 

This underlayment will reduce sound significantly so you can have more privacy and comfort. It is certified in the US as one of the best sound control underlayments on the market. It is an eco-friendly product that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. All the materials used to create this underlayment are natural and they respect the highest standards in the industry. It also offers anti-mold protection as well as moisture and vapor protection. You might find it more difficult to install it compared to other products but once you get it done you will enjoy a lot more comfort. 


– Great sound absorption 

– You can use it on all types of floorings

– Moisture protection

– Anti-mold technology

– Eco-friendly product


– More difficult to install

– Not a budget-friendly price 


Can you install vinyl plank floor without underlayment?

Vinyl plank floor doesn’t require underlayment as much as hardwood floors. But installing a good underlayment will definitely add some stability to your floor. It will protect your floor as well. The fact that you can get away without an underlayment for your vinyl plank floor, doesn’t mean you should. This could damage your floor, reduce the comfort in your house and allow humidity. So, you should get the right underlayment to stay on the safe side.

How often should you replace your underlayment?

Ideally, your underlayment should last for several years. The manufacturer will list such details in the description of the product. A good underlayment will last as long as your vinyl plank floor does. People usually replace both the flooring and the underlayment at the same time.

Is there anything I can do to properly maintain my underlayment for vinyl plank floor?

The best thing you can do is to install your underlayment the right way and use the right type of underlayment for your floor. Once you install it under your flooring, you will not have any contact with your underlayment so, maintenance will be kept to a minimum.

How thick should my underlayment be for vinyl plank floor?

The thickness can be anywhere from 1.5mm and 3mm. They come with different properties. A 3mm thickness will offer you better cushion and a reduced sound. So, you might want to invest in a thicker underlayment if you have that option. But a 1.5mm will also be efficient in protecting your floor against moisture.


Having a vinyl plank floor can be very cozy and stylish for the design of your home. But you need to protect it as well. This is why a good underlayment for vinyl plank flooring could be the perfect solution for your home. And with the products in this guide, you can’t go wrong. They are all very appreciated and resistant. Each one of them will be a long time investment should you decide to make it. 

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