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Jack Gordon - May 7, 2018 - 0 comments

“A refreshingly contemporary take on the classic trug. While the fluid form references the traditional process and materials, Crisp adds an unexpected touch by juxtaposing brass and copper with oak.”

My small batch of steam bent Oak, Ash & Cherry vessels form nature’s carriers or trugs. The inspiration for these practical objects comes from Norfolk reeds & draws on my creative personal connections with local heritage & low tech processes.

My Trugs are produced in batches but their integrity is not lost as the steam bending process creates organic ‘one off’ pieces. The process is inspired by historic boat building techniques and copper fixings.

I patina & hammer the Brass components, this adds an endearing quality & introduces pink & blue texture. This ‘Trug’ far exceeds the humble Ash trug but retains the essence & qualities of the original design.

+ jane crisp

Material: Wood

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