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Best Underlayment for Hardwood Floors – Reviews

Hardwood floors are very popular but also very functional. If you are installing your new flooring, you should invest in a high-quality underlayment as well. Such a layer will offer you extra softness, moisture protection and increased resistance to your hardwood floor. This guide will help you choose the best underlayment for hardwood floors that you can find on the market. 

How to choose the perfect underlayment for your hardwood floors

If you never purchased an underlayment, you might wonder what you need to keep an eye on before you pull your credit card out. Here are the most important things to consider so you can make an educated investment!

– What type of floor you have. There are underlayments that will work for several types of floors such as hardwood, laminated, bamboo and even concrete. But you need to check the description of the product in order to see if it is a good match for your floor. If the underlayment is not matching the floor you have, you shouldn’t compromise because the benefits will not be the same. 

– Feature you need in your underlayment. The best underlayments will offer you high sound absorption as well as moisture protection and extra warmth. You want all these features in order to have the best comfort in your home. The manufacturer will list such features in the description of the product as well. 

– Durability. Your underlayment should be a long time investment. It should last for many years and it should keep your floor in good condition even under harsh circumstances. 

Best underlayments for hardwood floors to choose from

Here is my selected list of the top 10 underlayments for hardwood floors on the market.

You will find a wide variety of underlayments when you need to protect your hardwood. But not all of them come at the same quality. If you don’t want to take any risks, look at the following products and find the one that works best for you! 

Roberts 70-193A Super 360 Felt Cushion Roll for Engineered Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Underlayment

One of the best underlayments that you can use under your hardwood floor is this product from Roberts. You can choose between different sizes according to the size of your floor. But this material is also easy to adjust as well if you don’t find a perfect size. It is perfect for underlayment when it comes to engineered wood as well as laminated wood and hardwood flooring. The versatility of this product makes it one of the best that you can find on the market. 

You will love the cushion and protection that this underlayment offers to your flooring. This particular roll is a 360 square feet one which is a generous size. There is a IIC layer that will be very efficient in measuring sound between two spaces or rooms. IIC or Impact Sound Transmission Test is 67. It is great for measuring noise made by moving furniture or environmentally noise created by television, radio or random voices. The STC is 66 which is great for your home’s comfort. STC stands for Sound Transmission Lost Test. 


– High IIC for increased comfort

– High STC for better privacy in your space

– Offers a cushion system

– Perfect for different types of hardwood

– You can choose between different sizes


– It might be hard to install compared to other similar products

– Not the best moisture protection underlayment on the market 

AMERIQUE Thick Super Quiet Floor Underlayment Padding For Hardwood with Tape & Vapor Barrier Heavy Duty

AMERIQUE is a great company when it comes to underlayment products and they also offer budget friendly options. With this particular underlayment, your floor will look like new for a longer time as it will be a lot more protected. You can purchase four rolls of 400 square feet or eight rolls of 800 square feet. You should make the decision by taking into account the size of your flooring and even asking experts who might guide you. This particular product comes in a size of 400 square feet. 

You will love the fact that this product comes with both adhesive strip and the overlap film. This makes it very easy to install even for people with no experience in the matter. This product will protect your flooring against excessive moisture, mold and it is also hypoallergenic. You can count on it for blocking different sounds from one room to another as well. This underlayment will last a long time and it comes with an anti-crush system for better performance. You can use this on bamboo, wood or laminated floors and it will offer you just the comfort that you need. 


– Sound blocking for increased privacy

– It will reduce moisture which helps your floor last longer

– Anti-crash technology makes this underlayment more resistant 

– Different sizes to choose from 

– Easy to install


– Might not work the same for all types of hardwood floors

– There is only one option of color to choose from 

FLOORLOT SHOP. FLOORS. DELIVERED. Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment for Hardwood

Another very budget-friendly underlayment that you can count on is this product from FLOORLOT SHOP. FLOORS. DELIVERED. In spite of its affordable price, this product is a very high-quality one that will make all the difference for your flooring. It comes in a beautiful blue shade but keeps in mind that you can’t choose between different colors. Some buyers consider this to be a downfall of this underlayment but it is definitely not something you couldn’t work with. 

Each roll of this product will be enough to cover 200 square feet of your floor. The moisture barrier, as well as the vapor barrier, are very useful in term of protecting your floor and increasing your comfort at the same time. The natural sound absorption is enhanced by the 3mm of foam that this layer has. It might not block the sound completely but it will definitely reduce it significantly. You can use this product under hardwood, laminated or engineered floors according to your situation. You shouldn’t have any problems installing this underlayment since it comes with all you need including overlap and tape. 


– Easy to install even for beginners

– It comes with all the accessories you need in the package

– Can cover a surface of 200 square feet so you might not need to invest in several products

– Comes at a budget-friendly price

– Long term resistance


– You can’t choose other versions of color

– It doesn’t block the sound completely 

First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment for Hardwood Floors

If you are looking for a professional underlayment for your floor, this one is most likely one of the best that you can get. It is not a budget-friendly product but it definitely has all the qualities you might be interested in such a product. To make the most out of this product you should use it with laminated or engineered hardwood types of floorings. It will not disappoint you at all thanks to its incredible features!

The air will circulate easily in this underlayment thanks to its upgraded structure. It has a Styrofoam cushion beads system and a layer of plastic for extra protection. If the surface underneath your floor is not perfectly even, this underlayment will help you correct it so your floor will be easily installed. It will also reduce noise between different rooms, even if it will not block it completely. This product will reduce the risk of mold and will protect your floor against moisture and vapor as well. You can use it successfully in apartments but also in big houses. The size of this underlayment is 630 square feet.


– Moisture and vapor protection so your floor will not get damaged easily

– Covers 630 square feet which are an impressive size

– Mold protection

– Perfect air circulation

– Easy to set up


– Not a budget-friendly product

– Doesn’t reduce the noise completely  

AMERIQUE AMFLT100BL Super Quiet Felt Hardwood Floor Underlayment Heavy Duty Padding

AMERIQUE offers you a great underlayment to use in order to secure your flooring.you will love the fact that this product comes at a budget-friendly price as well. And its quality is impeccable! This underlayment can successfully cover around 100 square feet and you can easily purchase more packages if you have a wider surface. 

This product comes with the tape you need and it is very easy to install by yourself even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the matter. It will reduce sound and has a very resistant cushion that will support your floor efficiently. You can use this underlayment on a variety of floors made of wood, particular hardwood, engineered wood, and bamboo. This product will resist successfully even in not so friendly conditions. It is the type of underlayment that you know you can count on for a long time! 


– Budget-friendly product so you can invest in it with no struggle

– Impeccable quality which makers it more resistant over time

– Great for many types of flooring

– Easy to install since it comes with everything you need

– Reduces sound


– It might not protect so well against excessive moisture 

– It might not stick so well as other similar products

FloorMuffler Ultra Seal Underlayment for Hardwood

This FloorMuffler is again, one of the professional underlayments that you can use for your hardwood floor. And it comes at a respectable price for many good reasons. This underlayment will provide high quality moisture and vapor control for your floor from the moment you install it. It might not be as easy to set up as other products but it is even more efficient than others. However, even so, you can install it with a bit of experience and by following the instructions it comes with.

The item has a weight of 4.15 pounds and the dimensions of W39″ x L92.3′ x 2mm. The green color that it comes with is also very beautiful but it is the only color it comes in. You can successfully rely on this underlayment for laminated or engineered floors but also different types of hardwood floors. The IIC goes up to a level of 74 db which is much better than other similar products. The STC also goes as high as 73 dB which is very good sound protection. This underlayment follows the highest standards of protection in the industry. No moisture or vapor will affect your floor if you use this product.


– High IIC protection so you can enjoy privacy in your building

– Very good STC sound protection that you will love as it keeps your floor sealed at a phonic level too

– Professional underlayment that can be used for different types of hardwood

– Increased moisture protection

– Will last a long time thanks to its quality structure 


– Not a budget-friendly price

– More difficult to install than other underlayments 

Roberts 70-190A 70-190 Super Felt Insulating Underlayment for Hardwood, Recycled Fiber

Another Roberts product that can be the best underlayment is this product with plenty of useful features. This product comes in a roll of 100 square feet and a very budget-friendly price. You will love the way your floor is secured and protected by this underlayment. 

One of the most important aspects of this product is that it will reduce the noise significantly. In spite of its affordable price, you will be able to rely on its efficiency for a long time. This product will resist harsh conditions and you will not have to be concerned about its durability. The thickness of this product is 3mm, which is plenty for offering you the protection you need. If your floor is not straight, this underlayment will correct it so that it will look perfect at all times. You can rely on the IIC of 67 and STC of 66 which show great sound control. You might find it challenging to install but once you do it, it will all be well worth it.


– Reduces sound

– IIC of 37 and STC of 66 show impressive sound control

– Budget-friendly price

– Resistant over time so you can count on it for many years

– It is very efficient in making your floor straight so it will have no imperfections


– More difficult to install as you might need to purchase other accessories

– Might not offer total protection against moisture 

Bestlaminate 3in1 Basic Vapor Barrier Hardwood Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and Tape

Bestlaminate offers a 3 in one underlayment that you will be very satisfied with. One roll of this product has 100 square feet and in a package, you get 10 rolls. So, if you have a wide surface to cover this could be the best choice for you. The quality of this product is impeccable and it comes at a great price as well. 

The thickness of the underlayment is 2 mm which is a great level for protecting your floor just the way you need to. You will not have to struggle at all as you install this product. It comes with all the accessories you need to ease your job. The tape is already attached to the underlayment which will save you a lot of time as you are setting it up. It is a great protection against moisture and vapor so that your floor will be safe at all times and in all conditions. And another great aspect of this underlayment is that you can successfully use it on both cement and hardwood floors. Being so versatile, it will offer you all you need to have a perfect flooring settlement. It will also work just fine on laminated as well as engineered floors. The color of this product is a vibrant blue one and there are no other shades to choose from. 

MP Global Products Laminate Flooring Underlayment for Hardwood w/Moisture Barrier & Sound Absorption Felt, Blue

If you are on a budget but you still need a high-quality underlayment, this one from MP Global Products is for you. It will work great on laminated floors but also hardwood floors and even other types of floors. This product will successfully absorb the sound and give you more privacy inside your space. No noise will bother you as you are using this underlayment. You will not even hear a noise as you step on your floor because this underlayment acts like a glue that keeps all the pieces of your floor in place. 

Besides the technical benefits of this product, it is also very efficient when it comes to anti-mold protection. You will not put your heath at risk as this product makes sure your house stays clean and neat. And it all starts with your floor! One roll has the size of 100 square feet and it is easy to purchase more if you so need to. This is the type of investment that will last you for many years thanks to the high quality of this underlayment. Enjoy the perfect hardwood floor that your house deserves! 


– Sound absorption gives you more privacy and comfort inside your home

– You can use this underlayment on different types of floors

– Offers protection against mold which is important for your health

– Very stable and durable

– Budget-friendly price


– Might not offer as much protection against moisture as other products

– More difficult to install for beginners 

QuietWalk Underlayment for Hardwood Laminate Flooring with Attached Vapor Barrier Superior

The last but definitely not the least product you can rely on is this underlayment from QuietWalk. You can use this product with hardwood floors, laminated, engineered floors, and other types as it is very versatile. Thanks to the recycled fibers of this underlayment the noise will be significantly reduced due to the vapor barrier offering sound reduction, moisture protection, and compression resistance

The best aspect of this product is that it will offer you great moisture and vapor protection. Thanks to this barrier, your floor will look like new and last in perfect condition for a longer period of time. This underlayment protects against volatile organic compounds and it is certified to use indoors in order to have clean air inside your house. Your floor will also stay warmer which increases your comfort during cold seasons. In order to install this product, all you need is to roll it open and follow the instructions. Even if you never installed such a product you shouldn’t have any problems. 


– Great sound reduction for increased comfort and privacy inside your house

– Keeps your floor warm which is perfect for the cold days of the year

– Very easy to install as it comes with all the instructions you need

– You can use this product on different types of floors

– Moisture protection so your floor will look great for a longer time 


– You don’t have different patterns to choose from

– It might be difficult to cut it due to the fiber material 


Do I need to level my surface before installing the underlayment?

Sometimes surfaces are severely not leveled and if that is the case, you might need to make sure it is as even as possible. But if your surface has minimal imperfections, your underlayment will fix that as soon as you install it. If you are not sure ask the opinion of an expert before you start this process.

Is underlayment flooring waterproof?

Underlayment is not completely waterproof but it will help you reduce the moisture that gets to your hardwood flooring. These underlayments are water repellent which helps your floor stay dry and safe at all times. They will protect against vapor and moisture so that your hardwood floor will be perfect and looking like new for a longer time.

How to install underlayment flooring?

Installing a good underlayment for hardwood floorings is rather easy. These products come with all the instructions you need. And you also get the tape to stick them to your flooring in a stable way. If you choose one of the products above, all you need is to lay them on your surface and stabilize them with the accessories you receive.

Where should I install underlayment flooring?

You can install an underlayment flooring everywhere you want in your home. It is however, more important to install it in your major rooms such as living room or bedrooms. Underlayment can reduce sound, moisture and increase cushion and heat to your space. So, installing this in your rooms will add to your quality of life as well!


The perfect underlayment for hardwood floor will completely improve the way your floor looks and feels. You will have more comfort as there will be less sound transmitted through your floors. You can also safe heat money as the best underlayment will also keep your house warmer during winter. So, pick up the best product for you and enjoy a perfect flooring for many years to come! 


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