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What to Look Before Choosing the Perfect Apartment in Lincoln Park Chicago

Jack Gordon - January 8, 2021 - 0 comments

Chicago is filled with some of the greatest cities in the US. They each specialized in their own culture and tradition. Moreover, each of these cities has some top-tier neighborhoods ready for families and young professionals to move. Most people want apartments in neighborhoods with vast facilities and a nice environment. The neighborhood that matches these criteria totally is Lincoln Park.

Situated to the south of Rogers and Evanston, this neighborhood has some world-class restaurants, shopping malls, and many parks to spend some amazing time with the family and friends. Are you planning to move here? With many new apartment buildings in Chicago, finding the right one for you is not the easiest task. There will be many options and hassles. For that reason, have a look at some important matters that you must research before renting an apartment in Lincoln Park-

Apartment Price

While Chicago has a decent average apartment rental rate of $987, Lincoln Park actually has a higher rental rate. It is so because of the number of amenities inside this area. Also, the place is safer than most other close neighborhoods. There are also popular schools. As a result, an apartment in the neighborhood requires $1508 for rent, over 50% of the Chicago average. Keep in mind that the least expensive area in the neighborhood is the residential part.

Apartment Type

Many men have many choices. While choosing an apartment, some want the down floors while some want to live in the Highrise. If you love top floors, Lincoln Park has some good news for you. In recent years, a lot of new Highrises are being built throughout the neighborhood.

Shopping Malls

If you are a fan of shopping, then this place is the right area for you. Since there are lots of shopping malls here, you can pretty much find one in every part. But if you want the best of them, get an apartment in the southwest part of the neighborhood. The famous shopping complexes, North and Clybourn Shopping, is situated in this part. It has some of the best stores for all kinds of shopping.


Apartment in Lincoln Park can offer so many amenities. It is truer for the luxury apartments. But for most cases, you got to look for an apartment that matches your criteria within all price ranges. The more amenities you expect, the higher the rental rate will be.

Remember that your criteria have to consist of most of the things that you prefer. What type of apartment; whether will it have a dishwasher and a heating system- all of these must be included in your apartment criteria. Based on that, you should start the search.


Since we have talked about Lincoln Park, not mentioning DePaul once will leave this incomplete. DePaul, one of the most famous universities in the state, has one of its campuses in this neighborhood. It is a great place for young learners. Especially the dining and the nightlife makes life even better. Hopefully, you can find your desired apartment with no difficulty.

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